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FBI Agents Pushed to Investigate Clinton Foundation, Denied by Justice

Along with James Comey’s overdue announcement that the FBI has decided to reopen the Clinton email investigation comes the news that a group of FBI agents attempted to launch a separate investigation into the Clinton Foundation during the original email server probe. 

Their pleas were shut down the by Justice Department, whose public integrity unit insisted there was not enough evidence. 

The FBI never actually contacted the Clinton Foundation, which suggests that the probe was in its early stages when it was denied. “We are not aware of any investigation into the Foundation by the Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, or any US Attorney’s Office and we have not received a subpoena from any of those agencies,” stated a Clinton Foundation official. 

A group of FBI agents in New York are still pushing to investigate the alleged corruption and pay-for-play practices that occurred between the State Department and the Foundation during Hillary’s tenure as Secretary. 

This information was leaked to the public Sunday, when the Wall Street Journal described in great detail the tense interactions between DOJ prosecutors and the FBI agents in NY.  

It is “entirely inappropriate for anyone – agents or prosecutors – to bring their frustrations to the press,” argues former FBI general counsel Howard Shapiro. Such leaks are forbidden because they can “smear the reputation unfairly of individuals and organizations.” 

The Washington Post was quick to point out the fact that public integrity section prosecutors are not politically appointed and to criticize Republicans and the FBI for attacking the so-called “charity,” but it really wouldn’t surprise me if those prosecutors were secretly working for Hillary.

Additional note: According to the Daily Caller, five local FBI offices have launched investigations into the Clinton Foundation. I’m sure more is to come.

Editor’s note: It apparent to me the Justice Department values political loyalty over the rule of law. It’s a sad state of affairs.


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