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Biden poll numberS worse than Trump

Biden poll numberS worse than Trump

The latest Quinnipiac Poll has more bad news for President Biden and Democrats. The President’s favorable rating has hit an all-time low of 33 percent.  That actually puts him lower than some recent polling on former President Trump.

This has been a consistent decline in poll numbers over the course of the past few months.  This despite increased efforts by Democrats — and much of the media — to shore up Biden’s job performance numbers.  Biden has taken on a more aggressive and more extreme approach in his frequent scripted public statements.  Democrats and the left-leaning media has unleashed a massive hyperbolic – and seemingly desperate – fearmongering campaign suggesting that any Republican victories will bring about the end of the American democratic Republic.  

Their proclaimed threat to America comes in the past and future.  The two major issues are the Capitol Hill Riot and the efficacy of the next two elections – both of which have been exaggerated into an attempted coup that would inexplicably take place if Republicans were elected in a free and fair election.  Whoa!  Ponder that one for a moment.  If Republicans get elected, it is a coup.  Democrats argue that there is no such thing as vote fraud.  It is a minor problem – UNLESS, of course, Republicans win.

Apparently, the Democrats’ issues are being trumped (no pun intended) by issues closer to home for the American people.  Inflation is the big one.  But right behind is the shortage of goods – the supply chain problem – crime, the Pandemic, open borders, and a range of foreign policy failures.

But I digress.  Back to the poll numbers.

There is no good news for Biden.  Among the critically important independent voters, Biden’s numbers have crashed.  Disapproval among these important “swing voters,” Biden has 57 percent disapproval – and only a 25 percent approval rating.  Even Democrat analysts and strategists have to see that as disastrous.

Biden has even lost support among Democrat voters. In November, Biden held an 87 percent approval rating among democrat voters.  That has now dropped 12 points to 75 percent.

With less than 300 days to the Midterm Elections, there is little time to turn those numbers around.  And even less time when you consider that the vast majority of voters will have made up their mind by Labor Day – informally the kickoff of the intense election season.  Even the so-called “undecideds” will already have a serious lean in one direction by that time.  That leaves only 235 days to convince the voters.

Dramatic events can swing the political pendulum – as the Great Recession did in 2008 — but those trajectory-changing events are rare.  Even passing Biden’s Build Back Better legislation is not enough.  And the news-consuming dog-and-pony-show that the Democrats call the Pelosi’s Select Committee’s “insurrection investigation” is not working.

In politics, one should not become too confident, but America is getting closer and closer to the inevitability of a Republic resurgence in 2022 – perhaps bigger than 2014.

So, there ‘tis.

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Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. Sammy KnOws AnericaNs

    See what happens when you listen to and do what the American Mainstream “media” tells you !!!!
    You’ll get stuck with democrats EVERY TiME!!

    • frank stetson

      American….American…..well I guess that is what makes us different comrade. So much better to watch conservatives grab The Epoch Times (Joe’s favorite MSM rag), NewsMax, or FOX. Oh wait, they are MSM, you conservatives keep touting the largest ratings in the Universe for fox……not sure American though in that The Epoch Times, where Joe gets his news, is Falun Gong from China, Murdoch owns FOX and he is Australian, and NewsMax seems all American. I always thought your sources were down under.

      Seems you probably listen to MSM as well, most of it is not owned by Americans, and see what happens?

      Really great not talking issues and facts with you . Any time you actually want to debate based on reality, facts, and anything better than unsubstantiated balderdash, let us know.

      • larry Horist

        Frank … Not sure you ever noticed, but I rarely, if ever, use “mainstream media” or “MSM” because I do consider FOX to be in the center of the American mainstream. Their ratings give some credence to my claim. That is why I find it silly when CNN and MSNBC keep attacking FOX as being some sort of right-wing outlier. If you do the analysis — as I have — of the major cable networks, FOX has the most balance. It regularly features folks with both viewpoints. That is something you almost never see on MSNBC — CNN a bit more objective, but still leans far left. I consider MSNBC to be the most out of the mainstream of American ideology — appealing only to the hardcore leftwing base. FOX’s commentators are hard conservatives, but the daily news more balanced. MSNBC will have five panelists, and not one who is a counterpoint to the propaganda script. I think if you look at ownership AND on-air talent, you will discover a lot of foreign nationals all over cable television. But I am not xenophobic. I look for the news … not the talking heads. The foreign accents are meaningless.

        • frank stetson

          Larry, you gots to be kidding…. First, FOX is MSM. As you said, the ratings make it so. Second, have you ever seen the balance on The Five, four against one and the one is so weak as the four pile on. Maybe righties don’t want to toe the line on MSNBC —– for either camp, I say get then together and let’s debate. Enough of the echo chambers from either side.

          You find us some fact checking and media bias ratings for each of these channels to support your claims, because what I see is Fox is at the bottom, MSNBC in the middle and CNN on top. Based on supposed objective analysis generally supported, in documentation, by actual stories.

          Try this one:

          Not BUSTED, but a pretty bad BOO BOO. And sorry, FOX is pretty biased and generally loses on the news value and reliability scale. More so as you getting to the personality talking heads like Hannity. Reid, who I said I don’t watch is also Fox-like but on the other side. I have always like this chart…..that’s where I get my news, at the top of the pyramid except for Rachel, who is a bit biased, a little off-fact. But mostly, I am a print guy anyways. Joe G. gets his in the lower right quadrant, down in the muddy part of the pond……. What’s in your wallet???

          • larry Horist

            You say The Five pits four against one. At least that is beter than four … five … six… sever … etc. … agains zero that yoiu see on MSNBC and CNN. You seemed to have missed that i was talking about the daytime news shows on FOX where two viewpoints are routinely represented. Unlike the less popular one-sided programs on MSNBC and CNN. Did you miss Congressman Ro Khanna — member of the Democrat Progressive Caucus and former co-cjair of the Sanders presidential campaign — complementing FOX on their willingness to provide time for both sides — including him. I get a kick out of the fact that so often you support of your arguments are reports from left wing publications. And you already admitted that your primary cable news sours is Rachel Maddow. Maybe if you were in pre-war Germany would would have relied on Joseph Goebbels as you news source. She is the Tokyo Rose of American news.

          • frank stetson

            Larry, as a loyal Trumper policy man who disdains Trump’s personality quirks, are you really hinting I would follow Nazi propaganda because I watch Maddow? And just because she’s my top cable choice, where I don’t watch much cable nor get the preponderance of my news there that somehow I am all Maddow, all the time?

            Yeah, I missed that you were only talking daytime mostly because you mentioned the commentators and you mentioned daytime….. Larry, you’ve been real clear that we shouldn’t attempt to read that morass you call your mind, old man…. but you do it to others all the time….

            But way to divert away from the assessment I provided and where that puts Fox, daytime and commentators, as well as Maddow. This analysis basically says Larry is not BUSTED on this, but a pretty bad BOO BOO given where he personally ranks these “news” outlets versus the media experts.

            Maybe you should look at that, comment on that, or just keep tossing those red herrings and avoid the analysis. It’s actually pretty good, my personal rankings would not match in many cases, it does agree more with Larry on Maddow, than disagree —– but it is not totally aligned with either of us on that one. I would think she is more balanced, more accurate, you obviously do not. But on FOX — no, Larry, the independent analysis says you’re less than spot on there…. Could be worse, Joe’s sources suck bias and fact-based reporting pondwater, certainly at the bottom of the cesspool.

            Why don’t you look at it, comment on that, since that was the support for my post.

          • larry Horist

            Frank … you are guy who said you choice is Rachel Maddow. From my view, she is among the most dishonest of the leftwing propagandists — in a pretty tough field. I watch all the news outlets throughout the day. I like to hear all views — and that is my responsibility if I am to make fair and informed comments. I am not opposed to calling out Trump when I think he is wrong … or praising Democrats when I think they are correct. My support of the more conservative policies naturally has me criticizing Democrats’ leftwing policies. For example, you will not find anywhere in my writings that Biden did not win the election — but I also do not buy the nonsense about no such thing as vote fraud, etc. I once challenged those of you on the left to list what Trump did that you like. The failure to have that answer clearly shows that you are overtaken by partisanship over objectivity. I also noticed that you have gotten back to you old insults again. You should at least stop claiming that you do not like to engage at that level. You are like the serial killer who uses lipstick to write on the mirror “Stop me before i do it again.” And in terms of FOX, I have done the analysis — counting the number of times they offer opposite opinions … and even used the stop watch to see how much time is given to the leftwing view. It is not even close. FOX provides the most to leftwing views … period. MSNBC is at the opposite side — offering almost no alternative viewpoints and opinions. That is just a fact. CNN is in the middle with a lean to the MSNBC formula. If you wanted to look at a conservative platform that is more like MSNBC, you would look at OAN — although their hard news casts tend to be factual — with out a lot of anchor opinion. MSNBC is one-sided opinion 24/7. So … I challenge you to give me a few things Trump did that you like … and take out the old stopwatch and do your own study of the networks before you go opining from ignorance. To use your approach … YOU own all those suffering and dying because of our open borders. You own the human suffering in Afghanistan. You will own the invasion of Ukraine. You own all the crime in the streets. You own all those who died of Covid this year even though we have had the vaccine for the entire year — a greater number than Trump. And you have three more years of disaster to own. Come on, man …

          • frank stetson

            Larry, come on Man…. One more time. “are you really hinting I would follow Nazi propaganda because I watch Maddow? And just because she’s my top cable choice, where I don’t watch much cable nor get the preponderance of my news there that somehow I am all Maddow, all the time?” said Mr. Stetson for the third time. Larry, yes I watch Maddow. Yes I watch little other cable “news” because it isn’t. Yes, I do get news in other places, across the globe. It’s call print media…. And I rest with the report I provided that disagrees with your personal assessment based on some objective metrics which they database for you so you can check their work.

            You have avoided looking at my source; is that because you can’t take the criticism? Second ask….

            And then you leap into the rant of blame, rant of shame. Bottom line is sure, we will own all things Biden. However, you can’t say all of 2021 is Biden’s. Like the budget, it just does not work that way in reality. And am not saying I agree with your assessments, just that what’s on Biden’s watch is Biden’s to own and I voted for Biden which, of course, does not mean I agree with all. You know how that works, right Larry. I mean you cherry-pick on Trump all the time. Good for the goose, great for the gander.

  2. frank stetson

    whataboutism current-joe versus recent-Trump. I smell a rat: ” That actually puts him lower than some recent polling on former President Trump.” Nice spin Larry. “Some recent polling on Trump” could possibly mean the poll Larry did with his family before he would give them their Christmas gifts….. :>) First off, pretty hard to do job approval ratings on at ex-President if he isn’t in office. Don’t they use “favorability” instead?

    Just kidding about the family, Larry, but wtf does “some recent” polling mean. How many shamed Presidents have polled better after office? Well, let’s try your last victim: “George W. Bush has turned his unpopularity upside down. Six in 10 Americans, 61%, say they now have a favorable view of the 43rd President of the United States in the latest CNN poll conducted by SSRS, nearly double the 33% who gave him a favorable mark when he left the White House in January 2009.” Hmm. Note it’s “favorability” so while you probably can compare, it should be noted as a different rating. Second, gee how unusual for a President’s rating to rise as time goes by.

    No doubt Joe’s approval rating is down. But you comparison is misplace, try after one year, Biden still outperforms Trump in approval ratings, according to fivethirtyeight polling, although they are getting closer.

    Newsweek says: “nearly a year into his presidency, President Joe Biden’s approval rating is still higher than Donald Trump’s was at the same point in his presidency, but it remains underwater ahead of the 2022 midterms.” That’s Ipsos/Reuters polling

    And I think Gallup agrees, if not more so:

    Larry, I think you spin-protest too much…. But I appreciate you not going for the outright lie :>) To me, spin is your perception based on facts. Hopefully this reality-based set will illuminate via a fair comparison.

    Now, Biden, on his own, is in polling deep kimchi. As I have been saying, it’s looking like a long, hard winter for his administration which is taking hits from the right, far left, and even a few from us guys supposedly in the middle. I for one really wonder how after 11 months of testing supply failures, he claims victory is delivering rapid tests, that are half-assed solution to omicron, and will be too little, too late. To say I am pissed would be an understatement. Plus —– if he can’t kick the CDC’s ass to get some speed out of these folks, how can they announce Saturday: “errrrr, you know…..clothe masks aren’t the best, especially for omicron’ when the world knew it in mid-December…..that’s when WHO updated theirs I believe. Plus, the stupidity of saying “leave it up to the states” when he really didn’t mean it, just adds to the CDC, Biden, official clusterfuck of messaging.

    Yeah, if you polled me today, I am not as happy with Biden as yesterday…… And that’s Biden’s issue. That’s the 11/22 issue. Comparing with Trump, lets face it, the only way you polish that turd is with spin. Just didn’t need it Larry, Biden is sucking pond water on his own.

      • frank stetson

        You can’t have it; your Newsweek poll is one week later and another polling org. than my Newsweek poll plus I raised you a 538 and a gallup —- so match or drop :>)

        Biden’s numbers still suck; Trump’s have always sucked. The only way he can win is by the electoral college; he can never take the popular vote even with restrictions. That’s why he needs the state voting rule changes to be able to overcome the popular vote. As he has got that! You should apologize for that. Just kidding.

        Tell you what, let’s wait a month to see if a data point represents a trend. Gee, did I notice DeSantis turning on the old man?? Is there a breadth of fresh air out there to save Larry from his fate from the faithful for aggressive nose holding?

        Something tells me their may be a very tiny, microscopic, fracture in the old man’s armor. Wouldn’t that be heaven. Now if a court case or ten could erupt from the ocean floor of investigations out there, a Republican tsunami might overwhelm the Trumpists. Our metric will be when Larry says: “you know, I never like the guy…..”

        Dreaming on a winter’s afternoon.

        • Larry kuhn

          Read em and weep asshole

        • larry Horist

          I have often expressed my dislike for Trump,,, the person. So what is your pointed? I also do not believe that Trump has a lock on Republican voters. That is the self-serving theory of the left and a very small band of Trump loyalists. You need to withdraw from Rachel Maddow. You are just echoing here crazy leftwing narratives.

          • frank stetson

            Yes, Larry, you have often told us how you hold you nose and vote Trump because you just love his policies. Enough of them, not all of them.

            And I have often said “in for a peck, in for a pound.” You own that super spreader in AZ on Saturday. You own separation of babies from Mom’s at the boarder because you just love the optics. Paying off hookers with not to talk with campaign dollars is OK. Calling Georgia to say “I need a favor, just a little over 10,000 votes please” is more locker room talk, Calling Ukraine to say: “I need a favor, can you get some dirt on Hunter Biden that will smear Joe Biden, my enemy” is not a line from The Godfather. You must believe The Big Lie and feel Trump is still President, Italian satellites were used to rig the election, bright lights and chlorine bleach will kill covid if you take them —– or do you pick and choose those issues along with the personality quirks that irk you? You voted for a guy for his business prowess and the only thing you got is the lowest GDP growth since Hoover with the largest deficits and debts in History, and you will vote for him again…..maybe even in the primary…..unless you vote for DeSantis….tell me you’re not voting for DeSantis……oh Larry, please not DeSantis……

            Larry, it’s still the TReumpiclan Party with a couple dozen Trump endorsements and un-endorsements in the field already. According to PEW, 44% of your party wants him to run, that he should remain a major party figure comes in at 67%. Almost two thirds say candidates who criticize Trump should not be accepted. See, Larry, you are unacceptable in your own party, you nasty boy…..


            And that was a gracious poll. No, Larry, there may be some chinks in the Trump armor, there may be a little testing going on. Trump and DeSantis may be having a tiff or that may just be Trump’s Kabuki Theater in full gear. But Larry, if you criticize Trump, and you think you are accepted by the majority of the party, well, I guess that just means your readership might be lower than you think…….

            All I know is if you feel Trump is worthy of office, you really can’t throw any stones at Bill Clinton’s personality quirks anymore, he’s a feakin angel now….

          • larry Horist

            Frank… I said that Maddow uses the same techniques that were made famous by Joseph Goebbels. I did not call here a Nazi … nor did I call you a Nazi. However, you directly called me a Brown Shirt. That is what Goebbels would have done — false accusations. Goebbels did not invent propaganda, but he codified it with a lot of very vicious techniques to be used against perceived of concocted enemies of the state. That is exactly what Maddow and others at MSNBC do every day. Republicans are insurrectionists .. a threat to the state. If the GOP wins, the Republic will fall. That is what is said every day by the propagandists on MSNBC — Maddow, Hasan, Velshi, O’Connell, Hayes, Reid. etc. Fortunately, most of the public is not buying it.

        • larry Horist

          You stuck on your own assumption — that Trump controls the party. As long as you and the Democrats think that is a good strategy, I will be very happy. As a former President with a following, Trump has influence. But it is limited. You not that 44 percent of Republicans would like to see Trump run again. That means 56 percent do not. And whose who say they would like him to run again are not even guaranteed Trump voters once competition rises. Every Trump voter I asked in Florida who they would vote for in a Trump/DeSantis primary ALL said DeSantis. I know that is not a scientific survey, but as a political crystal ball gazer, I think that says a lot. You admit that there may be a “microscopic crack” in Trump’s armor, but I would say he does not have the armor you assume.

          • frank stetson

            Larry, I just read out the polls which says Trump is in firm control of the party; worse yet, most are afraid to rock that boat, just a thin crack, maybe, but probably wishful thinking. You, in the nose-holding zone will “get along to git along,” I hate to say it, but you started the Nazi thing…., hate to say it, but like the good little brown shirts you are. Can you say sheep? The cost for offending Trump is heavy, personal threats too, physical threats also.

            Given your circles, I can see your DeSantis report from FL and, in the self interest of my party would take a Trump/DeSantis or DeSantis/yech ticket to run against. I think DeSantis is a fake national candidate ready to fill the clown car if Trump bows out. Although, pending health and legal affairs, Trump won’t bow out until he’s sucked every last donation out of the base. And don’t take the “clown car” concept as unique to Trumpublicans; although your party invented it, the Dems had one last national go-round too.

            I think DeSantis’ covid response will not play well nationally amongst Real Republicans and Independents, it’s a radical approach that failed miserably even with DeSantis and company cooking the books. I still can’t understand how Florida had the worst covid death rate during much of 2021 and then magically has one of the best, if not THE best at the end of 2021 and much of 2022. First, they jiggered the timing of when death was reported; they gave them a space where deaths were artificially low. Then, they don’t count snow birds, as in if you live in FL for the winter, and catch covid there, die of covid there, it does not count in FL or your home state for that matter. You just do not exist.

            The stats on death are so good that I just have to believe there is a data definition issue where FL does not count like other states, or the CDC. While I have yet to prove it, don’t see the FL or national media going for it, I just think it will flop out before a 2024 election.

            Nonetheless, even if he did cheat and get away with it, his covid results are still lukewarm to begin with. His brand of liberty and personal freedom sickens thousands and kills hundreds. Let him run.

            Although the real ticket I fear is Trump/JFK jr. If that happens, even I will vote for JFK jr.

  3. Tom

    I agree with your post Larry, I can’t wait to see the Moe, Curley, and Chemp responses!! One thing though, I agree as an Independent voter that our voting block numbers for Biden have crashed. But they have also crashed for Trump and MAGA as well. We seek moderates, candidates that see both points of view and can navigate a moderate strategy that is better for all Americans. MAGA considers us the enemy because we are not drinking the Trump Koolaide. Democrates loath us in general because we do not agree with them. I sure would like to see Manchin run for either party POTUS. And a return to sanity!

    • Miles collins

      People are getting woken. But not the way that the left wants

    • larry Horist

      Tom … You are probably right. Trump still has a low popularity rating overall. Too low to get back in the White House, in my judgment. But my argument is that Republican candidates and the Republican Party is still more popular than Trump. And that is why the GOP will do well in November as they had in 2020. I would bet that if DeSantis were to announce first, Trump would either drop out or lose in the primaries. I know a lot of Trump folks would disagree, but I call ’em as I see ’em.