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Nevada Democrats Resign, Socialists Take Over

Nevada Democrats Resign, Socialists Take Over

Every single employee working for the Nevada Democratic Party has resigned after a progressive slate backed by the Democratic Socialists of America and the Left Caucus won all five seats.

The new party leaders are Judith Whitmer (pictured above), Jacob Allen, Dr. Zaffar Iqbal, Ahmad Adé, and Howard Beckerman. All five are fans of Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Democratic socialist causes. These include the $15 minimum wage, expanded healthcare, and climate change policy.

“These ideas are popular, and the party should embrace these ideas,” says Iqbal. “There has to be a balance between where our party has been and where it is going. Things are changing, and if we don’t adapt we will lose.”

In anticipation of the takeover, outgoing officials moved $450,000 from the party’s account to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

There, it will be used to benefit Senator Catherine Cortez Masto during the 2022 contest.

With no staff and little cash, incoming officials will have to rely on grassroots organizations to raise money for elections. “We’ve got résumés pouring in and I’m optimistic we’ll be fully functioning,” says Whitmer, the party’s new chairwoman.

The infighting exemplified by the mass exodus of staffers this week dates back to the 2016 contest between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, explains former party chair Tick Segerblom. “This is just a situation where the Bernie team won, and the old guard so to speak we’re not gonna stick around.”

The explosion of support for Bernie Sanders and other progressives in Nevada continued to flourish during the Trump Administration. By the time 2020 rolled around, the state went all in for Sanders during the presidential caucus.

“Once everyone calms down, they’ll realize that the state Democratic Party’s goal is to elect as many Democrats as possible,” says Beckerman, the party’s new treasurer.

“We’re not here to destroy anything,” adds Whitmer. “We’re here to return the party to the people.”

Author’s Note: The situation in Nevada is a microcosm of the entire nation, with traditional Democrats like Hillary Clinton and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) losing influence in the face of progressives like Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

Most concerning here is that few people seem to understand the dangers posed by socialism.


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  1. Robert6391

    There seems to be so much disinformation going around about what the Socialism of today is, and pushed by the people who will loose the most like, health insurance companies, and others who actually scalp the worker to get richer. The fact is in Democratic Socialism like is in Canada nd and every other Country in the Free World the people have more say than in this USA. Medical care should be right not something that only th wealthiest can get, mainly because as the saying goes, “your insurance does not cover that.”
    Another fact is that private industry flourishes in those other counties just like it does in the USA.

  2. Ben

    Will you please define socialism, how it compares to Sander’s Free Market Democratic Socialism and maybe perhaps a little blurb on Nordic Free Market Way?
    I think a fact based, well researched article on what you consider socialism versus what socialism actually is may benefit both you and your readers

  3. Angelika

    Just to remind everyone, socialist democrat party = hitlers’ OLD party – now you/we KNOW WHAT we have, NOTHING to “cheer” about….Always like the Mantra: “America – Land of the FREE and BRAVE” – it’s all gone now, eh…..!!!!!?????

    • Ben

      Land of the free?
      America has 22% of the World’s prison population.

  4. Gary

    “We’re not here to destroy anything,”…..our policies will do that for us!


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