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Nancy goes nutsy?

Nancy goes nutsy?

Shortly after the January 6th Capitol Hill riot, a hysterical House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs-of-Staff General Mark Milley to express her fears that President Trump might be initiating a nuclear war with China in an attempt to stay in office.

The description of that phone call was apparently leaked to Bob Woodward or Robert Costa for their book, “Peril.”  From the report, Pelosi sounds semi-rational – which is one indicator that she leaked it.

In that call, Pelosi was assured by Milley that Trump would not – and could not – launch the United States’ nuclear arsenal.  Pelosi claimed that Trump is a “crazy” person in the more literal or diagnostic definition of that word.  It is reported in the book that Milley said to Pelosi, “I agree with you completely.”  That exchange was a front-burner report in the left-wing media for days.  The news repeatedly reported that Milley was concerned over Trump’s mental stability.

Apparently, no one bothered to ask Milley about it until the recent Senate hearing.  When he was asked, Milley gave a far different description of his phone call with the over-wrought Pelosi.  Milley testified under oath that he told the Speaker that he was not in a position to judge Trump’s mental condition.   That means that he did not agree with her characterization of Trump being “crazy.”  That is a lot different than what has been going around the Democrat echo chamber and the propaganda press.  It is also another indication that it was Pelosi leaking.

BUT … that testimony did not stop the left-wing newsies from continuing to misinform.  Both CNN and MSNBC claimed that Milley never refute ANYTHNG that was in the “Peril” book – or any of the other books for which he consented to be interviewed.  How could he?  Under oath, Miley testified that he had not read any of those books.  So the claim that he did not refute anything in the book is a lie.

The call from Pelosi should be of concern to the public for two reasons.  Either she is woefully ill-informed, or she set up the call – and the subsequent media reports – as a crass calculated political dirty trick.

Pelosi has been in Congress for 34 years.  She has served as Speaker or Minority Leader of the house since 2007.  And she is third in line of succession to the presidency – right behind the Vice President.  And yet, we are to believe that she had no idea of the procedures for launching America’s nuclear weapons.  Even I knew the general procedures from my days as a low-level staffer in the White House and my visit to NORAD, the command center for launching those atomic missiles.  How can Pelosi not know?

It is a multi-stage process that requires the affirmative action of a number of people along the chain-of-command.  No President has – or ever had – the ability to simply push a button and launch nuclear missiles.  And that is exactly what Milley said he explained to the hyperventilating Speaker.

Of course – knowing Pelosi – the call may have been a staged political event to drive a false political narrative.  If that is the case, at least she is rational – albeit disgustingly dishonest.  

Whether she was genuinely deranged by the thought of Trump firing nuclear missiles toward the Forbidden City or she was creating a false event for political purposes, that call – and the inaccurate account in “Peril” — does not reflect well on Pelosi or the authors.  

In the hearing, Milley made it very clear that he knew that Trump had no intention of starting a war or launching atomic missiles.  So, why did Pelosi think otherwise?  A little crazy, herself?

So, there ‘tis.

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  1. Dan Tyree

    Gone nutsy? That’s putting it mildly.

    • Dan Tyree

      Nasty Nancy’s Catholic leaders are calling for prayers to change her heart and mind about murdering babies. Good luck with that

  2. Joseph S. Bruder

    Danny Boy… kettle calling pot black?

    And why are you bringing up the abortion argument again? Larry gets paid by the word, and has already done three or four columns on that one…

    And this is Larry’s third column about Milley – first saying that he should be fired, now saying that he’s a hero for standing up to … somebody… well, at least he criticized something about Afghanistan… So, now you’re free to call Pelosi names because of Milley too. I guess he’s been rehabilitated in the right wing circles. “The enemy of my enemy”, at least for a few more minutes…

    • Dan Tyree

      Joey boy don’t say black. People will call you racist and you’ll be canceled. I know that you wouldn’t want that. Especially if you’re a colored boy And never forget to call me Danny boy. I like that. My dad used to call me that

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