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Cuban-American Senator Marco Rubio Becomes Third Republican to Announce Presidential Bid

Marco Rubio officially announced his Presidential bid on April 13th at a rally in Miami, just one day after Hillary Clinton announced the same. Born and raised in Miami just blocks away from where Jeb Bush grew up, this first-generation Cuban-American is planning a campaign aimed to bring back the “American Dream” and hopes to attract Hispanic votes to the GOP.

Rubio is now the third republican senator vying for candidacy following Rand Paul and fellow Cuban-American Ted Cruz. New to the national political scene, 43-year-old Rubio has served in the senate for just 5 years and is a contrast to the normal republican stereotype. But he’s attracting a lot of attention and already being compared to Kennedy, who was 43 when elected.  

The energetic and passionate Rubio may be the perfect candidate to run against Hillary Clinton. His description of Clinton as a “relic of the past” is receiving some criticism, but his ideas and behavior provide a stark, positive contrast that will attract young voters. Rubio is leaping to the challenge of international affairs with the same attitude with which Kennedy attacked communism.

The GOP has previously struggled to win Latino votes and many think Rubio can change that. A recent poll, however, shows that Hispanic voters don’t agree with Rubio’s negative opinions regarding Obamacare, the Obama administration’s failures in the Middle East, and the idea of granting amnesty to illegal immigrants.

Back in 2013, Rubio supported a bill on immigration reform but later changed his mind, realizing it would push conservatives away. Others worry that Rubio may be too sympathetic towards immigrants due to his background; however, he has made it very clear that he doesn’t agree with Obama’s ideas to redefine our relationship with communist Cuba.  Ted Cruz agrees and doesn’t like the fact that the President is willing to “cave to a communist dictator in our own hemisphere.”

Supporters believe that Rubio will win votes with his inspiring story. Born of working class parents who escaped from Cuba to Florida, Rubio is the perfect example of the “American Dream,” a goal that has become unattainable for many of today’s citizens. Rubio is thankful that the US has given his parents a second chance and wants to repay that debt by becoming the President who leads America out of the past and into the future.

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