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Donald Trump is 80% in, Presidential elections get interesting!

Donald Trump is 80% in, Presidential elections get interesting!
At CPAC this past weekend, Donald Trump announced that he is 75 to 80 percent confident that he will be running for President for next year’s election. His campaign platform potentially could be ‘Making America Great Again’ with his focus on ISIS, immigration, building a stronger Army and United States’ international economic affairs. During the conference he proposed that Republicans toughen up on overseas issues like Benghazi and the protection of our ally Israel, as well as home based issues like US immigration and the IRS. Trump currently stands as an unofficial presidential candidate; however, we at Punching Bag Post believe he has potential.

As CEO of one of the most renowned real estate organizations in the world, Trump’s skills and experience have helped him stand out as a visionary and someone who can execute a plan into action; and he’s not shy about expressing his success either! His ambition has carried him through business school, earning a Bachelor’s in Economics, to conducting international business and creating a net worth of 4 billion dollars. Economically savvy, his expertise in the financial world can help organize the national federal budget for the upcoming years. And his emphasis on foreign affairs, like halting Chinese influence on our US markets, can help our country regain respect in the world of international politics.

Trump will announce his final decision this summer and says if he goes through with it, he will run as a conservative. Conservative values drive Trump’s ambition towards advocating for a greater nation. Over the past two decades he has donated 100’s of thousands towards political campaigns; $170,000 to the Republican Governor’s Association and $50,000 to the ultra- conservative American Crossroads Pac, just to name a few others (according to campaign money). His values range from pro-life to no same- sex partner benefits.

As the year continues let’s be on the lookout for Trump’s final decision on his run for presidency; at the very least he will make the race interesting.

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