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Has the Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Kidnapped his own Mother?

Has the Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Kidnapped his own Mother?

Media reports have emerged that the Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman kept his mother under house arrest for over two years to keep her away from the King to make sure he could ascent to power.

According to NBC News, the 82-year-old king was told a series of lies about Princess Fahda bint Falah Al Hathleen’s whereabouts, like that she was in New York getting medical treatment.

“Fourteen current and former senior U.S. officials told NBC News that intelligence shows Prince Mohammed bin Salman — often referred to by his initials MBS — blocked his mother from seeing his father, King Salman, more than two years ago and has kept her away from him as the young prince rapidly amassed power,” writes NBC News. “Prince Mohammed, a key ally of the Trump White House, has concocted various explanations of his mother’s whereabouts over the years, such as that she’s out of the country receiving medical treatment, so King Salman would not know his son has been behind her continued absence, the current and former officials said.” 

According to these officials, the Prince took these drastic measures because she disagreed with his plans to acquire more power and would have potentially tried to influence the King to stop his son.

Last June, Prince Mohammed became the crown prince in an abrupt move displacing his cousin.  

He gained support with his anti-corruption campaign. In November, he orchestrated the massive arrest of Saudi officials, royals, and businessmen in a corruption crackdown. There were even reports claiming he had some of them tortured.  

In the past, the Trump Administration has shown support for the new Prince and his anti-corrupt crusade.

“I have great confidence in King Salman and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, they know exactly what they are doing,” tweeted Trump following the massive arrest. “Some of those they are harshly treating have been ‘milking’ their country for years!” 

Critics of the prince argue this was merely a ploy to purge with political rivals and take their assets. 

NBC News claims that U.S. officials are concerned that he will do anything to ensure he will be the next king.

“The determination that the crown prince’s mother, Princess Fahda bint Falah Al Hathleen, was being kept from King Salman without his knowledge was first made during the Obama administration, the officials said. That assessment has not changed since Trump took office, according to the current officials,” writes NBC News. “The Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Washington denied that the princess is under any kind of house arrest or separation from her husband.”

“It is absolutely not true and if you would like to ask Her Royal Highness the Princess yourself, this includes asking her in-person, we would be happy to arrange it immediately,” said Fatimah Baeshen, a spokesperson for Saudi Arabia’s embassy in Washington.

NBC News responded that the publication would like to meet with the crown prince’s mother, but the Saudi government would not allow for NBC to report on the meeting.

“The story is absolutely false and highly offensive,” wrote Kabil. “The Princess offered to meet with you privately to personally refute the story but you declined. Instead, you have chosen to rely entirely on unnamed and anonymous sources for your reporting. Thus, your viewers cannot judge your sources’ motives or credibility.”

Author’s note: Something is certainly fishy here. Did the prince kidnap his own mother? Was his motive in the corruption crackdown pure?

Editor’s note: We have thought well of Duterte in the Philippines because even though some of his actions would not be Constitutional here, he is making a lot of headway into cleaning up drugs and crime there. Is this another case where an intelligent slimeball may be the best leader for a country? Could be, but Duterte is elected and will finish his term. The Saudi Prince will become King and stay there for the next 40 years.


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