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Polling Bias Embarrassed Mainstream Media, Gave False Hope to Clinton Supporters

Polling Bias Embarrassed Mainstream Media, Gave False Hope to Clinton Supporters

Take a look through recent headlines and polls and it seemed like Donald Trump had a slim chance of winning the presidency. Nearly all major polls showed Hillary Clinton in the lead, and I can’t help but wonder if some Democrats felt like they didn’t need to vote because their candidate was a shoo-in.

Margins and predictions were varied, but let’s face it: most of us believed Hillary Clinton would become the next US President. 

Is this incompetence? Self delusion? We have covered the fact that the mainstream media has a strong liberal bias. But in this case the entire world was misled into counting on Hillary Clinton as the victor. I suspect Clinton’s supports suffered the most because of it.

The Dems are calling Trump’s victory a “surprise” and an “upset,” but some of this opinion may be due to the fact that our polls simply aren’t trustworthy. As I wrote in October, a recent Anonymous video explained why some polls are downright fake. 

Let’s take a look at which states got it right and which states succumbed to liberal bias:

1. In Florida they got it right 

When voter fraud was discovered nearly a week before election day, we knew the Dems were working hard to secure a Clinton victory in the Sunshine State. Polls were on point, showing Trump and Hillary neck-in-neck (RCP average 46.6 vs 46.4).

Trump claimed a narrow victory in Florida with 49% to Hillary’s 48%. 

2. In Ohio they underestimated Trump 

Donald Trump was widely projected to win the Buckeye State, and major polls had the billionaire leading by as much as 7 points. But the aggregate was only about 3 points. Since the final was almost 9 points, definitely a bias there.

Trump won Ohio with 52% to Hillary’s 44%. 

3. In North Carolina they got it wrong 

The RCP average showed Hillary and Trump all tied up, but Huffington Post claimed Hillary was in the lead by 1.6 percent. CBS News showed her in the lead by as many as 4 points.  

Donald Trump won North Carolina by nearly 4 points, with 51% to Hillary’s 47%. The margin of error for these polls was only 3-4%, so the pollsters were either biased or incompetent.

4. In Pennsylvania they got it wrong

The race was tight in Pennsylvania, with Trump winning by a mere 1% (49% to Hillary’s 48%). The Keystone State was expected to go to Hillary, with the RCP average putting Clinton in the lead by 2+ points. Other major polls had Hillary in the lead by as many as 4 points.  Only the Trafalgar Group poll got it right.

Feel free to check the rest of the states, yourself, but these were the huge swings states that each candidate needed to win. Because of these polls, the major networks all expected Hillary to come out on top. In fact they ignored the poll in Florida that gave Trump the edge and assumed Hillary would win there as well.

The Aftermath 

The Dems are now scrambling to discover “what went wrong” and Huffington Post insists that America must address what it refers to as “the systemic poll failures at the state level.” 

 “Of course, all of these individual polling misses mean that HuffPost Pollster’s forecasts for both the Senate and the presidency were wrong. It’s that simple – the forecasts relied on the polls,” writes Huffington Post. “It’s not just ours, though. Most forecast models had Clinton up and Democrats with a good chance of winning the Senate.” 

The Dems are also claiming that Trump had a large “silent” following that kept quiet but turned up to vote on election day. I find this hard to believe. What is far more likely is that the polls were slanted hard to the Left – and now the Dems are realizing that manipulating the numbers wasn’t enough to get Crooked Hillary into the White House. 

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