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Gov Mike Pence Announced as Trump's VP

Gov Mike Pence Announced as Trump's VP

Although Donald Trump canceled a scheduled press conference in deference to the terrorist tragedy in France, he has announced Indiana Governor Mike Pence will be his running mate for Vice President.

“I do think, when you look at Governor Pence, he’s the type of person who can help unite the party,” says former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. “He has a number of years of Washington, DC experience. He was part of the leadership there. He’s gone back now and served as the chief executive of a very important state, a state that Donald Trump is going to need to win in order to be successful in this election.” 

Mike Pence served in the House of Representative from 2001-2013, sitting as Chairman of the House Republican Conference from 2009-2011. His conservative views led him to cosponsor a Spending Limit Amendment that would have dropped federal spending to a historical average not seen since WWII. 

Pence was a supporter of earmark reform and in 2006 designed a “no amnesty immigration reform” plan that focused on strict enforcement of laws against hiring illegal immigrants and increased border security. He is firmly opposed to same-sex marriage and has called to ban homosexuals from the military. 

Author’s note: Pence is considered to be a safe choice who will help in uniting the party around conservative ideals. We were hoping for Newt Gingrich, but despite his brilliance, Newt can be a polarizing figure and has some baggage that comes with him. He is also strong enough that he might overshadow Trump in some respects.

Pence, as a governor with experience actually running a State, could provide great experience to a Trump administration. And in the unlikely event that it was necessary, Pence would be capable of running the country. We remarked on the virtue of governors vs senators in our “shiny ball theory” some months ago.

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