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Biden Bans July 4 Fireworks at Mount Rushmore, Again

Biden Bans July 4 Fireworks at Mount Rushmore, Again

As the left’s war on American freedoms continue, the Biden administration has once again canceled July 4 Fireworks at Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. This is the third straight year the fireworks have been canceled by the Mount Rushmore National Memorial under Biden.

In a letter to South Dakota’s Department of Tourism on January 12, Mount Rushmore National Memorial Superintendent Michelle Wheatley denied SD Governor Kristi Noem’s request to celebrate July 4 with fireworks at Mount Rushmore. Wheatley wrote that she denies the request for fireworks because multiple tribes think it will have an adverse effect on “traditional cultural landscapes.” The letter also says that fireworks would pose a safety risk: 

“In any event, we do not believe a fireworks event would be “safe and responsible” for those same reasons.”

Governor Noem posted the news of the Biden administration’s decision on Twitter, and many liberals criticized her for trying to endanger the surrounding forest with the possible fire resulting from fireworks.

Conservative strategist and former House candidate Chuck Callesto asked whether it was Biden or his handlers who decided to cancel the fireworks.

Fireworks at Mount Rushmore became part of the annual July 4 celebrations since 1998. In 2009, the Obama administration banned them from using environmental safety concerns as a justification. After Kristi Noem was elected the Governor of SD, she asked then President Trump to allow the fireworks. President Trump granted the request and, in 2020, attended the event at Mount Rushmore in person.

As Joe Biden took the White House in 2021, his administration banned the fireworks again, continuing Obama’s policy. Kristi Noem went to the court against the cancellation of the event, but the court sided with the Biden administration. Many advocates of state rights have suggested that South Dakota should hold the event regardless of the federal government’s refusal of permission.

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  1. Robin

    What the fuck is wrong with that son of a bitch? And the idiots who support him?

  2. frank stetson

    What the fuck is wrong with you? Do you really think Biden woke up and thought: let’s fuck South Dakota…..

    Fact is only fireworks in past 20 years there were Trumpian, non-masked, non-distanced, affair with a notable covid surge thereafter. And he did it in his last year, what the fuck was wrong with THAT son of a bitch to miss it for three years? And yes, no fires.

    Fact is SD itself is pretty damn restrictive over firework usage and locations.

    Fact is SD firework have burned down forests in the state, including fires at Mt. Rushmore over the years.

    There hadn’t been fireworks there for over two decades before Trump. During said fireworks, there were multiple fires breaking out. You may see stone faces, but the faces see nothing but forest. Most shows clear the area of any debris and even wet the area around 500 feet. In this case, the pine start well within 500 feet.

    Let’s face it, it’s a really cool place to shoot em off, but a tinderbox that cause prescribed burns to reduce fuel before the 2020 show, was it worth it? Probably….. But it’s not worth a major burn and they have happened. And if we stay the course, then the risk increases every year that something will happen UNLESS this show takes a different approach.

    Let’s face it, SD would really benefit from this show. But the park ain’t their’s, it’s ours, so when the Obama-appointed judge, not Biden, turned them down, that’s it. You can appeal, you have plenty of time, but don’t bother with getting your panties bunched at Biden, he can’t help. Somehow, the NPS helped Trump and there’s a once in a 20 year ban magically happening, wonder who twisted what or threatened who to pull that one off and no one took them to court.

    Here’s my point: I feel there’s a win-win here to make it both safe and enjoyable. But it can’t be a normal town or city show. Who hasn’t been hit by pieces at our town and city shows? Who hasn’t seen a misfire? Either they have to shoot em way up, or find alternatives to so much fire so close to the trees. Or both. I really feel there’s a win-win here, plenty of time, and bashing “the other side” will not be conducive to getting a show. The good thing is they have some time, I hope they find the win-win; it’s a really cool place to have a show.

    • Robin

      Listen up you piece of shit. You approve of everything that Biden does and says. And that’s because you’re too fucking stupid to see what’s happening to the country. You’d blow Biden just for the bragging rights

      • Frank stetson

        Biden didn’t do it. A judge did.

        Moot points all.

        Gotta live when a guy named Robin throws gay insults out. Priceless.

        • Tom

          Good point on that one Frank! I was wondering if it was a first name or last name. You know like, Round Robin, or Robin Redbreast, or Robin Bobbin.

          • frank stetson

            Oh. Robbin is bobbin alright. If you catch my drift, if you know what I mean.

        • Jackie

          I knew a guy named Frank and he wore a stetson to hide the gay that he was. Is that you, Frank? You living in IL?
          I also knew a couple of guys named Robin. Nice “men”. One lives in Tucson. One in SD.

          I live in SD. I say we should just go ahead and shoot of fireworks on top of the heads at Mt. Rushmore, except it’s deemed “federal land”. There isn’t any place in AMERICA that should be called “federal land”. Only D.C. has that right because it’s not a state and it was “set aside” as “federal land”.

          You see all the government “overreach”? It should be unconstitutional to “STEAL” land designated within each states borders.

          Opine about the consequences of fireworks all you want, Frank. I live about an hour and a half from Mt. Rushmore. How do you stop the forest fires from the lightening? Or smokers throwing their butts out the window? Or camp fires untended or mishaps that start fires when wind gusts hit those fires? And how do you stop “control burns” from starting forest fires? And how do you stop millions of pine beetles from destroying millions of trees that snap because they are so dry and so easy to go up in a hot tall fiery blaze simply from rubbing two stones together. Lots of fires and lots of ways to get them. Many of our wildlife burned alive or put down due to their severe burns. Look at what happened to the donkeys and burros in Custer State Park. Please educate me on forest fires, Frank.

          Bring Back Fireworks To Mt. Rushmore!!! It’s how we celebrate something called INDEPENDENCE AKA as FREEDOM FROM CONTROL.

          Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

          • frank stetson

            It’s an anonymous web site. Do you think I am really named Frank? Or Stetson? But yes, if that’s my name then I certainly would live in IL.

            Think you can blame Teddy for the Parks, considered one of the best ideas that America has ever had. I agree. Coolidge came up with matching funds for Mt. Rushmore which you fucking wouldn’t even have without the taxpayer’s dollars.

            Growing up in MD, my friend’s ancestor’s owned a huge portion of DC, the Beall’s of Maryland, and the rest of the land was owned by others, then VA and MD who ceded it to the government. So, no, you are wrong on that assumption I think.

            “You see all the government “overreach”? It should be unconstitutional to “STEAL” land designated within each states borders.” You do know the history of America, right? Can you say indigenous species?

            I find the fact that there are forest fires make it OK to take risks that cause more forest fires not the most compelling of arguments. And bugs are your added support?

            You are from SD; I think this is a great idea and even greater for SD which I am sure can use a party. I would think you would spend your time being all over your governor to find the win-win to make this happen. The NPS has turned you down. The courts have turned you down. You can keep fighting, you can bitch about Biden OR you can figure out how to make it happen. There has got to be a way to pass NPS scrutiny. Maybe shot them higher? Maybe clear the freaking pine trees back to 500 feet, clear the debris and water it down. I just think there’s a win-win here IF South Dakota works at it.

            Or continue to stew in your own juices, you got a head start :>)

      • paul

        Glad to see that Robin brushed up on her (his???) grammar before posting this extremely important message.

    • Rat Wrangler

      You said “there hadn’t been fireworks there for over two decades before Trump,” but two decades before Trump’s turn in office would have been 1996, and the article states that fireworks have been used there since 1998 until Obama banned them in 2009. I see a major discrepancy here, unless you are saying that there were no fireworks for two decades before Trump was born. That may be true.

      • frank stetson

        Nope, my bad, you are right Rat. Started in 1998, ended 2009, restarted in 2020 by Trump, ended 2021 under Biden. And I used all my fingers and toes to count too :>(

        Before Trump was born, fireworks were called WAR, you know “rockets red glare.” :>) So it was a 20 year RUN, not a 20 year absence.

        Doesn’t change the issue IMO: NPS ordered, court-affirmed, fire potential, trees too close, SD bans these things all over the place for the same reasons, plus a drought status ( but really cool idea to do, hope they can find a win-win and a way to do something, but continuing the Trump practice is just adding more risk, the more times you try to get away with it. I truly hope they find an equitable solution.

  3. Dennis McLain

    Ban Biden instead of ANY of the 4th of July celebrations. Our country needs to be celebrated on it’s birth of indepence. That is why, Joe, it is called Independence Day!

  4. JoeyP

    WHY NOT prepare the LAND for a prescribed BURN? . . . We KNOW that it was BIDEN’S handlers that STOPPED the FIREWORKS.

    • frank stetson

      Indeed it was the Biden’s administration’s NPS issuing the order, an Obama-appointed judge affirming the decision. IMO, bigger question is how Trump got NPS to acquiesce and reverse a decades-old decision.

      But the fact of the matter is that the Ponderosa pines are within 500 feet of the launch zone and that’s problematic. And yes, they did a huge, expensive, and a total waste of national-taxpayer dollars, debris clean before Trump’s show.

      Of course, I might just want to fuck SD because NYC fireworks are the bestest in the world and, of course, best seen from the NJ gold coast and palisades and you know how we hate competition :>)

  5. Tom

    The way I see it, Kristi Noem took the wrong approach. What she should have done is gotten in bed with the local LGBTQIA+ organization called Equality South Dakota, see at “” and asked them if they want to hold a Pride America event on July 4th at Mt. Rushmore. Since most fireworks have the colors of the rainbow in them anyway! I mean holy heck, if they can get the NHL to have a Pride week where they wear rainbow shirts on the ice, getting permission from Biden who loves LGBTQ should be a piece of cake!!!

    • Frank stetson

      No more cake at office parties, UK health has deemed it unhealthy 🙂

      • Tom

        Does that include crumpets? Pork pie? Seabass puffy pasteries too? 🙂

        • Frank stetson

          Well, if you try the mushy peas, it will fail the Biden gas ban 😉

          • Tom

            LOL Good one Frank! I actually have tried them! You are correct! But then we better include spicy tacos and Kung Pao in that ban too, so as not to discriminate! And don’t make any of that stuff on gas stoves! 🙂

          • Frank stetson

            Love to hear Robin go tweet, tweet, tweet.

            Strange how rockin Robin gets his rocks off calling people gay. Closet case?

  6. John R. DeJulius

    Have the fireworks anyway and PISS on King O’Biden and his PUPPETT MASTERS !!!!!!

  7. Mike F

    Must have been a slow news day for Urnst to get his tighty whiteys in a bind over this non issue. I suspect there is not a single reader who is affected by this decision (unless kristi has become a devotee of the windbag post-which I doubt). The fact that the Biden administration does take into account the environmental risks plus the opinion of the local Native American population is something they need to be congratulated on-we know that dear Donald didn’t give a shit about either of those topics. It seems to me that setting off fireworks in the middle of a national forest is a rather stupid idea anyway…