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Harris Drops F-Bomb When Addressing Asian, Pacific Island Students

Harris Drops F-Bomb When Addressing Asian, Pacific Island Students

Vice President Kamala Harris dropped the F-bomb while recently giving advice to an audience of young Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders.

Harris was participating in a conversation moderated by actor and comedian Jimmy O.  Yang at an event hosted by the Asian-Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies. Yang asked her what it means to be the first vice president of Asian descent and how that heritage has informed her views and roles as a leader.

Harris gave a lengthy response in which she told the young people to keep their chins up when they go into spaces where no one else looks like them.

She added, “We have to know that sometimes people will open the door for you and leave it open. Sometimes they won’t. And then you need to kick that f*cking door down.”

The audience clapped and hollered. Laughing herself, Harris said, “Excuse my language.” Yang said quipped that “we gotta make T-shirts with that saying.”

While the use of the expletive may have been a bit “unladylike,” these days, profanity in politics is not that unusual. This past weekend, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump led a crowd at a rally chanting “bullshit” in reference to his criminal trial in New York City. When Joe Biden was vice president, he was overheard telling President Barack Obama that newly passed health care legislation was a “big f*cking deal.” However, in the past, Harris has generally avoided such language in her public appearances.

The vice president’s appearance and interesting choice of words comes as the Biden administration celebrates Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

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  1. frank stetson

    I am sorry, but you are upset at someone not acting Vice Presidential?

    Surely you jest.

    • Archie

      She’s just another uncouth ghetto trash

  2. Frank stetson

    What ghetto would that be?

    Uncouth? Yes it is and yes she should walk it back. You can’t fight pigs on their terms without getting muddy. Not right.

    We just spent 2 weeks hearing about your orangoutang twice-impeached, convicted, rapist ex-president cursing in open court left and right. Just deplorable.

    Clean it all up but own your own.

    • Jim wampler

      Go be like Joe and shower with your daughter.

    • William Bell

      Impeached and “convicted” by exactly the people that you would expect….

  3. Darren

    Biden Rapped women. Biden, a Senator in power over one of his working staff.
    Not an encounter in a store which may have been mutual!

    No one talks about it because she is hiding in Europe as she does not
    wish to be Clintonized!
    Or BO inged as the new case may be.

    We are not even going to talk about President Clinton him self.
    Clinton should get a pardon though, look who he goes home too!

  4. frank stetson

    Darren: “Clean it all up but own your own.”

    Whatever is proven against your guy, in a court of law, with a jury of peers, you discount.

    Whatever is alleged against your political foes you accept without it being taken to court, much less proven in a court of law.

    You even accuse the Clintons of murder. Amazing.

  5. Robert V. Parker

    Ms. Harris has once again demonstrated what a class act she isn’t.


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