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Philippine President Duterte 'Tells it Like it is'

Philippine President Duterte 'Tells it Like it is'

It’s safe to say that the Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte speaks his mind, no matter how politically incorrect it is.

But, let’s play a game. Without using the Google machine, name another Philippines President besides Duterte?

We are willing to bet that you can’t name one other president.

While President Duterte repeatedly makes national news for his use of profanity. But, his outrageous and vulgar reputation is all part of a ulterior motive. Now his country’s issues are getting the spotlight from media outlets.

Not to mention, his recent insult toward Obama where he called him a “son of a whore,” not only got him some serious media attention, but it may have worked in his favor depending on Obama’s predecessor.

Again, Duterte holds nothing back.

Back in august he had some strong words about U.S. Ambassador Philip Goldberg. “okay, but I had an argument with their ambassador, that bakla [homosexual]. Son of a bitch, he really annoys me,” said Duterte to an audience of soldiers about a recent meeting with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. 

Out of that meeting, Kerry agreed to a deal where the US would provide $32 million to the Philippines to assist in Duterte’s war on drugs.

So actually the use of profanity worked again in his favor. This deal Inevitably got the media coverage the president wanted, all because he called someone a son of a bitch.

It’s almost too ridiculous to be true. 

“This is great! Let’s insult them again so these fools try to make amends again,” said Duterte following the meeting.

The president, nicknamed as “The Punisher” by Time, has gone to great lengths to clean up his country.

“Duterte has repeatedly insulted those that oppose his war on drugs. To eradicate drug traffickers and addicts, Duterte has enabled the police to shoot first, ask questions later, and encouraged armed civilians to kill drug suspects by providing a bounty comprised of his leftover campaign funds. His administration is demanding the Philippine Congress funnel more money into rehabilitation centers to encourage addicts who do not traffic drugs to come forward to police and abandon drug abuse; those who do not face death in a police shootout,” writes

This intense war has paid off. 500,000 drug addicts have turned themselves into authorities and drug prisons are overflowing with bodies. These prisons have been described as “Purgatory” by Human Rights Watch and “hell on earth” by the French newsagency AFP.

Duterte has also deployed roughly 8,000 troops in the Southern Philippines to address the Islamic militant threat. A large group of Islamic militants were forced to surrender last week.

“This is the result of the relentless operation we are conducting where they suffered lots of casualties,” said Col. Thomas Cirilo Donato, Jr., commander of the Army’s 104th Infantry Brigade to CNN. “We are very open for surrenderees. We want to end this war in peace and pave the way for development in Basilan.”

Editor’s note: Duterte is stepping onto the national stage. His style is rough, and often uncouth, but he is bold and he has the support of the Philippine people. While its clear that legal rights and often human rights are a secondary consideration, his tactics have gone a long way to restore law and order and reduce the scourge of illegal drugs in his country. Organized crime is tough in the Philippines, the man has guts.

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