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DeVos Plans to Rescind Obama-Era School Discipline Policies

DeVos Plans to Rescind Obama-Era School Discipline Policies

The federal commission on school safety released a new 177-page report offering school districts some recommendations on how to better protect students.

The acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker said that the report “provides a substantive blueprint for this Administration’s next steps to protect our young people. The Department of Justice will continue to support first responders and provide training for law enforcement officers and school personnel.”

The commission, led by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, is planning to rescind some of the Obama-era policies pertaining to how schools discipline students.

One Obama-era guidance, in particular, was intended to reduce punishment based on racial discrimination at schools, but the commission believes that this has instead prevented schools from punishing violent students.

“The federal policies addressed in the report stem from 2014, when the Education Department under President Barack Obama issued detailed guidance on “how to identify, avoid, and remedy” what it called “discriminatory discipline.” The guidance promoted alternatives to suspension and expulsion and opened investigations into school districts that had severely racially skewed numbers,” writes NPR.

“Students are afraid because violent students were going unpunished,” said a senior administration official to reporters.

The commission, which was formed after the Parkland, FL school shooting on Feb. 14, has a mission to find solutions to protect students in schools across the country.

“The grief inspires us all,” said Trump, who also said he was “profoundly grateful to all of the families who are working with us to prevent others from suffering the same horrible tragedy.”

“No student or teacher should ever have to worry about their safety at school,” said DeVos.

The commission is also recommending that schools consider arming school personnel and that districts should work with local police departments.

DeVos says that schools should “seriously consider partnering with local law enforcement in the training and arming of school personnel.”

But the commission is also calling on states and cities “to adopt laws making it easier for courts to temporarily remove guns from people who pose a danger to themselves or others, known as extreme risk-protection orders, and urges states to ease standards under which courts can force people to submit to psychiatric medications or other treatments,” writes The Wall Street Journal. 

The report also recommends that schools “harden” exteriors and install blast-proof glass windows. It also suggests that state or local agencies should develop rating systems for violent video games.

“This Commission wasn’t established to provide a single solution to this problem, nor did the Commissioners set out to mandate uniform policy to every community,” states the report. “In fact, it is our considered belief that doing so would prove counterproductive.”

Author’s note: Schools should decide on disciplinary policies at a local level rather than at a national level. Although a lot of these recommendations apply to all districts, different schools need different solutions. The Obama-era policy that let minority students get away with stuff that caucasian students would be severely punished for (or vice versa) is not only unfair, but psychologically damaging for the students.

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  1. John Noble

    The public education system in America is a disaster in large part because state and federal money grants and financial contributions from foreign donors come with strings attached by the grantors which require that the curriculum & textbooks be infested with a bunch of political liberal/communist bias, historical revisionism, secular humanism, pseudo-science, multiculturalism and other propaganda designed to brainwash our students.

    Furthermore, public education should only be available to students who show respect for the authority of their teachers. Teachers should never, ever be required to tolerate disrespect from their students. Without control of the classroom, the students who are there to learn become intimidated or distracted by troublemaker classmates, thus destroying the teaching atmosphere and rendering the teacher unable to effectively teach. Incorrigible students should be removed from the public school system and placed in an alternate program that can handle disciplinary problems effectively, including removal to detention centers if necessary.

  2. Robert Hood

    I like it disipllinary is needed in schools,Go back to the old school rules,a18″ paddle with holes in it bend over desk,first time in office 2 licks,2nd 4 licks after that expelled.

  3. John.

    John Noble was right on the money after 50 years of teaching what he said was so true

  4. Paul T.

    They need to beat the living snot out of these trouble makers! Also what they’re teaching them is a bunch of BS ! Put God back in the schools and see what happens!

  5. kathleen clark

    trouble makers should be expelled and make to seek help ,,, put them is a place with strict rules and medical help… just keeping them in the school with other students and punishing them when they act out just makes them mad at the world…. they need physcological help but they also need to be set apart from students who want to learn,,,

  6. Rocky

    All that is needed is common sense punishment. Yes including a freekin paddle. It works. Equally important and no one wants or has courage to speak of is there are too many gay activists in our education system. Just exactly how did this happen? No one likes it…but no one is doing anything about it. These mental misfits are among the higest ranks in society and this country has spiralled and spiralling down the drain since gay marriage passed. This is a HUGE issue. Things need people with balls to make changes. The radical leftist are demanding we all adhere to their whines about feelings. Its made America weak.


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