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Anti-Free Speech Prevails at Cali Universities. Time to do something about it?

Anti-Free Speech Prevails at Cali Universities. Time to do something about it?

When the University of California’s Berkeley Campus canceled a speech the controversial editor, Milo Miannopolous this started a media frenzy about free-speech.

President Donald Trump was so disappointed that the university canceled the speaking engagement that he even threatened to block federal funds.

“If U.C. Berkeley does not allow free speech and practices violence on innocent people with a different point of view – NO FEDERAL FUNDS?” tweeted Tump back in early February.

A massive violent riot broke out on February 1st in response to Miannopolous’ appearance and the university was heavily criticized for letting the protesters win.

While liberals were quick to condemn Trump for his threat.

“Berkeley is the center of the free speech movement. I think that the protesters have a right to free speech as well. If there is an infiltration of the crowd by those that are less than peaceful, that should be addressed,” said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

The University of California receives billions of dollars in federal funding, $370 million goes directly to Berkeley.

However, Trump can’t single-handedly withhold these funds.

“If Trump is serious about withdrawing funding from UC Berkeley, his administration would first have to determine whether federal law allowed it, Hess said. If so, then he could ask Congress to insert language in the Higher Education Act, which is up for reauthorization,” writes NBC News.

Right now, the executive branch can only pull funds from universities if they commit civil rights violations. 

But, perhaps it’s time to change the law to include free speech?

“The days you could silence conservative and libertarian voices on campus and still expect to collect their tax money are coming to an end. I am the catalyst for this change,” tweeted Yiannopoulos.

The truth is that the conservative voice isn’t being heard. Liberals are getting louder and are quick to shut down the conservative point of view any chance they get. Both sides have the right to voice their opinions as long as it is in a peaceful diplomatic way.  

“I think what Donald Trump is doing is giving a voice to everyone, especially college Republicans who don’t feel safe on their own campuses,” said Troy Worden, a student part of the Berkeley College Republicans group, which invited Yiannopoulos to the university to speak.

Universities, many of which have liberal viewpoints, are becoming more and more of the oppressors of free speech, especially conservative speech. There is no better time for the government to step in and make a law to protect free speech further.

Editor’s note: This has been obvious and blatant for the whole of the Obama administration. I would not want my children in such a university.


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