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EPA Official: Obama's Clean Power Plan is a Sham

EPA Official: Obama's Clean Power Plan is a Sham

One of President Obama’s objectives in office has been to alert the public of the deteriorating state of the environment. But, he consistently has demonstrated that he is “all talk and no action” when it comes to these issues.

Last week, a former top energy official in the Obama administration admitted that the Clean Power Plan will do almost nothing to actually reduce global emissions. Instead, it will only drastically increase electricity costs.  

“To get some perspective on how irrelevant EPA’s plan is, after exacting tremendous pain on the U.S. economy and ratepayers, a full year’s worth of annual reductions in 2025 would be offset by Chinese emission in just three weeks,” said Charles McConnell, former assistant energy secretary under President Obama, to the House Science Committee’s environment subcommittee last Thursday.

He went on to further explain that the Clean Power Plan will cause “double-digit electricity price increases in over half of our states.” Not only will as many states have increased electric bills, but there will be hidden fees in transmission upgrades and back-up generation. The CPP has been put on hold by the Supreme Court since last February because 27 states have challenged the plan in court.

The CPP would require that states meet specific targets for reductions in carbon dioxide emissions, but those against the plan argue that these goals are impossible to reach without converting to more expensive forms of renewable energy. Not to mention, this violates state sovereignty. Although, 18 states are still in support of the plan.

“The Clean Power Plan has been falsely sold as impactful environmental regulation when it is really an attempt by our primary federal environmental regulator to take over state and federal regulation of energy,” said McConnell.

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