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California Legalizes Child Prostitution – No Really!

California Legalizes Child Prostitution  –  No Really!

California lawmakers are attacking the problem of child prostitution by burying their heads in the sand.  

“The new year in California makes it legal to pimp out children to sexual predators,” reports RedState. “They wrapped it up in a bill, to make it nice and formal.” 

SB 1322 prohibits police officers from arresting underage prostitutes – in effect making the practice perfectly legal. Pimps can be arrested, but not 12-year-old girls forced into working the streets. 

As I wrote in August, SB 1322 is a dangerous law that works in theory but not in practice. It will doom hundreds of young women and could even promote criminal conduct by incentivizing traffickers to force their victims to commit crimes. 

This law “just opens up the door for traffickers to use these kids to commit crimes and exploit them even worse,” argues Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley.  

California’s liberal government believes wholeheartedly that decriminalizing child prostitution will help victims of sex trafficking. 

What they aren’t taking into account is the complex relationship between a pimp and his victims. Most of these girls are “tied to their abusers through complicated psychological and emotional bonds,” says Jane Creighton, coordinator of the human-trafficking unit at the office of the LA County district attorney. 

These children are scared and vulnerable, and many of them will do whatever they are told. Sometimes arrest is the only way to remove these girls from the situation and ensure they receive proper treatment. 

Editor’s note: This is where the pseudo-scientists with naive theories experiment with young lives and cause serious damage.

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