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Terrorist Truck Driver Rampages Through Unsuspecting Crowd in France Kills 84

Terrorist Truck Driver Rampages Through Unsuspecting Crowd in France Kills 84

A gunman driving a 25 ton truck plowed into crowds of people in the French city of Nice last night who were on their way home after Bastille day fireworks.  At least 84 people were killed, including many children and 2 Americans. At least 50 more were critically hurt. 

President Francois Hollande has labeled this a terrorist attack. “We have an enemy who is going to continue to strike all the people, all the countries who have freedom as a fundamental value,” Hollande said. “Why Nice? Because it’s a town famous across the world, beautiful town, one of the most beautiful. Why the 14th of July? Because it” was Bastille Day, celebrating freedom.

The gunman was identified as a 31 year old Tunisian-born Frenchman Mohamad Lahouaiej Bouhel, who opened fired on police before being shot dead. According to city officials the truck careered through the area for 1.5 miles, zigzagging along the seafront Promenade des Anglais, many children were among the dead. Witnessed say people where knocked down “like nine pins.”

Two Americans, a Texas man Sean Copeland and his 11 year old son Brodie were among the dead, according to the Autin American-Statesman. Family friend Jess Davis released a statement Friday on behalf of the Copeland family, saying they are “heartbroken and in shock.”

This is the third time in the last year that flags will be flown at half mast.

Authors note: We described how France was not just the target of terrorism, but was an experiment in destabilization through terror. This will create further backlash against moderate Muslims (as is intended) and the country will become less stable as moderate Muslims start taking sides. We watch sadly as tragic events unfold much in the way we predicted in our article Former Intelligence Officer: Asymmetric Warfare – Why the Terrorists Won in Paris

This isn’t going to stop anytime soon, its the beginning of real struggle.  Islam has a major foothold in Europe, these attacks are designed to mobilize them into an insurgent force.

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  1. db

    Has anyone come to the realization that radical Islamic followers who have been let out of the obvious mid east box from whence they came, and for the most part are the root of the major problem of increasing crime against westerners when it comes to the endemic growth of the problems of violent crime against the west. The Islamic and Christian based societies cannot mix as their ideology is diametrically opposed. Until the Liberals come to the realization that it will not work, the mass crime we see today will continue to rise in both nature and frequency. Borders were established for many reasons and when they were taken down as check points, this mass migration that has been attempted since the 1200’s will continue and the Christian way of life as we know it today will end.