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California to Vote on Single-Payer Healthcare System

California to Vote on Single-Payer Healthcare System

The incredibly blue state of California is fighting the Trump Administration’s plan to repeal and replace ObamaCare will a bill that would establish universal healthcare. 

SB 562 is a massively unaffordable single-payer healthcare system that would provide coverage for all the state’s residents – legal or otherwise. The new system would do away with health insurance companies and include no out-of-pocket costs for consumers.  

A legislative analysis estimates the bill will cost $400 billion annually and suggested that a new 15% payroll tax on employers could produce the extra funds needed. 

“The new system would more than double the cost of California’s already swollen annual budget, with no specific pay-fors in the offing,” reports Townhall. 

SB 562 needs a two-thirds approval from the California State Legislature to pass.  

Californians already pay more taxes than anyone else, with a 13.3% income tax and an 8.25% sales tax. What would an additional 15% tax burden do to a state economy that already struggles with a debt of $443 billion?

The single-payer system would also have to be approved by Trump, because Medicaid and Medicare would be forced to pay for about half the program.  

In the meantime, California Jerry Brown is also pushing a transportation package that would raise annual vehicle registration fees and increase the gas tax to $0.30 per gallon.

Editor’s note: I’m not really surprised at this, since California continues to raise taxes as fast as they can, they are quickly becoming a socialist state.  Unfortunately, socialism is a “negative feedback” system that always required more resources than it generates, so California will find itself quickly in a diminishing situation and start to drag down the rest of the country. This will be made worse as Californians start to leave the state for medical care.

By the way, I’m not really sure this is legal.

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