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Democrat Silence regarding Virginia Racism is Deafening

Democrat Silence regarding Virginia Racism is Deafening

In this contemporary age of ‘fake news’ and unprecedented hyper-partisan mudslinging arguably no American political institution has lost more credibility than the political parties.

But while the age of Trumpian populism, replete with its fiery figurehead, has kept concerns regarding previous Republican ineptitude – as per the AHCA – out of the rank and file’s discourse the DNC for its part has been utterly reeling. Even as a veritable clown car of candidates launch their various bids for a shot at Trump in 2020 the waters are muddied with scandal after gaffe, be it fake hate crimes or sexual assault claims as Democrat elites begin to fall to the age of instant global information.

Jussie Smollett’s saga might make for a darkly humorous narrative. Ocasio-Cortez cheering her state’s chasing away countless jobs from Amazon might make for a classic glimpse of ‘team blue’s’ latent issues. But no scandal has more evidence, more implication, more hypocrisy, and – confoundingly – more silence than the unearthed racism of the DNC’s leadership in Virginia.

Its old news by now that Governor Ralph Northam, as well as other prominent Virginia Democrats like Attorney General Mark Herring,  have been proven to have worn racist costumes and blackface in the not too distant past in Northam’s case the 80s.

What has seemingly evaded focus from most outlets following the initial bombshell outing of the politician’s conduct is the complete lack of accountability and consequence for the fact that there are *proven* racists in the highest state offices.

Democrats were initially forced to call for Northam’s removal – on account of hailing a platform that pretty much offers nothing aside from being a holier than thou force for equality. They’ve since been silent pretty much completely as Northam’s heir apparent Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax faces his own mounting charges of rape and sexual assault he’s been vehemently denying. Northam for his part still seems to consider himself a righteous leader claiming as per the BBC,

“Virginia also needs someone who is strong, who has empathy, who has courage and who has a moral compass. And that’s why I’m not going anywhere.”

No; Virginia might need someone with those attributes, but they assuredly aren’t manifesting in the form of a lying racist, i.e. Governor Northam…

“In an earlier interview with the Washington Post, Mr. Northam promised to set up race sensitivity training for state employees, and “take a harder line” on Confederate statues in public places in the state.

Other senior authority figures in the state are facing their own controversies.

Attorney General Mark Herring, Mr. Northam’s deputy, has acknowledged wearing “brown make-up” to a party when he was 19.

Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax meanwhile has been denying claims of sexual assault and rape.

All three are Democrats. If they were all to resign over these controversies, Virginia could be led by the Republican Speaker of the House of Delegates, Kirk Cox.”

Hypocrisy Thy Name is Northam

That last part there – the fact that to actually make good on supposed principles the *power* would be handed to ‘team Red’ is the reason why the DNC will allow a man prancing around in Klan robes and blackface to maintain leadership of the old Confederate heartland.

Politics over principles has been a growing trend within ‘team blue’ as attempts to obtain leverage against the Trump administration intensify, but rarely has there been such a starkly indefensible case as this; and possibly never with such powerful figures. If anything, it has lastingly dissuaded me as an unaligned voter that the original party of the Klan has really made anything aside from skin deep ‘progress’ since the 1950s.

Imagine for a moment if, say, Mike Pence had been the one outed engaging in jovial bigotry befitting the Reconstruction era a few decades ago? Outrage from the left would be incessant until his ouster. Turn the red ‘R’ into a blue ‘D’ and, incredibly, we’re met with complete silence. The hypocrisy is palpable.

In fact, when Florida’s recently selected Secretary of State Mike Ertel was rapid to the point of abruptness in stepping down when his own blackface scandal mocking hurricane victims was released.

So, the next time a Democrat attempts to boast of some self-righteous crusade against those ‘deplorable republican racists’ show them Northam’s picture and tell them to “put up or shut up.” I know I will be when they inevitably attempt to convince me to register come election time…

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  1. Lynn

    Senator Robert Byrd was a Demo from Virginia..who also was the Boss of the KKK….then he served in our Goverment for years…What do yoou think about this……….?