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Adult Stem Cells vs Embryonic Stems Cells – Myth Exposed

Adult Stem Cells vs Embryonic Stems Cells – Myth Exposed

There are thousands of FDA-approved clinical trials using stem cells to treat patients. But why isn’t there more discussion about their success?

That is because they involve strictly adult stem cells and are being wrongfully ignored by the media and disparaged by some members of the scientific community. 

The controversy arises because embryonic stem cells are mostly pulled from aborted babies, and their potential utility in medicine has been indeed used by Planned Parenthood as a justification for continuing abortions. Adult stem cells are taken from living adults.

Pro-Life groups have managed to curtail embryonic stem cell research, outraging the scientific community. So progress with adult stem cell research is not getting the attention and praise it deserves.

For example, in a recent article by the New York Times the author belittles stem cell treatments stating that the “progress is slow,” and the research “is still in mice or petri dishes.” The article falsely states that “the very few clinical trials that have begun are still in the earliest phase.”

These statements are true about the embryonic stem cell research, derived from embryos that develop from eggs that have been fertilized in vitro, but this couldn’t be further from the truth about adult stem cells.

According to the NIH/FDA approved database, there are 3,500 on-going or completed clinical trials using adult stem cells. Not to mention, in 2012 almost 70,000 patients were treated around the world, with 20,000 of those patients in the US.  

As of December 2012, over 1.5 million patients have had their lives saved from adult stem cell transplants. Fast forward to 2016, that number is likely doubled.  

It’s safe to say that even with those who refuse to recognize the potential of adult stem cells, the future of this research looks bright.  

Fortunately, not all media sources are staying quiet about the successful of this particular type of research.  

“Those stories, those doctors, those patients who have been helped by adult stem cell treatments, deserve to be heard. People like Cindy Schroeder who thought she was given a death sentence when she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma.  But Cindy’s doctor was up to date on the facts of modern medicine, and was able to inform Cindy and her family that there was hope—from adult stem cells. Over a year after her “stem cell treatment,” Cindy leads a full, active life and her family is closer than ever,” writes the daily caller.  

This just proves there are other more morally sound stem cell practices, that are also proven to be more fruitful. And Planned Parenthood can no longer use science as a justification for abortions.      

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