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Judge May Unseal Absentee Ballots to Investigate Fulton County Voter Fraud

Judge May Unseal Absentee Ballots to Investigate Fulton County Voter Fraud

A Georgia judge investigating claims of voter fraud in Fulton County is considering a proposal to unseal absentee ballots. “We want to do this in such a way that dispels rumors and disinformation and sheds light,” said Chief Judge Brian Amero. “The devil’s in the details.”

The potential unsealing is related to a lawsuit filed by Garland Favorito. Favorito is an election integrity advocate who claims that fraud took place at the State Farm Arena on election night. Favorito has accused election officials of fabricating ballots and counting some ballots more than once. In the suit, he describes how election officials stayed behind to count ballots when everyone else in the building evacuated due to a water leak. 

County officials said that damaged ballots are sometimes duplicated in order to be processed correctly and explained that workers will sometimes scan a ballot twice when a scanner gets jammed.

“It’s not people who are lying,” said county official Gabriel Sterling.. “They don’t understand what they’re saying.”

Before he moves forward with the unsealing, Amero has requested Favorito and his team provide a detailed plan to ensure voter information remains safe and secure. If they approve the plan, the unsealing could begin as early as next month. 

Former President Donald Trump supports the investigation.

His allies have also filed numerous suits claiming fraud in Georgia. “Fulton County has never been properly audited for vote or signature verification,” argues Trump. “They only looked at areas of the State where there most likely would be problems.” 

Fulton County, which encompasses much of Atlanta, is home to more than 800,000 active voters. Official tallies from the presidential election show Joe Biden winning the county with 73% support to Trump’s 26%.

Author’s Note: While none of the many lawsuits alleging voter fraud have succeeded, suits like this one have inspired lawmakers across the country to introduce measures to tighten election security. If officials unseal and examine the ballots in Fulton County, at least more people will be aware of the voter fraud that occurred.


Judge may unseal Fulton absentee ballots for fraud investigation

Georgia Judge Indicates He May Unseal Absentee Ballots for Fraud Probe 

Judge signals he may unseal Fulton County absentee ballots for fraud investigation 

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    I pray this gets done for so many reasons.

  3. TLC

    Ok. Now if the unseal those ballots and count them according to plan and find no fraud or only accidental kinds of incidents of no real impact, will the right wing finally stop screaming fraud? Seems like every time they want an investigation and get it, so far it has been Trump who benefited from the fraud?

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      And if they don’t will the left get their head out of the ground?