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Obama's Legacy of Thugs

Obama's Legacy of Thugs

He promised change. Change for the better. He delivered a change, that’s for certain. America has become a much, much more violent place. We have become a country ruled by violent mobs. Pro-Obama thugs have claimed our streets. Clearly, his anti-gun positions have backfired.

Under the Obama administration, we’ve seen destructive, deadly riots carried out by thuggish “protesters,” like nothing we’ve seen in recent history. Both Baltimore and Fergusen were literally taken over by angry mobs for an extended period of times. Both cities were unsafe and uninhabitable by anyone not partaking in the madness. 

Baltimore and Fergusen were far from alone in their plight. Sanford was overrun by destructive demonstrators after Trayvon Martin was shot in self-defense after charging a neighborhood watch patrolman. Parts of New York were smashed to pieces by Obama’s Democrats bearing signs that read, “I can’t breathe.” 

These weren’t simply impassioned protests. People died. Police officers died. Rabble-rousers put targets on the backs of the same police officers they expect to teleport to the rescue and save their lives, since these same liberal crusaders refuse to carry guns to protect themselves. 

Said riots accomplished no political or legal goals. Smashing a small business’s storefront and setting the owners car on fire does not win one any supporters for whatever cause they believe they can accomplish if only they burn enough of their own city to the ground. 

Chicago, a major city in Obama’s own home state, has seen a tremendous uptick in murder. Following Obama’s way of thinking, Chicago now has some of the toughest anti-gun legislation in the country. Yet, their homicide rate kept increasing. The street thugs of Chicago don’t follow the proper legal path to gun ownership. They buy them in a dark alley from some guy known only as “Swiz,” or, “Tear Drop,” who smuggled them in illegally through Mexico. 

This is Obama’s legacy: violence, destruction, angry mobs who behave as if they’re in The Purge. He didn’t end racial tensions. He turned it into a war fought with knives and guns and torches in the neighborhoods we live and raise our children in. 

Paradoxically, Obama also leaves behind a generation intolerant of anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Students at Emory were “traumatized,” simply by seeing “Trump 2016” written on a campus sidewalk in chalk. No threats, no slurs, nothing. Only a name and a year. 

If these young Obama Democrats are traumatized simply by seeing the name of a Republican candidate, what will they do when their bosses, their coworkers, or their neighbors actually voice their disagreements with the Democratic Party? What will they do when they realize that no matter where they live, someone near them will own a firearm? 

Among Obama’s followers, no dissent is permitted, and if it occurs, those guilty of holding conservative views must be swiftly punished with violence. Kangaroo courts of community opinion take it upon themselves to mete out justice by hurting or killing those they find guilty of disagreement. Look at the amount of rabid Democrats who have infiltrated conservative rallies to physically attack attendees.

Recently, an elderly man was punched in the face by a liberal vigilante for the crime of being at a Trump rally. Trump himself has had things thrown at him while speaking, and once had to cancel a rally due to threats of violence from the Sanders camp.

This is the America Obama has given us.

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