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Lucky Mike Part 3: Knowing the Truth

Lucky Mike Part 3:  Knowing the Truth
When Florida Governor Rick Scott signed into law a requirement that all women seeking an abortion must first have an ultrasound, there was a huge outcry from the left. Scott’s predecessor, Charlie Crist, called the law ‘mean-spirited.’ In reality the law is anything but- it encourages compassion. The likely reason for the outcry was that it forces women to see the reality of what they are doing by having an abortion instead of remaining in the dark.

See, this law shatters the feminist mythos that before birth, a child is simply an insentient, unfeeling, inanimate object. ‘A mass of cells’ is how a lot of feminist literature describes an unborn child. Without this law, a woman can maintain this mindset while having an abortion and think nothing of it. The illusion is maintained. When a woman is required to have an ultrasound first, the myth is destroyed. She sees that her child has a face. Hands, feet. She knows that he has a heartbeat. This makes it emotionally more difficult to have an abortion, not legally more difficult.

If a woman is determined to have an abortion, absolutely nothing is stopping her but her own emotions. The law is meant to inform women about the decision they must make regarding their body. Liberal pro-choice advocates claim to be the ones promoting science, logic, and reason by supporting women who choose abortion, but those who oppose this law want women to remain only half-informed. Under this law, women do not have to review the ultrasound, nor do they have to allow the doctor to explain the images to them. They only have to have it done. After the ultrasound is done, women are free to proceed with the abortion if they are so inclined.

Many pro-choice advocates argue that this law is ’emotional blackmail’ meant to stop women from having abortions.

We asked Amy if she felt bullied into cancelling her abortion. Here’s her reply.

“No. No, I didn’t. I felt shocked that I- I almost didn’t know this. I think it’s scary that so many women had abortions and never saw their fetus, or heard the fetal heartbeat. I almost felt lied to. Like, they tell you that it’s just a medical procedure, that you’re just removing some half-formed blob that could eventually turn into an actual baby if you left it there for nine months, but right now it’s not a living person. It is.”
“Lucky Mike” Update: Amy and Kyle visited their son and the adoptive parents yesterday. This is the first time they have seen or held him since Amy gave birth. Amy told that Lucky Mike seemed to know who she was- when she took him into her arms, he curled into her, and although he has been bottle-fed, he was happy to nurse from his biological mother. At one week old, Kyle could see how much the infant boy resembles him with the same dark blue eyes and slightly wavy light blonde hair. The Frasiers reported that he’s quiet for a baby and cries very little- one trait, says Kyle’s older sister, that little Lucky Mike did NOT get from his father.

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