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Donald Trump Wins the Presidency!

Donald Trump Wins the Presidency!

Donald Trump has beaten Hillary Clinton in a hard fought battle to become the 45th President of the United States of America.

This has taken mainstream media by complete surprise, and from the electoral map, it appears that many of the urban areas turned out for Clinton, offset by suburban and rural areas in overwhelmingly in favor of Trump. After surprise victory in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania was the clincher. After this was called for Trump, Clinton had no path to victory.  Trump has succeeded in surpassing the 270 delegate mark needed to win. Trump is also expected to win Michigan, Alaska and Arizona, but these have not been called as of this writing.

This was a massive shock to the Clinton Campaign whose surrogates predicted margins of victory as high as 443 to 95. 

Margins in several states, especially Pennsylvania and Florida were thin at the time of this writing, challenges to state results may erupt. The Clinton campaign sent their supporters home at about 2am, saying the race was too close to call, but it does appear Trump will run by a comfortable margin. Hillary Clinton called to concede to Trump at about 2:40 am EST.

It is projected that Trump will be working with a Republican dominated Congress and at least a 50-50 Senate split and likely a +2 for the Republicans. The Vice President casts the deciding vote in the event of a tie. While some hostility may still remain from a contentious election season, this bodes well for a conservative swing.

This historical victory of an outsider with no previous political experiene marks a turning point in America.

While the final count has not yet been tabulated, Trump appears to have won the popular vote as well by a margin of over a million votes.

Dow Futures were way down tonight, prediciting a morning fall of almost 5%. It appears to me Wall Street believed the mainstream media’s hype and has bet inappropriately. I believe this will recover to a large extent by Thursday as they move out of Hillary-safe investments and into Trump-safe investments.

This is also a major victory for the Republicans in terms of Supreme Court judges.

Editor’s note: As you may have guessed, I am not unbiased in this regard, and I have to admit I was biting my nails at the beginning of the evening. But as the night wore on it was gratifying to watch the liberal media squirm and suddenly become “fair and balanced”, moving to “somber” as the night went on.

The bias of the polling data from the mainstream media becomes obvious now, the arrogant smugness of the commentators is gratifyingly crushed.

Hopefully the celebrities who promised to move out of the country will indeed do so.

This was a vote against Washington and business as usual, a vote against a rising socialist tide, and a vote against an political correctness that has had our country on edge for most of the Obama Administration. We are also relieved of the obligation of paying back Hillary Clinton’s donors.

I believe the great imbalance caused by the Obama years, will now be rebalanced to a certain degree. In this author’s humble opinion, we will experience a return to common sense.

The pendulum swings.

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