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Biden Inadvertently Declares War on Russia – It is Time for Impeachment

I’m not sure how Biden could be any more incompetent, or do anything more stupid than this. This is one of the most explosive mistakes any president has ever made. If the world didn’t already know that Biden is an idiot, this would be the start of World War III.

President Joe Biden stated outright that Vladimir Putin “cannot remain in power.”

Vladimir Putin is the sovereign leader of Russia. Russia is a nuclear power. This announcement states unequivocally Biden’s intention is to overthrow the government of Russia.

It is an act of war, and a declaration of war, there are no other interpretations of the statement – except that Biden is a babbling idiot who didn’t know what he was saying. And the world seems to be taking it as the latter.


Macron of France says he would not have done this, “I wouldn’t use this type of wording because I continue to hold discussions with President Putin ,” Macron said Sunday. This could conceivably cause great damage to NATO.

The White House is trying to walk this back, saying he was not talking about a regime change in Russia. I guarantee this is not how Putin interprets it.

Secretary of State Blink is dancing awkwardly, trying to “mansplain” Biden.


Until now, I was content to let Biden play out his term, knowing. that with the expected shift in Congress this year, he could do little harm until 2024 and knowing that Kamala Harris is clueless on every front.

But a declaration like this, even an “unscripted” statement like this that declares war on a nuclear power is a sign of a dangerous break with reality.

It is time for Congress to impeach Biden. We cannot take the risk of starting a nuclear war with Russia just because Biden’s mind is not working well and he can’t control his words. 

And we cannot afford to have a president whose reputation is such that he can make such an explosive statement and have the world realize he is a dottering fool who doesn’t realize what he just said.

Congress needs to act now.

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  1. JoeyP

    WHY isn’t THIS incompetent BOOB removed from office, CONVICTED of MALFEASANCE. Dereliction of DUTY, TREASON and SEDITION yet?!? . . . If CONGRESS won’t do IT’S job of IMPEACMENT, then REMOVE them from office as WELL during the NEXT election CYCLE. Just ASKING. One Enlightened Patriot.

  2. Ben

    Wait, you actually want to impeach Biden for possibly starting a war with Russia? Isn’t that what you wanted? Didn’t you already say Putin must be removed from office?

    Yes, this was not presidential. It was braggadocio. It was locker room talk. And somehow that offend you? I would think you, of all people, the lover of the pussy grabber, will be all in for this.

    Reminds me of the time when you Republicans attacked Obama for retaining the Busch tax cuts. That was a hoot too.

    Ironic, ain’t you. 🙂

    • John cook

      You are telling us a damned lie

    • Joe Gilbertson

      WTF are you talking about? Nothing you said was real.

      Locker talk? It was a public speech that the whole world heard.

      • Frank stetson

        Well, I don’t know about nothing being real in my post. I did make a mistake, you have not outright said that we should enter Ukraine with boots on the ground. However, almost every single one of your recommendations would probably throw us into war. But I stand corrected and I apologize. As to the rest, give me a break. If you don’t know what locker room talk and Trump been together, you’ve been asleep. This man I said plenty worse than Biden’s gaff. Bidens gaffes is extremely troubling given that you know his staff has told him to stay on script, but more importantly I am sure they have had to tell him do not take questions as you leave the podium, do not turn around and whip one off the cuff. Almost all his verbal mistakes come from off the cuss statements as he’s leaving the stage or podium. Apparently, the man cannot walk and talk at the same time. Now, all presidents make gaffs. Trump made 1 million of them. But it is still troubling. Impeachable? Good luck. The man said something that everyone is thinking. A man did not say we are any war, if there’s sole reason that he’s not allowed to say we’re going to war. That’s Congress. You neither have the talent northern oats at the current time. Can use it as a cause celeb to get your ever shrinking party to the polls in November. To win in November, he will still need swing voters either from independent or Democratic ranks. Again, good luck, given your behavior and words and actions.

        • Joe Gilbertson

          You need to read everything again. I’ve not made any recommendations. There is nothing to recommend. Biden has already blown it.

          Yes, presidents make gaffes. Calling someone the wrong name is a gaffe. Declaring war on a nuclear power is a bit more, don’t you think?

          • Frank stetson yes, any of those might be tantamount to war. It might be the same as the Russians putting missiles in Cuba. Or at least similar in Putin’s mind.

            He didn’t declare war, that’s just you hyperventilating. He said Putin should be replaced. There’s a difference. For all you know, he could’ve been calling a for Democratic elections. Give it a rest.

            In terms of your recommendations being 10th amount to a call of war, I will let you review your own work. However, if you suggested that Biden have Ukraine and tornado, or put more arguments in Ukraine, or do a Trump should’ve done and given them office of weapons instead of just defensive, yes, any of those might be tantamount to war. It might be the same as the Russians putting missiles in Cuba. Or at least similar in Putin’s mine.

          • frank stetson

            I do agree it’s saying anything to agree cement might elicit her response you do not expect. But Biden said: “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.” if this causes war, that was going to happen anyway.

          • frank stetson

            Sorry, damned technology. Let’s try: I do agree that saying anything to a crazy man might elicit a response you do not expect. Yadda, Yahoo, yadda

    • Micala


      If our World goes into World War III because of that brain deficient rambling idiot, THE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THAT WAR AND THE DEMISE OF THE HUMAN RACE LANDS FIRMLY ON YOUR IDIOTIC SHOULDERS — NO ONE ELSE!

      Don’t try to compare biddyboy with DJT! Our Nation was in so much better shape under Trump from day one of his term. Our Nation is sliding down a very slippery slope from day one of Biddyboy’s installment in office (you and the World know that no one in their right mind would ever vote for a loose lipped, Braindead old slug that can’t even complete a sentence without getting lost — he never was voted in but illegally installed!)

      He is a HUGE EMBARRASSMENT TO OUR NATION AND A MEGA THREAT TO WORLD PEACE! The only place biddyboy belongs is playing video games in his basement playpen!

    • Joe Gilbertson

      I’m not the President of the United States I don’t have the authority to declare war. And besides, I didn’t say it, Larry did. I only predicted that if Putin failed, his own people would take him down. I stand by that prediction.

      Telling a man with his finder on a nuclear launch button that you are you are about to murder him (and make no mistake, that is what it entails), is a really crappy idea.

  3. Mary Ruth Gronkowski

    He needs to be impeached before he does something worse and then we’ll be wiped out. They need to get rid of him and Kamala, neither one knows what they are doing. Our country is a mess.

  4. Micala

    Actually what needs to happen — and should have happened — is DJT be reinstated as U.S. President!
    Anyone with half a brain knows that ole biddyboy Biden was illegally installed by a bunch of corrupt, ignorant and clueless democrats! No one with Intelligence would vote in that incompetent fool!

    The 2020 election was not just stolen, but the fate of the World was shoved aside so some old fart could feel like he was important even though his brain no longer functions and he has huge lapses in memory!

    WHO IN GOD’S NAME WOULD BE EVER SO ARROGANT TO SHAME OUR NATION AND ENDANGER OUR WORLD? Who?? They are sitting in D.C.watching their idiocy destroy our once good country’s reputation and turn us all to mush!! Greedy, egotistic imbeciles!!

    I wish each and everyone of them an eternity of conversing with biddyboy playing his video games in his basement playpen! They deserve nothing less for being arrogant and clueless FOOLS!

    Pray that Congress has some decency and intelligence to see that “BIDDYBOY is ONE SLIP OF THE LIP FROM DESTROYING ALL HUMANITY” — and IMPEACHES NOT ONLY HIS SKINNY OLE BEHIND, BUT THE ENTIRE ADMINISTRATION! Everyone knows Harris has even less ability than biddyboy and Pelosi is just too damned old and senile!

    The only person who can fix this mess the arrogant “DemonCraps created”is President Trump! Pray Congress has enough intelligence to ask him to return to the White House where he should have been in 2021, duly elected — not installed like biddyboy!

    • Larry kuhn

      That’s what I’m saying!!!!

    • Joe Gilbertson

      I wish it could be so. Unfortunately, when criminals commit crimes like voter fraud, they are often skillful enough to hide their tracks. We will have to wait for 2024.

      • frank stetson

        Is it that Democrats are so skillful that they can never be caught doing voter fraud or is it that Republicans are so stupid they can’t catch anyone. I mean look at all the money, all the attempts, all the failures on the republican side of the aisle.

  5. Rat Wrangler

    While the headline of this article states that “Biden…declares war on Russia…”, I’m pretty certain that Mr. Putin is well aware of our Constitution and knows that the President of the US is not legally allowed to declare war. That right is limited to Congress, so it is likely that Mr. Putin will be paying close attention to what that government body will do in the near future.

  6. John 3:16

    Need to use the laws in our Constitution and not just against these democrats I am talking the rhinos and DOJ as well they all swore an oath to uphold the laws in our Constitution but everyone of them obviously has done something so they’re afraid because they can get blackmailed. They all must be tried for their high crimes of treason and crimes against humanity. We need to hold them accountable. Hang them they are tyrants and traitors to this country. This is all a plan to kick off this crazy NWO. See they want to control the world and decide who lives and who dies. Not going to happen as We The People will fight for our GOD given rights and freedoms no crazy person will take that from any of us. If Shit hits the fan these democrats will run and hide they already said that. See the left are a bunch of nerds. They are good little sheeple there days are numbered they are starting something they will wish they didn’t. Half of them are demon possessed just look at them. They are all crazy idiots. If we do have a war don’t worry I would rather die on my feet fighting for what I believe in GOD,family, and my country at least I know after that I can go home with the LORD CHRIST JESUS he is my savior.

    • ben

      Such hatred from a God fearing man.

      • Henry

        God wouldn’t be a democrat. They are satan

  7. Joe

    Hidenbiden needs to be removed immediately, for his total incompetence. He is a danger to our country and national security, and is about to get us nuked. His stupidity can not be allowed any more, this guy has dementia, and everybody knows it, he doesn’t have a clue what he says half the time. Crazy,puppet,joe needs to go.