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Iran’s President Admits to Building Ballistic Missiles, Criticizes U.S.

Iran’s President Admits to Building Ballistic Missiles, Criticizes U.S.

On Sunday, Iran’s President Hassan Roudani made it clear that the country will continue to build missiles as part of its defense program.

In the same speech that was broadcasted on state television, Roudani went as far to say that the country isn’t violating the Iran deal either.

“They are faulting us over our weapons,” said Rouhani. “We will build, produce and stockpile any weapons of any kind that we need in order to defend ourselves and the territorial integrity of our beloved nation.” 

“We have built, are building and will continue to build missiles, and this violates no international agreements.”

This comes after the U.S House voted to introduce new unilateral sanctions on the Iran deal after the country violated the UN Iran deal, specifically where it states that Tehran will halt acquiring and building nuclear weapons.

Iran has repeatedly said that it has not obtained nuclear weapons since signing the accord, but Roudani proves what we have known all along.

The U.S. is trying to find a diplomatic solution to the issue with Iran that doesn’t undermine the UN agreement.  

President Donald Trump has criticized the Iran deal numerous times. Most recently, on October 13, he said the deal “was one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the United States has ever entered into” and claimed that Iran has not complied with the terms by committing “multiple violations of the agreement.”

He then officially refused to certify the country’s compliance.

“We cannot and will not make this certification. We will not continue down a path whose predictable conclusion is more violence, more terror and the very real threat of Iran’s nuclear breakout,” said Trump.

In late September, Trump tweeted “Iran just test-fired a ballistic missile capable of reaching Israel. They are also working with North Korea. Not much of an agreement we have!”  

Rouhani addressed this in the speech Sunday and blasted Trump for his refusal to certify that Tehran was obeying the 2015 accord.  

“If a government like the US government states that it is not committed to an important international commitment, and its reason is that the previous administration has been tricked, then what happens with the continuity of the responsibility of the governments?” said Rouhani. “You are explicitly violating your previous agreements and neglecting a UN Security Council-approved agreement.” 

Rouhani also suggested that other countries would be wary to enter agreements with the U.S. in the future. 

“You are disregarding past negotiations and agreements approved by the UN Security Council and expect others to negotiate with you?” said Rouhani. “Because of the behavior it has adopted, America should forget any future talks and agreement with other countries.”

This speech will likely have a significant impact on Congress’ decision. Lawmakers have 60 days to determine if the U.S. should re-impose the penalties lifted in the Iran deal.

It looks like America’s participation in the Iran accord could be short-lived.

Author’s note: Isn’t it a little ironic for the Iranian president to admit to building nuclear weapons all along and then in the SAME speech blast Trump for refusing to certify that Iran was in compliance of a deal that says they shouldn’t be building a nuclear weapon arsenal? The Iran deal is a joke. 

Editor’s note: At this point, Trump knows the “deal” is not being kept, even though it was in the best possible favor of Iran. Trump has not quit the deal yet, because it may still have some value in political terms with the rest of the world. But it may not last long.


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