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Crackdown: State Dept Limits Visas in Four Countries Who Won’t Accept Deported Illegals

Crackdown: State Dept Limits Visas in Four Countries Who Won’t Accept Deported Illegals

Last month, the Department of Homeland Security suggested we punish four countries that consistently refuse to accept nationals that have been deported from the United States. 

As announced this week, the State Department has decided to limit visa requests to citizens of Cambodia, Eritrea, Sierra Leone, and Guinea because these countries have been “denying or unreasonably delaying” the return of their citizens. This is the latest example of President Trumps crack down on illegal immigration. 

The State Department is bound by law to stop granting travel visas to “recalcitrant” countries when it is asked to do so by the Homeland Security Secretary. This tactic has been used only twice during the past 15 years. 

The restrictions for Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Cambodia are mainly aimed at government officials. Restrictions for Eritrea are harsher, applying to anyone seeking to obtain a B visa (a temporary pass for tourism or business purposes). 

“We are all surprised by the American authorities’ decision but the foreign minister is at this moment working so that the situation returns to normal,” said Guinean spokesman Albert Camara. “It must be understood that Guinea has never wanted to prevent the repatriation of its nationals who are in conflict with American law.”  

The measure, which began on Wednesday, makes exceptions for humanitarian or emergency purposes and will not affect visas that have already been issued.

As DHS spokesman David Lapan points out, “You may have individuals from foreign countries that have committed crimes in the US and been convicted…and when they’re released from prison they remain in the US because their countries won’t take them back.” 

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has been forced to release more than 2,000 Guineans and over 830 Sierra Leoneans, many with criminal convictions. According to DHS data, there are over 1,900 Cambodians and roughly 700 Eritreans in the US currently awaiting deportation. 

“American citizens have been harmed because foreign governments refuse to take back their citizens,” says ICE Director Thomas Homan.

Editor’s note: We have said many times that Trump knows how to wield power, and now he is doing this on America’s behalf.

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