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Jill Biden’s Greed for White House Draws Attention after Biden’s Debate Debacle

Jill Biden’s Greed for White House Draws Attention after Biden’s Debate Debacle

Since the political collapse of Joe Biden on the presidential debate stage at the CNN studio on June 27, leftist media and many other Democrats have called for Biden to drop out from this year’s presidential race for the Oval Office. But more unwilling than Biden is the one who is seemingly calling the shots in Biden’s presidential bid – his wife Jill.

Critics of the Bidens have continuously slammed Jill Biden since her husband ran for the White House in 2020 because Joe’s senility was on display back then. Over the last three-and-a-half years, Jill has been routinely observed handling Joe Biden, leading him off the stage and redirecting him to proper positions in public events. At the end of the debate on the night of June 27, Trump walked off the stage like a healthy person while Jill was seen walking a slow and feeble Joe off the stage by his arm.

Immediately after the debate ended, the same leftist opinion-makers who had ignored Joe Biden’s senility and shielded him from criticism all along started to sing a completely different tune. They called his performance dismal and suggested the race is over for him so he should quit in favor of some other Democrat who can really lead. Skeptics of the media speculated that it was all planned as a coordinated effort to end Biden’s presidential bid.

While Biden seemed to be ready to go home and sleep for a few days, Jill quickly sprang into action, or rather reaction, over the media’s instant push for ending Biden’s candidacy.

A day after the debate, she put Biden on a leash and paraded him in front of a liberal audience in his first post-debate rally in Raleigh, NC. Her enthusiastic lead to sell Joe as an animal still strong enough to do the circus shows was noticed all around while many Democrats questioned Joe’s strength. Jill is clearly not willing to leave the White House so easily. But doesn’t dragging Joe around for another term so she can enjoy the First Lady privileges count as elder abuse?

In the opinion of many, it does, and this includes Jill Biden’s former husband Bill Stevenson. On Saturday (June 29), Stevenson told the New York Post that Jill has always been “very driven” and in the public’s opinion, it’s her who wants Joe to be president now. Stevenson said:

“I just don’t understand why she is so adamant about defending him and keeping him in the race since it appears that he’s struggling.”

On Friday (June 30), Daily Mail reported that Democrat donors and insiders are angry at Jill Biden for not letting her husband drop out of the race. And while they are not accusing Jill of elder abuse, some Republicans are:

Rep. Harriet Hageman (R-Wy.) slammed the first lady for ‘rolling President Biden out on stage to engage in a battle of wits while unarmed.’

Vince Langman, a popular conservative voice on social media, posted a video clip of Jill Biden’s speech in Raleigh and commented that Jill Biden is a monster to drag Joe on the campaign trail in his condition.

The White House ambitions of Jill Biden aside, another Biden has high stakes in securing four more years for Joe – his son Hunter Biden who is a convicted felon and facing more criminal charges in the coming days. On Monday, Newsweek reported that Hunter has asked his father not to drop out. The story wrote:

According to the AP, Hunter and Jill Biden have both been among the strongest voices in urging the president to stay in the race.

In 2022, multiple media reports revealed that Hunter Biden scolded Jill in abusive terms in a text message to his sister-in-law Hallie with whom he was sexually involved. Hunter texted Hallie in 2018:

“F**k my step mother for always being as much of a selfish silly entitled c**t as you.”

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  1. frank stetson

    Erectile Dysfunction, E.D. — gfy. You’re just envious because you can’t find Melania who stands by her man’s money, not the man.

    But thanks for opening the attacks on the wife!!!

    Melania is a money grubbing whore who was raised as a communist, used sex to become a citizen instead of illegal alien, then used chain migration to get her parents in. Her Dad, an communist party member, as in ranking in the party itself, now lives behind Trump’s house in a cabana next to the top secret unsecured documents. Once she figured out Trump is a finger-fucking rapist who sleeps with porn stars instead of Barron-bound Melania, and a Playboy model to boot, she stopped showing up. Guess he pays her more to stick around.

    • Archie

      Keep trash talking you stupid son of a bitch. You have no proof of anything you said. And speaking of whores, Jill was fucking retard joe while his first wife was alive. Could he have helped her into the next life? And yes, Jill Biden is a power hungry bitch and I spotted that trait early on. You’re pissed because Trump might be on track to retake the White House. And probably will. So suck it up buttercup. But I don’t say it until it’s done. The commiecrats have plans for cheating and have been good at it in past elections. So go honor Joe and spend some quality time with your daughter. A shower?

      • Marl

        That guy is a POS

  2. frank stetson

    Archie, why do you fantasize about my factional daughter. That is so perverted on so many levels. I would ask if your significant other knows your thoughts, but let’s get real. That ain’t happening. But here’s my sharp stick, feel free to stick on it. And rotate. Slowly. Ever so slowly. Until you smile that special smile you love to smile when alone with yourself and your……..thoughts.

    “How did Melania Trump, a Communist from a poor village in Yugoslavia, become one of the wealthiest women in America? How did she get to America and meet and marry Donald Trump? Are the articles written about her really true? Also, find out the truth about the thing that sits atop of Donald Trump’s head. This small book will answer these questions and more. Full color pages.” AS author. Suck on it, Archie. He wrote the book on it: **

    He’s got 24 years on her and looks, and acts, like her father. Yech. She stalked him at the Kit Kat club where the fashionable pussies hunt their rich prey. “She tried to find opportunities,” said Damijan Kracina, 46, a high school classmate. “And took them.” Oh yeah. “But under Tito, there were clear benefits to being a member of the Communist Party, to which only a tiny percentage of Slovenians belonged. Some inherited membership through parents, particularly if they had resisted the Nazis, as Tito had; others by exhibiting unusual talent.” Yeah, they have special talents all right. NYTimes

    She got US citizenship shortly after beginning her hunt of the Don. She used an EB-1, code named The Einstein VISA reserved for Nobel Laurette’s and the like. You know, Einstein’s. Well, this minor model did make her name sound Germanic…. Worked on Don. No one has seen the papers, but most agree that some really weighty testimonials from some heavy hitters must have been applied for her to sneak in that way. **

    And then once here, she started the chain migration process for her parents who are here too. Sweeet.

    There’s the proof of what I said and pretty sure you look the ” stupid son of a bitch” with one foot in mouth and the other lodged up your ass. And you like it. Come back for more, anytime, and tip your wait person on the way out.

    BUSTED for not looking. Idiot.

    • Archie

      Yes you do look like a dumb ass. Some one writes a book and that makes it true. And you believe it. I firmly believe that bathhouse Barry Obama was born in Kenya but it’s been covered up by crooks in the commiecrats party. But that’s neither here nor there. Admit it. Baring severe voter fraud Biden will probably lose. But there’s never been evidence that Ms Trump was ever a communist. She could have been raised in that environment but I was raised and taught things that I sifted through later in life. Just like Cubans raised in communism coming here to get out of that shit By the way, they have been warning us about the democrats. And people have better pay attention

      • frank stetson

        Archie: I may look like a dumb ass, but you are a dumb ass: I said: “who was raised as a communist,” not necessarily believing in communism. I am pretty sure that once leaving that teat in slovenia, she became a capitalist as it serves better in the free world.

        And as much as you try to make a connection, I don’t know what Obama has to do with Trump’s wife? Are you suggesting more or just diverting the discussion because you are a dick about it. Oh no: “hey have been warning us about the democrats.” Apparently the tin foil hat people are back. That mysterious “they,” probably from the Drunk State.

        STILL BUSTED, same reason.

  3. Tom

    But doesn’t dragging Joe around for another term so she can enjoy the First Lady privileges count as elder abuse? No. Many factors go into determining elder abuse. The six basic types of elder abuse are: Physical Abuse, Emotional or Psychological Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Neglect or Abandonment by Caregivers, Financial Exploitation, and Healthcare Fraud & Abuse.

    If the article wishes to propose that holding Joe’s hand and helping him off stage is elder abuse, then there must be some form of physical mistreatment that results in bodily injury. While MAGA would love to claim physical abuse of Joe, it simply is not abuse to hold someone’s hand and ensure their safety when transitioning down a step. If this were considered elder abuse then what is it when Eleanor Roosevelt rolled Franklin around?

    There is not a shred of evidence that Joe Biden was having an affair with Jill Biden before the accident that killed Joe’s wife and child. Bill Stevenson is MAGA and is doing his part to get Joe out of the race which he perceives will give Trump a big advantage. E Dempsey has been sucked into a lie – this is nothing new!

    The article has taken Hunter Biden’s comments totally out of context. Hunter Biden’s 2018 comment about Jill Biden was all about a disagreement between the two. The 54-year-old Hunter was addicted to crack cocaine is said to have unleashed a tirade of foul-mouthed abuses against the First Lady when she suggested that he undergo treatment for the addiction to narcotics. Also in 2018, Jill was not in favor of Joe running for POTUS. So disregard this part of the article because it is a lie.

    Ernestine ED Dempsey has lied once again!!!


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