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Islamic Anti-Semitism Continues to Push Jews out of France

Islamic Anti-Semitism Continues to Push Jews out of France

As we wrote in June, Anti-Semitism is growing with surprising alacrity in France – where Jews face vandalism, threats, and terrorist attacks.

Early last year, a rabbi in Marseilles was attacked and murdered by an ISIS operative.

France is home to more Jews than anywhere else in Europe – but it’s also home to the most Muslims. The Syrian migrant crisis has boosted France’s Muslim population, which in turn is starting to overpower the Jewish population.  

In 2015, more than 8,000 Jews left their homes in France to move to Israel. This is a huge increase compared to 2011, when only 1,900 Jews moved from France to Israel. 

According to Jacques Canet of the Great Synagogue of Paris, France’s population of between 500,000 and 600,000 Jews feels increasingly threatened. 

According to a recent poll, more than 40% of Jews currently living in France are thinking about moving to Israel; 51% report having felt “threatened.” 

“Increasingly, Jews in Paris, Marseilles, Toulouse, and Sarcelles feel they can’t safely wear a kippah outside their homes or send their children to public schools, where Muslim children bully Jewish children,” said Canet.

Editor’s note: This is a sad state of affairs, a problem you don’t hear much about. Europe prides itself on its fairness towards its Islamic population, but the cost of that fairness is certainly borne unevenly.


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  1. Philip Simon

    To the stupid Jews of France, Britain, Germany and the rest of Europe, and Russia, wake up and stop sleeping, walk away from Authority, leaders, Rabbis and stop voting ignorant and leave, do what Herzl would have said, lets leave this place and go to a place like the Palestine holy land and settle by the Ancestors who were exiled, return, the right of return, Jews in Russia and Europe, the time has come to leave America, get away from our own and staret new again.

  2. Philip Simon

    Herzl said he could not define, identify the reality of what he saw in visions, the swatstika, war, and what horrors he imagined, but would not live to see his dream of a founding state of Israel for his beloved Jews. But looking down from heaven, he said, I told you so, just like I as a Jew are telling you now, it is time to go. Stop giving the old Eastern European bullshit crap, I do not know whar to do, stop crying like babies, stop acting like you want every body to feel sorry for yourselves, you and us and every Jew are no good for f–king nothing anymore, Period.