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E.U. Preps Retaliation if Trump Imposes Steel Restrictions

E.U. Preps Retaliation if Trump Imposes Steel Restrictions

Leaders of the European Union are already threatening to strike back if President Donald Trump imposes restrictions on steel.

If the U.S. announces the restrictions, the E.U. is planning to take quick action.

“We will respond with countermeasures if need be, hoping that this is not actually necessary,” said Jean-Claude, European Commission president. “We are prepared to take up arms if need be.”

Allegedly, E.U. officials would implement tariffs on agricultural products in response.

At the G-20 summit meeting in Germany this week, leaders will attempt to persuade Trump from going through with this former campaign promise. 

Prior to the meeting, German Chancellor Angela Merkel alluded to how difficult it may be to develop compromises on multiple issues between the global leaders.

“We are all familiar with the great global challenges,” said Merkel.“We all know that time is of the essence and pressing solutions can only be found if we are ready to strike a compromise, if we accommodate each other’s views without bending over backward too much and giving up principles.”

However, there is some room for negotiations. Trump was close to making a decision, but was urged by advisors to meet with other world leaders first. 

 “I will represent our country well and fight for its interests! Fake News Media will never cover me accurately but who cares!” tweeted Trump prior to the G-20 meeting. 

Trump has previously blamed China for subsidizing the steel industry.

“The White House’s National Economic Council has changed the Trump administration’s approach to steel in the past week, people familiar with the strategy said. They are hoping to galvanize other countries at the G-20 to work together to confront China over its government support for the domestic steel industry, with the idea that joint pressure could be more effective and remove the possibility that the United States has to move alone,” writes The Washington Post. 

But other countries should also be alarmed. 

“The largest exporters of steel to the United States are Canada, Brazil, South Korea, Mexico and Turkey, according to IHS Global Trade Atlas. Germany also has a large steel industry, and German officials have been particularly concerned about what a unilateral move to impose restrictions on steel imports to the United States might mean,” writes The Washington Post. 

After the meetings on Friday, lower-level negotiators will meet at 11 pm that evening to go over the specifics discussed at the G-20 summit. 

Author’s note: Trump has made it clear he isn’t one to back down. These threats of retaliation mean that his negotiations are tough. If there weren’t threats emerging, it would mean he wasn’t pushing hard enough for America.

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