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“Empire” Actor J. Smollet will not Return to Show

“Empire” Actor J. Smollet will not Return to Show

Actor Jussie Smollet will not be returning to “Empire” for the show’s sixth and final season, announced show creator Lee Daniels on Tuesday.

The announcement came in response to rumors that Smollet’s character “Jamal” would reappear near the end of the season.

Smollet was removed from the show last season after he hired two thugs to stage a fake hate crime against him regarding his race and sexuality (black and gay).

Smollet claimed he was attacked by Trump supporters and was later arrested and indicted for filing a fake police report.

Despite overwhelming evidence of wrongdoing, police dropped all charges against Smollet in March. Interviews suggest “Empire’s” primarily-black cast still believes Smollet’s claim of innocence.

Author’s Note: Smollet’s “hate crime” was the worst sort of cry for attention. Either his career is ruined, or he will become a notorious “bad guy” and win an Oscar someday.

Editor’s Note: Notice that the cries in his defense are now very weak. His actions called into question a great deal of the narrative of racism in the country, and liberals are very angry.  But perhaps it was worth the risk to him, since if he had not been caught, he would have been a real hero. Unfortunately for him, he did not get away with it. Life is tough when you’re stupid…

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      • Susan


      • William Hadley

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      • William

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  2. MaryAnn Hewitt

    Stupid man – for assuming that Trump supporters are racists – he believes way to much of the Lefts BS & new he is an
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  3. catherine

    The ONLY thing funny about this is: he was upset about how much money he was making! NOW, he is making NADA.

  4. Joan

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  1. I do not spend much time checking the political or social agenda for things I consume. If it smacks me…

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