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How a Jordanian Prince Plans to Kill the 2nd Amendment

How a Jordanian Prince Plans to Kill the 2nd Amendment

Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein believes America has an “obligation to implement robust gun regulations,” and that the U.S. government’s adherence to the Second Amendment “directly causes terrorist massacres and other killings.”

Why should an American care what Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein says or who he is? Hussein is a Jordanian prince who has used his status to become the human-rights chief of the United Nations. Yes, a nobleman from a country where being “openly Jewish” is not permitted and honor killings have more lenient punishments than standard homicides has been put in charge of the world’s human rights policies. 

Though I often believe the left just likes to test the blind conformity of its constituents with various forms of silliness – like naming a monarch the chief of human rights – the United Nations’ quest to remove guns from every American household is all too serious. The excerpt below is from an official United Nations document that outlines the process of removing guns from all non-military/non-police citizens. 

While this document is hardly discussed in our media, the language and message is quite clear: the elimination of the Second Amendment is a chief goal of the United Nations. Steps 1 through 5 have already occurred, and we are now seeing the calls for step 6 come with increasing ferocity.

As Americans, though we don’t often take advantage of the benefit, we have the opportunity to peer across the Atlantic and see the results of such anti-gun policies. The European Union, which has already plunged deep into step 6, has shown the vulnerability of a society where the only guns are those held by murderers. Under Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein’s, the U.N. has a favorable opinion of supplying weaponry to Jihadists in Libya and Syria – but allowing law abiding citizens to carry a hand gun is considered too dangerous. We are living in the era of double-think. 

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