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Much Ado About Nothing: Despite Hate, Democrats Agree with Kavanaugh 93% of the Time

Much Ado About Nothing: Despite Hate, Democrats Agree with Kavanaugh 93% of the Time

It’s over, he’s in… right?

America can finally breathe again after weeks of historically hyper-partisan squabbling regarding the fate of now-Justice Kavanaugh and the allegation of sexual misconduct against him; epitomized by the public testimony of Christine Ford, the most credible by far of the accusers.

While Kavanaugh’s successful appointment has given conclusion to one of the rare political developments to profusely bleed into common parlance, politicians themselves, with midterms less than a month away, are far from done.

Republicans including Trump have, predictably, touted the victory to supporters as evidence of the need for participation in the upcoming midterms, as have Democrats but from the perspective of lost opportunity due to low turnout and the need to ‘take it back.’

But while Republicans and conservatives, in general, can now largely abandon the defenses in regard to Kavanaugh with his ascension to a lifetime post (pending no *actual* criminality), Democrats have seen fit to continue the assault on a now sitting justice and the Republican they blame for him. 

With protests across the Capitol alongside Kavanaugh’s confirmation, Dem Congressmen likely see it as the only narrative to cling to heading to the midterm ballot boxes; with a Trump economy objectively chugging forward magnificently despite controversial trade wars and the political victories being decidedly in team Red’s favor.

But while Democrats have seen fit to constantly lambast Kavanaugh as if he were the manifestation of everything they detest in this world, even now absent of any credible claims of malicious activity; the truth, surprisingly, is that they almost universally agree with him.

Believe it or not it doesn’t require convoluted vague arguments or bold-faced lies to prove that narrative; in fact, we have only to look to the man Democrats desperately wanted in the exact position Kavanaugh now holds, Judge Merrick Garland.

See, incredibly the man Democrats tried to appoint to the highest court in the land under the Obama Administration, Garland worked alongside Kavanaugh in the same Circuit for a time. The two have judged literally the same cases and the result, amazingly, was agreement 93% of the time.

In fairness, the stat isn’t universal… it could be more! With the Wall Street Journal providing a 95% statistic within a leftist perspective on the same topic. The point being Garland and Kavanaugh concur opinions and rulings to such an extent that they might as well be colleagues in the same party; in fact, even if that were the case, they’d likely still be an outlier, as 2 moderates tend to be these days.

Final Thoughts

While that might be concerning news to some of the more ardently conservative, its generally well-received news for the majority of independent Americans like myself in suggesting a lack of radical opinions from Kavanaugh, who independents at large are believed to mostly still support thanks to a concluded FBI investigation and successful appointment ceding validity to the Associate Justice.

With Democrats *still* lambasting Kavanaugh as essentially the embodiment of Satan (or worse… Reagan!) after the investigation they demanded, as well as *still* decrying perceived Republican malpractice halting Garland’s nomination with Congressional majorities, slotted with Gorsuch under Trump, someone might want to inform them their supposed platform apparently aligns with the now sitting Justice 93% or more of the time. I mean even from a purely moral perspective, nobody deserves to live with such a level of self-hatred… except maybe sex offender Corey Booker.

Must be a vitally important 7%… or just a lot of crying over spilt beer.

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