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GOP Convention Day 3 – Speeches Rock! Still No Violence

GOP Convention Day 3 – Speeches Rock! Still No Violence

Day 3 of the convention went off without a hitch as the excitement builds and the speeches get bigger. Day 2’s speeches were watched by over 19 million people, I expect those numbers to be larger for tonight’s show.

The evening began with some big personalities but not all that entertaining. Scott Walker gave a standard political speech, not too interesting because I don’t remember it. Marco Rubio sent along a recorded message. 

Ted Cruz gave a pretty standard political speech, but near the end it seemed the crowd was restless and noisy. After a few moments of confusion on my part, the cameras turned to show that Donald Trump had walked in and was settling in to listen to his son’s speech.

Eric Trump gave an incredible speech, passionate, logical, with just the right amount of substance and detail. He focused on his father’s accomplishiments, his leadership and his motivations for running for President. I’m predicting Eric will be President someday.

It appears Donald Trump’s showcasing of his family was the right move, they are first class. I can hardly wait to hear Ivanka’s speech.

Newt Gingrich also provided and electrifying speech with the theme “Keep America Safe.” He explained how Trump was the only one who was honest about radical Islam, that the threat is much greater than we’ve been told. His support for Trump’s positions were unwavering.

Then he provided some horrifying statistics. 

He rattled off about a dozen instances of terrorism and stated over 30,000 have been killed by radical Islamists just in the last 37 days. He quoted experts who say terrorists will soon have nuclear weapons, and that France is on the verge of civil war. Gingrich said, “We are sleepwalking through history as if it is all about politics.” 

I was a bit dismayed, Newt felt compelled to apologize for Ted Cruz a bit, saying Cruz’s statement “vote for whoever supports the constitution” really was support for Trump. But the crowd seemed to know Cruz did not have his heart into supporting Trump.

It was said that Trump invited all of the primary candidates to speak without requiring their endorsement, and uncommonly generous offer, perhaps designed to help unite the Republican Party.

Paul Ryan gave a rousing introduction for Mike Pence, as they are friends having served in Congress together. Mke Pence gave a very good opening speech, introduced his wife and daughter, followed by a good speech supporting Trump and attacking Hillary. He was interrupted as the crowd shouted “lock her up! lock her up!” Basically he laid out and described the Trump platform.

The violence count is still near zero. Apparently five people have been arrested over the past three days. This is actually fortunate that the focus is still on the convention and not the circus outside.

The liberal media was out in force, I listened to an interview of a Boston Globe reporter whose best material was snide remarks about the convention and Trump. I’ll be comparing this type of commentary with what happens next week at the DNC Convention. So stay tuned!

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