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January 6th – Riot? Or Just a Few Nutcases?

January 6th – Riot? Or Just a Few Nutcases?

For the past two and a half years, America has been engaged in a divisive national debate over what happened on January 6, 2021.  As a writer following politics, I closely observed the events following the 2020 presidential election – and I followed the narratives of both sides – narratives tainted by excessive partisanship.

While the issue has been on the front burner of the Fourth Estate, it got more heated in recent days with the release of the raw video tapes of Tucker Carlson of FOX News. I thought the making of the video information was a good move – and served the public’s right to know.  I question, however, why Speaker McCarthy would provide the surveillance videos only to Tucker Carlson.  The videos should have been released to the media in general – and error in judgment, McCarthy said his will soon correct.  

Even if I wanted to give FOX exclusive access, I would not have made Carlson the recipient.  In giving it to Carlson alone, McCarthy ensured that it would be sensationalized and brutalized– and that it would have become more controversial than it had to be.  Carlson would present the material in his bombastic style – and he did. 

The fact that McCarthy did give it to Carlson is another example of why the Speaker is not the brightest star in the political constellation.  He is not a good strategist – but I have opined on that subject previously.

Those on the left have fearmongered the tapes on the security issue.  Releasing the video undermines the protection of the Capitol, they claim.  They offer all kinds of speculative scenarios to support their contention – none of which are real.  According to FOX, any footage to be shown on air has been vetted and cleared by the Capitol Hill Police.  Despite that fact, those on the left still proffer their phony security narrative.

Just because I am not a fan of Carlson – which is well established in a number of past commentaries – does not mean that his reporting does not make some good points – and has value for a more fully informed public.

I hear a lot of folks on the telly proudly declare that they would never watch Carlson – and then they opine on the issue of the tapes.  If they are not drawing from what they actually saw and heard from Carlson, they are simply espousing from a script – a narrative – produced by and for other the partisans.

I do not watch Carlson faithfully, except when he becomes central to the narratives – and this is a case-in-point.

While the left uses much of the media as a powerful propaganda machine to pound and pound on one side of the issue, there are two sides to be told.  And I hate to admit it, but Carlson – aside from his hyperbole, bellicosity and annoying style – does bring up some good and fair points that have been suffocated by left-wing interpretations and narratives of what happened on January 6th – and disturbingly ignored by the January 6th Committee.

As an armchair witness, I drew a number of conclusions – and formed a number of questions – as to what occurred on that day – as well as leading up to that day.

What I did not see – and still do not see – was a planned insurrection for the purpose of overthrowing the government to install President Trump as a permanent autocrat.  In fact, I think that conspiracy theory belongs in the realm of the tinfoil hat crowd.  Unfortunately, Democrats and the media allies took that nonsense up and started peddling it as a core component of their propaganda efforts.  The donned tinfoil hats.

If you look at the facts, the purpose of the demonstration on Capitol Hill was to implore Congress who withhold certification of the presidential election while there were still questions – in their minds of some – of the legitimacy of the vote count.  There was NO effort to overthrow the government or effect a coup.  

Seeking a fair count was the motivation of the tens of thousands of folks who arrived on Capitol Hill to peacefully demonstrate – which the vast majority did.  Reasonable folks can believe that they were foolish to think that the election was stolen, but even foolishness does not change their motivation.  

What I saw was an iconic American riot in which masses of people came to protest peacefully, and a small number of bad actors – troublemakers – pushed the emotions over the edge.  And the rioting started.  

Outside of a handful of nutcases, who apparently had romantic visions of a revolution, most of those who entered the Capitol Building illegally did not participate in the violence and vandalism.  They mostly milled around.  Yes, they should be arrested for illegally trespassing and punished accordingly.  Others who engaged in violence, vandalism, and theft should also be arrested and punished according to their misdeeds.   Everyone on all sides agrees on that point.

However, I do wonder why so many who have been accused of relatively minor offenses are still incarcerated after two and a half years – in many cases a longer time than the sentences traditionally earn if found guilty.  And why are the cases still pending after so long?  I would not call them patriots, but they’re being held for so long without the right to a speedy trial does smack of political imprisonment – you know, where the merits of the case are subordinated to political issues.

Those on the left – who constantly complain about incarceration – are peculiarly silent on this unique example of dubious jailing.  The media should be raising questions as to why these Americans are being “held” for so long.  On that, Carlson makes a good point – as have others.

There have been a handful of individuals associated with extremist groups who have been tried and convicted for “seditious conspiracy” – insurrection, if you will.  I can believe that they are guilty of that based on their own statements and actions.  They are small group of bad dudes that may have provoked some of the riotings.  They are nutcases – not representative of the thousands who protested peacefully – and not even representative of those who rioted—Riot v. coup attempt.  There is a huge difference.

But the existence of a small group engaged in a criminal conspiracy does not make the entire event a seditious conspiracy.  It is still a riot – not an insurrection.  That was my opinion at the time – and it remains my opinion.  All the talk about a massive, planned insurrection … coup attempts … and the nonsense that there are still millions of Americans planning to overthrow the government .. end the constitutional Republic … and make Trump el presidente for life … is about as real as the space aliens at Roswell.

Carlson also focused on the lack of warning and preparedness in terms of the Capitol Hill Police – who were ordered to do a job that was physically impossible based on numbers alone.  Why were the warnings of potential violence not translated into better protection for the Capitol Building — and those put on the frontline to protect it?  The January 6th Committee refused to investigate that very important issue.  In fact, Chairman Bennie Thompson announced at the start of the Committee hearings that Speaker Pelosi would not be called.  Neither was the Mayor of Washington, who rejected National Guard support.  Both had rejected military support when offered by the Department of Defense.

There are a lot of questions that need answering — points to be made — if we are to get to the bottom of what happened on Capitol Hill.  The January 6th Committee did not get to the bottom – they only found what they wanted to find to make their predetermined case.

It is unfortunate that McCarthy decided to give the job of bringing out other issues to Carlson.  That only ensured that the real issues would be buried in Carlson’s provocative personality.  Democrats and the left-wing media were able to focus on Carlson and distract from those other issues.

There is still a lot of the story to be told. It is likely that I will deal with some of them in future commentaries.  Until then, it would be best to concentrate on the stories and not on the storyteller.

So, there ‘Tis.

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Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. Joe

    The dumbocraps would melt into a puddle,if the truth came out of jan 6th riot. They lied and covered it all up,and now we see what really happened, and it wasn’t what they said at all.People were railroaded, for crimes that did not happen.

    • frank stetson

      There you go Joe, what a victim. I would say we are afraid of being exposed and “melt into a puddle,” but then again, it’s just you. You get lied to but you never can prove it. Wimp. This time we lied about what happened, we arrested you, we put you in jail, some for over a decade, and you can’t stop us. Sissy. You can’t prove a thing except that you are a whiney victim. Baby.

      Cry, cry me a river as the old song goes…..

  2. Tom

    I agree Larry, there are many questions yet to be answered which is shameful as we are now past the two year mark. As I wrote earlier, I thought the Jan 6th select committee had merit simply because it did surface some of the details, albeit the left spin that I knew would occur, it still gave me one view. I was fully expecting the legislative branch to go GOP and give their view either in hearings or by a segmented video productions (and maybe even use the same producer that the Jan 6th Select Committee used). But instead, McCarthy gave the tapes to Tucker which I did not think was a good move either for many of the same reasons you discuss, and, to me he is too hard right for my taste.

    Like you, I feel there are too many unanswered questions. I do not think it was an insurrection, but it was more than a peaceful protest. It is all in the eye of the beholder as the final arbiter as to how many bad actors or malicious deeds it takes to turn a “peaceful protest” into a “riot”, and is there any middle ground that still uses the word “protest”. We must also hold Mr. Trump accountable, as he did virtually nothing to stop it and did attempt to promote “alternate electors” that seem to have been fake. I am not a big Pence fan, but he gets the Medal of Honor from me which is why it saddens me that he is now taking a very closed position on what he will and will not share. I also have many of the same questions as you regarding Capital Police, Pelosi and Shumer involvement, Guiliani, Mayor of DC and her involvement, FBI informant involvement, CIA involvement, etc. To me, right now, they all seem to be bad actors that played a role in the events of Jan 6th.

    As an Independent / Unaffiliated voter, I care about the truth of all of it of all of the actors. I really only care about the violent persons, not the tourist protestors. Give them a parking ticket and let them move on with their lives. Go after the big fish with penalties that restrict their freedoms and keep them out of government. There were many bad actors that were not representing my interests that day yet are sworn to protect me and you and Frank!!! I hope we can agree on this!

    • larry Horist

      Tom … You wrote “I do not think it was an insurrection, but it was more than a peaceful protest.” That has been and is my position for day one. I have no problem dealing with the rioters and any small group how may have harbored nutty grandiose ideas. As I wrote at the time. There was never a threat to the Republic any more than rioters in Portland and those occupying parts of cities were threats to the Republic. They are all people who commit crimes and should be published. My one whataboutism is the fact that the rioters on Capitol Hill have been the subject of a prolonged and expensive investigation — the biggest in American history sayeth the FBI — and the rioters that destroyed black neighborhoods,, looked, burned, assaulted police, etc. were sent home without accountability. That is where I see an inequity based on politics.

      • frank stetson

        “They are all people who commit crimes and should be published.” Freudian slip? Isn’t that the PBP credo: “all the criminals that are fit to print.”

      • frank stetson

        It fits the textbook definition of insurrection and was planned in advance with that intent. The summer of Floyd protests could be viewed that way too, at least a number of them. No problem with that.

        The difference is that the protests in the summer of Floyd targeted businesses mostly. Basically they were targeting things like strip malls. But yes, it was a violent uprising against the civil authority and fits the insurrection bill. The Republican Insurrection could have, operative word is could, stopped our election, killed a number of our leaders, closed down Congress, shut down the Capitol for the nation’s business, and OMGoodness the worst: effectively forced Trump to invoke the emergency powers under the Insurrection Act including invoking the military under martial law. God only knows where we would have gone then since it’s where no man has gone before. The white supremacists were standing ready with a cache of weapons stashed just off campus perhaps for this very purpose less the military dragged it’s feet.

        In anything, the 1-6-ers were treated with kid gloves versus the summer of Floyd protestors. Systemic racism at the Federal Level no doubt. Can’t ruffle the white folk, even the deplorables. Hardly anyone was arrested at the all-white Republican insurrection on that day of the incident. They all kept their weapons and freely went home. Only a few would have been arrested if they hadn’t posted their pictures. Many summer of Floyd participants were arrested in the act. They had any weapons seized and went directly to jail. In terms of punishment, most were misdemeanors, like curfew violations, and pretty much let go. The felonies went to court and the summer of Floyd participants, based on crime, got harsher punishments than the Republicans rioting at the Capitol. And yes, felony arrests can lead to remand, thus you are in jail. No t many misdemeanors stay in jail — 1.6 or Summer of Floyd.

        Still arresting at a rate of about ten per day for the Republican Insurrection: go for it. Let them think about it behind bars.

  3. frank stetson

    Mor fractured fairy tales with Larry’s observations on tourists-gone-wild in DC. Republican tourists. Suggesting folks should forget the messenger and focus on buying the message is his message. Or at least the parts that make sense. And therein lies the rub. Why would I dig into a pile of shit looking for a kernel of truth?

    You yourself focus on the committee as messenger and fail to focus on their message, basically predetermining it as a false narrative that does not fit your perfect paradigm. You see precious little from the committee that makes sense. I say that’s impossible.

    The committee was bipartisan, I do not exclude the Republicans as not representing the conservative view, especially Cheney; her votes show it. The story was a Republication story. Republicans were on the tapes, Republicans testified as witnesses. You can say they were part of a wag-the-dog deep state traitorous conspiracy, but I see no complaints from the witnesses. There were no “have you no shame” moments that I can see. I see no one disproving them. I do see a lot of patriotic Republicans who were associated with Trump that refuse to tell there story, under penalty of perjury, to the American public. Lots of them are ducking the chance to speak out on the record.

    Tucker Carlson lies for a living. He embeds his lies amongst the truth to lend credibility to the impossible. That’s the foundation of what you are asking us to buy. His evidence in the Dominion case is damning.

    The committee was hamstrung by a lack of Republican support. They did not want a 9/11-style committee, McConnell killed that, they did not want a House investigation, they balked at staffing requirements, and then they claimed false narrative as Republicans told their story. It was a Republican foundation that created the narrative. It was Republicans that painted the visual picture. NOT ONE OF THE WITNESSES has complained that I can find.

    I do agree with some of YOUR statements about the 1.6.2021 Republican insurrection at the Nation’s Capitol. Also, that more investigation is needed. But there is no way I would ever believe Tucker without secondary, maybe even tertiary sources. You should not either. He lies to make a buck, his business model is based on lies for profit. You can put your hands in that pile of shit looking for gold, but I will pass.

    Some of our agreements:

    Divisive for two years — at least since it’s on top of the Trump years. I say a decade, 2010, the Tea Party accension. But we did all agree for the first day of 1.6.2021 or so. After 24 hours or so of deep state reflection, many Republicans changed their “minds” believing something beyond what their own eyes told them. Today, the perpetrator they condemned on 1.1.2021 is their top contender for President, including Larry’s vote. Larry may not like him, may like others better, but he will vote for him if nominated. It doesn’t matter who else is running.

    Imagine the upside if you had impeached Trump on the second round: none of this would have happened, and probably nothing even close. No document scandal and no candidacy either. Just saying he was guilty enough (impeachment, not court) then and you had your chance. Now you are trying to blow it again. You may not mean it, but you are doing it.

    Tainted narratives — yes and no. The committee was fueled by Republicans who, under oath, and on the tapes, are most likely telling the truth. You Republicans had your chance to cross, but you balked on that so there it is. People can say the tapes and text are edited for spin, but really? That’s Tucker’s gig….he lies for a living, not the committee’s. Based on the tapes you have seen so far, do you really think you will pin a false narrative on the committee? Good luck on finding that smoking gun. I do not think you can do it, but neither of us can really know until we get to court. And that’s the point. Right now, it’s information, some lies, some truths. We need to get to court.

    Allegations are not facts, we may find new facts, a few facts may change, but I really doubt we will find massive numbers of false facts against the committee.

    The events of 1.6 are just a last-ditch effort by Trump who had, by this point, tried a half dozen plans, some legal, some not, to overturn the election. He’s doing it again, running for President so he can escape prosecution. Using the prosecutions to raise money, he even pre-announced his own arrest to pick up support and a few bucks. As of 3:30 PM, it has not happened.

    At the core of all this, Trump invited them, Trump incited them (not by the legal definition), Trump knew some were armed, Trump sent them to the Capitol and then, for over three hours, Trump sat and watched the ongoing mayhem and destruction on TV while chatting it up on the phone telling McCarthy: “Well, Kevin, I guess these people are more upset about the election than you are.”
    “I say he has responsibility,” McCarthy said on January 12th.

    Tucker et al opine – I agree. More so given the Dominion Trial and the evidence of Tucker telling and selling lies for money, fully knowing that said lies would incite, thus upping the ante for even more money.

    As far as your McCarthy tidbits, agree and then some. On 3.12.2023, he promised a slow roll of the tapes to others than FOX. Why slow? This is not FOIA, this is not fair, this is not freedom of speech. This is partisan politics of the retribution variety. This is most certainly not “will soon correct.” This is more vindictive than Pelosi. And it looks unprofessional. He’s an idiot.
    On the “the lack of warning and preparedness in terms of the Capitol Hill Police” I again agree. I think the committee made it clear that time and lack of Republican support forced a narrower focus than desired. I, and other committee members, think that’s a shortcoming, and requires a full investigation. We know, based on in-house investigations and reports, this was a multi-agency clusterfuck where intelligence was available but not known to the people who could take action to shore up the defenses.

    Remember in all this, while important to investigate, that this Capitol Police protest-defense had stood decades of protests without failure so the folks in operational control, without the necessary intelligence, wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that it might not hold this time.

    “Why were the warnings of potential violence not translated into better protection for the Capitol Building.” Great point, certainly needs a thorough public vetting and investigation. But Tucker never does that, he just throws the grenade.

    I also agree with “There are a lot of questions that need answering — points to be made — if we are to get to the bottom of what happened on Capitol Hill. The January 6th Committee did not get to the bottom – they only found what they wanted to find to make their predetermined case.” Except for the “make their predetermined case.” There was plenty of new news. Plus, you focus on 1.6, but this plan was multi-faceted starting with the legal court actions, 60-plus cases all resulting in Trump failures to overturn the election. These half dozen plans and actions that preceded 1.6 form Trump’s intent. There are a half dozen efforts in total, some legal, some questionable, some illegal, by Team Trump with Trump’s full knowledge. Dominion is one, Georgia is another, all part of the same poisonous potion cooked up by Donald J. Trump that resulted in over 1,000 of his base being arrested, still arresting more at about 10 a day today.

    Next I will parse out some of my disagreements, support by facts, or lies-again, as Larry terms them :>) You can be the judge of that.

    But the bottom line: those who listen to Tucker Carlson are listening to a man who lies for a living. It’s so sad when you see young Tucker George-Will Carlson and then realize where the path he put himself on led. I used to watch him with his bowtie and Hugh Grant hair and enjoy his conservative commentary and thoughts. No more. And I refuse to sift through his bullshit looking for a kernel of truth. It just all stinks.

    • Tom

      I agree with many of your points. The one point I keep thinking about but you documented is when you say: ” He’s doing it again, running for President so he can escape prosecution. Using the prosecutions to raise money, he even pre-announced his own arrest to pick up support and a few bucks. As of 3:30 PM, it has not happened.”

      It has been pointed out on several networks and articles how everytime something happens like indictments on Trump, he makes a lot of money. This is huge for Trump, he is going to make a killing. And you are correct in my view that Trump is using court delays hoping to get back to the presidency so he can avoid prosecution. No matter what party, we do not need this kind of leader and it sickens me that the GOP does not put a stop to Trump. But I guess they are hoping someone, like DeSantis, will defeat him in a primary. GOP is probably funding DeSantis’es rise and media spots.

      And your comments about Tucker are correct in my view. I agree with them.

    • Tom

      And one final point I would like to make that not many are making is about Mike Pence. This is a guy that took a lot of crap to make Trump look good for four years. And then Trump threw him under the bus. Because of Trump, and defamed him publicly during 1/6. Pence has had threats on his life and his family. And now he is clamming up, claiming executive privilages which he will use for anything that has not been said. He will only talk about those things already known. I think he is scum like Trump, real bottom feeders. I have had algae eating catfish in my fish tank that I respected more than Trump, and now more than Pence. GOP seems to be a real loser lineup these days. If Pence really wanted to show he cares about this country more than party he would tell all that he knows. But then I guess nobody would buy his book which I hope fails! My feeling is Pence was an employee of the people. And if the people are asking, then Pence should be telling. I do not think his exec privilege should be able to be used to avoid the people who hired him!

      • JimmyF

        You did see the videos of what REALLY went on at the Capitol, right? If not, your opinion is worth doo-doo. FACTS matter in the scheme of things of historical value. Everything else is doo-doo and will be thrown out as such into the garbage can of history. I’m utterly baffled at how so many incredible liars on the left keep getting away with even murder. It’s beyond obvious that they and their crooked Media hacks are all guilty of destroying public trust for the next two decades. For this reason alone I hope Republicans or Independents get control of the government for the next two decades and utterly demolish the political careers of every leftist Marxist green deal climate change lunatic once and for all time. If we don’t kick these people out of office, all our lives are 100% certain to be more miserable than they are today. The Great Judge of All will repay these people back for their documented hateful and sinful attitudes towards the whole world. NOBODY will weep for these people when they are punished, not even their own voters, families and friends.

      • frank stetson

        Pence is lost and can not figure out what side of the fence he needs to be on. Thank GOD he had a moment of conscious on January 6th but why can’t he come close to having a spine since then? Or even before then?

        He said it: Turnip put he and his family at risk. Does anyone need to say more as to his reluctance to testify to the events of those days? And yet he has the balls to sniff at becoming President? I think he needs to work at being husband, father, and a man.

        I do believe in second chances, but this guy has had a few too many at this point. Hey, Mike, you had your fifteen minutes, now slink away and leave us alone. We have issues requiring real men, and women, to solve. Not bendover boys tilting any way the wind blows.

  4. Paul

    No riot and no insurrection , Just some FBI plants and a few whackos. Nothing at all to see here. Americans take the brunt of gov. bs yet again.

  5. Wyatt

    Larry you and other who attack Tucker Carson need to get your head out of your butt! No! I’m not a fan of Carson either! But you going write about January 6th, why not write about what happened on Memorial day when ANTIFA AND NLM attack the capitol? You show your far left view by refuses to be fair! When you just complain about those at the capitol who only want an honest election. Which has never been since Democrat put Obama into office. Then seal off his record from congress republican who wanted to investigate it! I’m not writer, but it doesn’t take a genius to see democrats has done way more damage to this country. Than good! Who else changed the laws to suit themselves? When you place your hand on the BIBLE, SWORN TO FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION LAWS! NOT CHANGE IT TO BENEFIT YOURSELF ! Yes. There are four politicians who were involved in January 6th! You can denied them, so what! PELOSI know she GUILTY, but she letting other like Schumer protect her. Even Schumer know he guilty, who else Threatened a Supreme Court judges and not getting arrested? How about MCCONNELL? You think he doesn’t have a role in this? Think again! Married to a Chinese who family business is CONTROL BY CHINA GOVERNMENT! Really? All China got to do is shutdown the family business if MCCONNELL didn’t follow their order. Now how about PENCE? Did you know two week before January 6th he when to a Federal JUDGE to have him say he had NO VOTE to sent the election back to the state! Even Cruz pointed that out! But you a liberal who believes anything democrats says! Should be ashamed of yourself. Oh, by the says, stop writing on here! You don’t value free speech or liberty!

    • larry Horist

      Wyatt … You obviously do not read my commentaries. Calling me a liberal is like calling the Pope a pagen. I have been a movement conservative for more than 50 years. I have often pointed out how the media does not cover left wing rioting nearly as much as the do an occasional incident on the right. I do not think what happened on Capitol Hill was any worse than the violent riots that hit our cities on a regular basis.

  6. frank stetson

    And now for something completely different, disagreement :>)

    “In fact, Chairman Mayor of Washington, who rejected National Guard support. Both had rejected military support when offered by the Department of Defense.” We have done this a few times so far, sorry for the repetition. Neither of these two folks have this responsibility for the Capitol Police or the military. At best, they are oversight, not police operations management.

    For Pelosi: “False. As Speaker of the House, Pelosi does not direct the National Guard. Further, as the Capitol came under attack, she and the Senate Majority leader called for military assistance, including the National Guard.” ** McCarthy may think so, Carlson may think so, but they are renown liars.

    “According to FOX, any footage to be shown on air has been vetted and cleared by the Capitol Hill Police. Despite that fact….” Except that it’s not a fact. It’s an allegation from Tucker Carlson and FOCX, a liar and a company current being sued for lying, (and gonna lose) for a $1.8B lie that you are sucking up to. Their lawyers are about to be under the gun for witness tampering, forcing a witness to lie. Despite those facts, “The other approximately 40 clips, which were not from the Sensitive List, were never shown to me nor anyone else from the Capitol Police,” Capitol Police Attorney Tad DiBiase said in sworn affidavit submitted, under perjury of law, in an alleged Capitol rioter’s criminal case. Sorry, Tucker lies and you who believe him, again.

    “his reporting does not make some good points – and has value for a more fully informed public.” OK, Larry, besides the awkwardness of your sentence, this is a big one where we differ. Why do you accept a huge pile of horse shit suggesting, using my words, “all you have to do it pick through the bullshit to find kernels of corny truth.” The guy lies. He lies a lot. He lies for money. He lies to incite, to make mad, because it pays more. He went from being a George Will wannabe to this guy. How can you say to people, just reach into that pile of shit and you will know the kernel of truth when you find one? How about getting a source who never lies, especially knowingly and on purpose? Which is better, surprised to find a truth or surprised to find a lie?

    Lies matter: ask Dominion. Ask the parents of Sandy Hook. Hell, ask Gaetz.

    “I hear a lot of folks on the telly proudly declare that they would never watch Carlson – and then they opine on the issue of the tapes.” Reminds me of that quote: “You don’t have to know everything. You simply need to know where to find it when necessary.” Not everything demands primary research and Tucker, most certainly, is not primary research in this either. He’s not even news. It’s entertainment, ask him. That’s why he thinks he has carte blanche to lie at will for money — it’s entertaining. Are you entertained?

    “While the left uses much of the media as a powerful propaganda machine to pound and pound on one side of the issue,” there you go again, the guy with the top-gun media outlet with the YUGEST customer ratings playing the victim again, poor me, poor me. “there are two sides to be told.” Might be ten, but you, as an conservative, have the power, tell it. You have the YUGEST ratings.

    “Carlson……does bring up some good and fair points…” ditto the pile of shit scenario. This is the argument Republicans always use to diminish their lies. It actually works another way: “burn me once, shame on you, burn me twice, shame on me.” Shame on you, Larry.

    “What I did not see – and still do not see – was a planned insurrection for the purpose of overthrowing the government to install President Trump as a permanent autocrat.” Good point. Amazingly Trump did not jump up and say “I did it.” Actually, thus far in our adventure in Democracy, there have been a baker’s dozen indicted, some pleading guilty, some convicted, some more to go, for seditious conspiracy. What did they do? Broadly, “Seditious conspiracy is a crime in various jurisdictions of conspiring against the authority or legitimacy of the state. As a form of sedition, it has been described as a serious but lesser counterpart to treason, targeting activities that undermine the state without directly attacking it.” The actual actions are in the court papers available to the public. As to where that goes up the ladder, that’s under investigation still, and you know it. The investigation is ongoing: I can claim guilt no more than you can claim innocence. The jury has not even been convened yet.

    “If you look at the facts, the purpose of the demonstration on Capitol Hill was to implore Congress who withhold certification of the presidential election while there were still questions – in their minds of some – of the legitimacy of the vote count. There was NO effort to overthrow the government or effect a coup.” “Implore,” really? You can not prove this. Any of it.

    “Seeking a fair count was the motivation of the tens of thousands of folks who arrived on Capitol Hill to peacefully demonstrate – which the vast majority did.” With 1,000 arrested, a good number with arms, with the planned insurrection component, with all the weapons stored just off-campus, some just blocks away, you cannot prove this motherhood and apple pie rendition of an insurrection hidden inside a riot hidden inside a protest that started with a Republican Trump rally.

    “What I saw was an iconic American riot in which masses of people came to protest peacefully, and a small number of bad actors – troublemakers – pushed the emotions over the edge. And the rioting started.” I have long said, and I am a Democrat: this was an insurrection inside of a riot inside of a protest. It was not just a few bad actors, a small number, it was a team of dedicated individuals from at least two organizations, the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers who had met the night before in that parking garage and who regularly provide security services to Team Trump. What happened in that garage is not yet public knowledge yet but one of these guys spent $10K on guns just before coming to DC.

    From the court cases and public statements:

    And in another court session: “ an Oath Keeper member says he heard their leader, Stewart Rhodes, repeatedly urge the person on the phone to tell Trump to call upon militia groups to fight to keep the president in power.

    “I just want to fight,” Rhodes said after hanging up with the person, who denied Rhodes’ appeal to speak directly to the Republican president, court records say.”

    “But at least two men close to Trump — longtime friend Roger Stone and his former national security adviser Michael Flynn — have known contacts with far-right groups and extremists who, in some cases, are alleged to have been involved in Jan. 6.”
    “Cassidy Hutchinson, a former aide to Trump White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, also told the House committee that she heard the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers mentioned leading up to the “Stop the Steal” rally in Washington on Jan. 6. But no further details about that have been revealed.”

    “During the committee’s last televised hearing, Hutchinson told lawmakers that Trump instructed Meadows to speak with Stone and Flynn the day before the riot. Hutchinson said Meadows called both Flynn and Stone on the evening of Jan. 5, but she said she didn’t know what they spoke about.”

    “photos and video on Jan. 5 and 6 show Stone flanked by people dressed in Oath Keepers gear. Among them was Joshua James, then the leader of the group’s Alabama chapter, who has pleaded guilty to seditious conspiracy and is cooperating with authorities investigating the insurrection.”

    “In text messages later filed in court, Rhodes — the Oath Keepers leader — and other members discussed how members of the group had worked with another far-right group, 1st Amendment Praetorians, or 1AP, to provide personal security to Flynn that day. A photograph taken by UPI shows Flynn leaving the rally with Rhodes and at least one member of 1AP.”

    OK, that’s a lot of disjointed gobblygook that indites no one but indicates lots of ties. And that’s where we are: about 1,000 arrested, most for rioting type misdemeanor trespass and damage crimes. About ten more arrested every day still. But a lot of arrests for violence and destruction and a baker’s dozen for seditious conspiracy. An insurrection inside of a riot inside of a protest.

    So, Larry is right, a small number of actual really bad guys. But bigger than a few. Guys who might have killed Pelosi, Pence, or more, if not stopped. We don’t know that yet either. We also don’t know how far up the ladder the insurrection will lead, not a clue really. But, once again, there is a lot of smoke, we do have seditious conspiracy, this was not just tourists gone wild. They are just the cover. Don’t be fooled again, like Larry.

    “romantic visions of a revolution,” or gilding the lily with fool’s gold, again.


  7. JPop

    The Democrats need to get off their Respect The Vote-Joe Biden Won Horse…and stop bitching about Vote Denials and Peaceful Transfer of Power Tripe. Because for the entire four years of Trump’s Administration…there were deniers Nancy Pelosi..Herbert Jeffries…good ol Chucky Shumer…Mad Maxine Waters….there were riots acorss the country..and yes one in washington on inauguration night.

  8. frank stetson

    From this story: “What I did not see – and still do not see – was a planned insurrection for the purpose of overthrowing the government to install President Trump as a permanent autocrat. In fact, I think that conspiracy theory belongs in the realm of the tinfoil hat crowd.“

    And in another: “ Yes, there is right-wing extremism. Rioters should be severely punished. But the idea that it involves anything more than marginal fringe groups is nonsense. And to keep reporting on only one brand of nutcases is journalistic malpractice.”

    Thousands descended on the Capitol on 1.6.2021 with a couple of thousand breaking into the building. Some feel it was fringe, it was excited tourists, but it was over 2,000 rioters entering the Capitol that day, many of who had planned, some of whom had even practiced in State Capitols across the land.

    This was not a one off as Tucker suggests. It was the culmination (I hope) of a series of events and attack starting in 2020, the Summer of Floyd.

    One reason for the 1/6 Insurrection is that these things worked so well during Republican right wing radical attacks at State Capitols and other protests across the land. While the press did not hide it, they did not put it together as part of a bigger operation at the Nation’s Capital to support THE BIG LIE. Perhaps it was not an overt plan by a centralized organization, it is more likely an organic development based on trial and error, or in this case, trial and successes of a number of linked organizations in a distributed network of common interests —- keeping Trump in power while destroying democracy.

    In August of 2020, during covid, maskless armed protesters pushed through Idaho State Police, broke the room’s glass door demanding entrance. House Speaker, Republican Scott Bedke, readily let them fill the gallery. Then he offered: “You guys are going to police yourselves up there, and you’re going to act like good citizens.” Too late on that one, Bosco.

    This was just one of the preliminary attacks that gave operational clues to the radical right that Republicans would be allowed to do this crap by Republicans, the law-and-order party. They also learned this: no arrests were made. The state police state if they arrested people, they would escalate the potential for violence. They learned this too: no charges were ever filed.

    The following day. Republican anti-government activist Ammon Bundy, you remember this guy, right? The “I will steal public land and call it mine” and then stand-off about it guy, remember? With two buddies, Mr. Bundy refused to leave a Statehouse auditorium and all were arrested. Then a bunch of Republicans refused to leave an area reserved for press and they were arrested.

    Three State Capitols breached and all warnings of a bigger plan were ignored. Matter of fact, when warnings were given, the right laughed them off as “tin foil hat” people.

    During the year preceding the Republican Capitol Insurrection, many state governments became the attack point for conservatives angry about Trump’s defeat, many were armed, most were white, forcing their way into State Capitols in Idaho, Michigan and Oregon. In Oregon, an AR15 was flashed and pepper spray was deployed against police. We should have listened; we should have learned. Instead, Trump supporters listened and learned. They learned how easy it is to breach the seats of government in order to force lawmakers to their will through intimation and violent confrontation, most often without penalty like in Idaho. They learned police will not respond against whites with the same force they use against BLM protesters. They found they even had Republican sympathizers inside these Statehouses who often helped them predating and predicting the Hawley.

    In sum, in Idaho, Michigan and Oregon, they learned one more thing, police made only a few arrests.

    But wait, there’s more:
    On January 19, 2020, 20,000 heavily armed antigovernment protestors in Richmond Virginia take to the streets to force less gun regulations. There were over 20 militias and 30 extremist hate groups there including Neo-Confederate League of the South, the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and Three Percenters. Before the rally, members of white nationalist group The Base were arrested to be later convicted of preparing a terrorist attack at the rally of its own.

    The 2020 Summer of Floyd had many protests in many cities. In total, 94% of these events were peaceful, 6% had violence. Many times, it was the Republican radical right that caused it. In May 28, 2020, Boogaloo Boy Ivan Hunter fired his AK-47 into the 3rd Precinct and the BLM is blamed until video footage emerges that CONVICTS Hunter. By then the PR damage is already done to BLM for the incident.

    On May 29, 2020, Boogaloo Boy Steven Carrillo does a drive-by and kills a guard, injures another, at a Federal Building. A week later he tries another ambush, kills one, wounds two.

    On May 30, 2020 three more Boogaloo’s are arrested for their plan to blow power stations in order to later confront protestors hoping to start a civil war.

    On June 13, 2020, at a Liberate America rally of nutjobs including the Proud Boys, Birchers, Patriot Prayer, and other deplorables who are joined by Idaho, Montana, and Washington State Representatives endorsing the cause of terror.

    On August 20, 2020, the Proud Boys and others hold a rally, get into a street fight with counter protesters as police once again stand down, but stand ready for over two hours before arrests are made. A teachable moment for sure. They got three hours at the Nation’s Capitol before reinforcements were called in, and not by Trump who just sat and watched it all on TV.

    August 25, 2020 is when Kyle travels across state lines to kill two at a BLM protest. He is acquitted based on self-defense and called a hero.

    On September 29, 2020 at the debate, Trump issues his infamous: “Stand back and stand ready.” “Trump basically said to go fuck them up! This makes me so happy” posted Proud Boys leader Joe Biggs. Message received. Not sure how much time Biggs will get for listening to Trump on his 1.6 tourism trip to DC. He got arrested.

    October 8, 2020 is when a team of Wolverine Watchmen and some Boogaloo boys are arrested for their plan to kidnap the Michigan Governor.

    Trump praises gun-carrying activists at state capitols as “very good people” showing his support to insurrection. He had their backs, or at least he seemed to say so. In truth, the radical right has had small violent protests, in growing numbers, for a year before Trump lost the election. That just frosted their cake which had been baked months before.

    Fact is the Capitol Republican Insurrection was not a one-off, it had been practiced for over a year in different venues across the land. The perpetrators had seen cops stand down, not make arrests, the got a lot of support from GOP office holders, they learned it took plenty of time before cops took action against white folk, they came planned, prepared, and practiced. Sure, their numbers were small but they instigated a riot of over a couple of thousand protestors while attempting to provide Trump the reason to pull the Insurrection Act, declare martial law, and retain the Presidency. It was a lot more than a couple dozen defunders and environmentalists in Georgia.

  9. AC

    Wow, Larry, now you’ve gone and done it. Once again you put your ducks out in a row drawing fire. And, each time it’s a setup. Using the usual, “as I have stated in previous commentaries” like all then was true and substantiated with sure fact evidence.
    Opinions you proffer in commentaries numerous amount to no more than thin allegations
    Sadly, a few followers are of sort of the same mind seeking affirmation in beliefs founded on conspiracy propaganda.
    Boca must have some devious nefarious agents manipulating drinking water, air breathed, and solar rays which alters perception, distorts conceptual formation., and contorts one’s self perception.
    Whatever the substance is in Boca. Florida, the Stat of appears as if Boca is not alone. More than a few rotten oranges have long been busy in the Sunshine State, bending minds, fear mongering, and attempting to disarm debate by casting aspersions and shame.
    To what purpose are allegations touted as true fact, suggestive commentary, calling 1/6/21 for less than it was while claiming to have watched video of that day.
    In my watching the events in real time as the situation escalated, these people mobbing, beating, brandishing Confederate flags as weapons. and shouting obscenities. The entire Capital Building and Grounds were obscenely desecrated. After which the mob broke down entry doors and shattered windows in a massive B&E. When inside desecration intensified.
    What, Larry, did you not see, hear, and understand of the mob’s intent and desire and absolute reason for action taken in that place, at that very hour.
    Has partisan politics bias so thoroughly blinded your eyes!? Only fear of truth brings excuses as defense.
    Go on and on you will, blowing smoke in words, more words, astoundingly baseless allegations no fit lawyer would think admissible in court with a black robed judge there on the bench. Steeped in Law and skilled at discerning truth, allegations void of evidentiary support get rejected out of hand.
    That does not mean you are disallowed from practicing a policy of so called Extreme Free Speech. PBP, after all, may set its own perimeters. However, truth not spoken often and falsehood fabrication encouraged becomes habitual, Reflecting on the instant case, considering longterm use, it is there to see that what we have here is addiction. Toxic killer, adversary to truth of fact.
    That’s how I see it. Not a shred of partisanship bias in it. Opinion? Oh yes! A dime a dozen, you bet. Our country’s democracy, no better is found. Extreme Free Speech, why not give it a go?

    and eenough is an addiction

    • larry Horist

      Ac … OMG. What a pitiful childish response. Using location as some sort of meaningful point. Geez. I am not wasting time pointing out the nonsense in your old man rant. It can stand on its own. In fact, most of your points have been rebutted int he past. This is just old ground.