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Disturbing FBI misconduct – An “Informal” Chain of Command to Harass Political And Religious Groups?

Disturbing FBI misconduct – An “Informal” Chain of Command to Harass Political And Religious Groups?

What does it take for the highest law enforcement group in the country, the best investigative capability in the world to turn into a feared secret police, out of control, abusing the rights of citizens?

One would think that the Constitution of the United States, the covenant under which we live would be enough to prevent this from happening. Perhaps not.

An internal FBI audit found 747 “compliance” errors.  I have no idea what that means except that the FBI is breaking its own rules on “sensitive investigative matters.”  This means politicians, religious groups, journalists.

According to Fox “The audit says officials violated FBI policies in failing to receive approval from supervisors and attorneys before opening a sensitive investigation.”  To me, this means that FBI agents are breaking the rules to harass politicians, religious groups, journalists of their own volition – not as part of the FBI team. Could they be acting according to a personal agenda?

Or perhaps it is not according to their personal agenda. Perhaps this is part of an informal chain of command where targets are “suggested”?  Perhaps politically motivated targeting?

Let’s see.

— We all know the history of the investigations of President Trump, collusion with Russia and so much more, all of which turned out to be a politically motivated hoax. These investigations were supported by Comey from the FBI and Brennan from the CIA. Completely false.

— The Heritage Foundation suspects that parents who disagree with certain liberal dogma are being labeled “domestic terrorists” by the FBI.    

— The investigation of the January 6th protests lead me to believe that the FBI was looking for conspirators by systematically locating (by illegal means), capturing and charging anyone who was anywhere close – not just those who entered the Capitol building. And they have yet to investigate the failure to have enough police for crowd control.

— The lack of investigation into BLM and Antifa riots and violence has been a disturbing trend with regard to the FBI. The damage was massive and yet almost no one was called to account.

So let’s get into the why and how.  In my opinion, this is what needs to be investigated. And yes, this is theory, I have evidence but no proof.

I believe Obama Administration made an effort to corrupt the FBI as well as other government agencies like the CIA, IRS and more.  The political appointees who ran these agencies, Comey, Brennen, etc., or perhaps the political appointee layer that supported them, made promotion decisions based, not on capability, but upon political loyalty and willingness to break rules to further the liberal political agenda.

I believe this corrupt political layer exists and is embedded into civil service positions, difficult to find, covered by the bureaucracy they themselves control, and taking informal direction as to how to serve the liberal agenda and passing these down informally to the investigative levels.

Please note that I don’t believe the rank and file FBI agents are corrupt. The FBI agents and CIA officers that I have worked with in the past have been honorable beyond reproach.  And we know integrity still exists in the FBI because this internal audit brought these problems to the public eye.

But honorable agents are still given their investigative priorities from above.

President Trump was not an experienced politician, and could never fathom the treachery of his predecessor. He should have rooted all of this out from the beginning.

Now the scariest part. A law enforcement agency at this level is essentially all powerful. They MUST have special restrictions that guarantee the rights of the citizens they investigate. They have these restrictions but they are not being obeyed, and every instance of rulebreaking is a step toward the horrors of a an all powerful KGB, SAVAK type organization where innocent people disappear.

Think this is far fetched? It has been reported that some people arrested in the January 6 protest purge stayed months in jail without a trial.

The more these “compliance errors” occur, the more they become part of normal operations for the FBI.  The classic slippery slope.

How close will we come to having the terror of a secret police controlled by a single political party?

I hope not too close.

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