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Republican States Leaving Federal Voter System Worries the Left

Republican States Leaving Federal Voter System Worries the Left

Red states are leaving the Electronic Registration Information Center, or ERIC for short, and the exodus is hitting the left’s political nerves.

ERIC was founded in 2012 by seven states as a way to update voter registration rolls, encourage voter registration, and thwart potential voter fraud.

On Friday (March 17), Iowa and Ohio both announced their departure from ERIC, a supposedly non-partisan non-profit launched in 2012 by 7 states that later expanded its membership to include all except 16 states. However, since last year, election integrity concerns have made many Republicans reconsider the credibility and impartiality of election data, particularly the voter data submitted by ERIC.

In his announcement to leave ERIC, posted to Twitter on Friday, Iowa’s Secretary of State Paul Pate wrote that his office is recommending the end of their ERIC membership owing to concerns over election data.

Also on Friday, Ohio’s Secretary of State Frank LaRose informed ERIC’s executive director via a letter of his decision to end Ohio’s ERIC membership. His letter pointed out the reason for Ohio’s departure from the organization: “poor strategic decisions, which have only resulted in the transformation of a previously bipartisan organization to one that appears to favor only the interests of one political party.”

With the announced departure of OH and IA, a total of seven states have now left ERIC. Earlier this month, three red states – Florida, West Virginia, and Missouri – announced their withdrawal from ERIC on the same day. Alabama and Louisiana had already left the system, with Louisiana becoming the first state to step away from ERIC in January last year, followed by Alabama, which ended its membership one year later. 

MFE’s Election Integrity News Blog wrote that all eyes are now on the Lone Star state, where the GOP has asked the state’s authorities via a letter to get Texas out of ERIC. The letter reads:

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Republican Party of Texas supports the Texas Secretary of State, the Texas Attorney General, and the Texas Legislators in all efforts to remove Texas from the ERIC program.

The increasing number of red states leaving ERIC has created political anxiety for the left, as reflected in leftist media stories and opinion pieces. CNN, NPR, and Politico accused Republicans of sticking to “conspiracy theories” of voter fraud in the recent elections that are making red states leave a system of voter data that they previously trusted and hailed. Politico expressed the worry over two more red states possibly leaving ERIC soon – Alaska and Texas – and wrote that the departure of red states means that the “backbone of American elections is being upended.”

In response, Shawn Fleetwood of The Federalist called Politico’s coverage of the issue “Democrat Propaganda” and offered details of the financial ties between ERIC’s management and left-wing activists like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook during the 2020 presidential election.

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  1. Tom

    My feeling is whatever floats your boat. If it helps stop all of the GOP claims of Dem cheating, then I am all for it. The issue was always transparent to me and will remain that way. As an Independent, I am fine with their decision.

  2. Concerned Citizen

    Another load of crap from you guys. With the Trump lies and BS being spouted by the right no wonder they want to bail since their crappola and the truth will never meet. Just look at Jan 6 and what the majority of repugnantkins say

  3. Jude

    Of course, the libs are upset every time an Avenue is closed for fraud. We need voter ID, same day voting, only necessary absentee ballots (military) as well as paper ballots. A deadline of midnight voting day for ballots to be tallied. In this day, technology makes all of this possible with the vote counting period. This will never be posted as someone will have to moderate (censor) what my opinion is.

  4. Tony L Bell

    Since SCOTUS failed to address and correct the suspicions of the 2020 election, there is little wonder why so many are looking into every option to safeguard our voting system. Even Mike Pence, tasked with cleaning up this nation’s voter roles, failed miserably. Keeping biased people like Mark Zuckerberg far away from voter information is a very good move.

    • frank stetson

      Wow Tony; still kvetching over the 2020 election just because TRUMP THE LIAR said so. You are a mark. Over sixty failed court cases fought by your champions, many presided by your judges, and you call it suspicious still. Over a half dozen recounts, all done by YOUR people, all failed, and you still call it suspicious. After President Trump planned to illegally replace the Attorney General with an unfit, incompetent election denier, you call the election suspicious instead. Then he illegally pressured the Vice President Pence refuse certified electoral votes, and you call the ELECTION suspicious? After Trump personally pressured a half dozen state election officials, state legislators, and others to illegal make up election results, you find the election suspicious? They even instructed Republicans in multiple states to create false electoral slates for transmission to Congress; and that’s does not raise any suspicions with you but Trump’s lies about the actual election do?

      In the end, President Trump invited, nay — summoned, a violent mob in DC personally directing them to march on the US Capitol.
      While violence ensured, and was splashed on every channel of every media type, Trump , charged with the defense of the nation, ignores many pleas for assistance from all parties failing, on purpose, to take any actions to stop it. He didn’t even immediately reach out and tell his supporters to leave the Capitol.

      If you think about it, and really look, read, and research, I think you can see who the liar in all of this is. And now his lies are making you take very silly and costly actions that make no logical sense whatsoever. You have abandoned facts in lieu of allegations and outright lies.

      There was no cheating in the 2020 election at a level significant to change the outcome, or even move towards a change in any statistical significant manner. Period. AND NOTHING YOU HAVE SAID, fought in court, recounting the actual votes, or even storming the Capitol to end it all —– changes that. Never has.

      You are making conclusions based on hot air and fantasies. Your logic, at its core, is “if we didn’t win, they must have cheated.”

      That’s just buillshit —- proven by the facts.

  5. frank stetson

    Why don’t these fine patriotic citizens just all get together and starting with Florida, tell us how many contiguous States you need to succeed and let’s be done with it. Let them have the SE out to Texas and let’s cut em loose to have unwanted babies, unfair elections, and Donald J. Trump as their emperor operating out of Mar A Loser. The only thing we ask is to be allowed to burn Disney before we go. Just give em FL, GA, AL, SC, TN, KY, WV, MS, LA, AR, OK, and TX. — that’s 25% of the states, good enough, unless they convince more independents to join them. We hold NC because Tom lives there. They can call the new country: Trumphuckitupistan.

    This one is just beyond stupid adding taxpayer cost, lowering voting integrity, all because Donald J. Trump lost, fair and square, and has convinced these brain-dead idiots that he actually won. They actually blame SOROS for this one two; guy’s has got to be the busiest 90-year old on the face of the planet. A 90-year old mastermind with his fingers in every pot and a Republican party with it’s head so far up it’s ass it can’t ever prove SOROS is doing it. IOW — a 90-year old is outpacing them. That’s just sad.

    In Trumphuckitupistan, there will be zero abortions, zero birth control, no liquor sold on sunday, you will need DNA testing to vote, libraries can be turned into gun shops, unions banned, militia sign-ups mandatory, and all schools will be charter. To rid the Democratic stench, they can burn all the cities down. And plenty of housing already available as Blacks, Asians, Mexicans, Gays, Democrats and anyone not white or with a Brooklyn accent, flee the region. All national government will be abolished and the region will be run by the neighborhood watch. AR’s will be issued at birth. Solar anything will be banned. The only wind power will be to break a lot of wind. You may think I am being tongue and cheek, but really folks, where do you think Republicans are heading with this stuff. It’s like they have a technology race, like an arms race, but in the wrong direction as they tear down one system after another. Election systems are going. Libraries are shrinking. Schools are being remade in draconian ways. Medicines are being outlawed. Birth control is being stopped. Rape babies are being allowed. Maybe it’s just time that they found their own place given they can no longer play nice with people different than they are.

    Perhaps we need to end this now before the Retribution Party takes the next logical step after banning everything. That is, getting rid of anything that doesn’t fit their warped paradigm built on a foundation of lies.

    Republicans should have taken back their party from the Trumplicants. Now I fear it is too late for them, if they even had any balls which they don’t, to reclaim their party so let’s fish and quit cutting bait —- let’s just cut them loose.

    • Tom

      LOL Great response Frank. Another funny one!

      Wow, Trumphuckitupistan, sounds tight! Thanks for keeping NC out of it. Our Gov is Dem but our house is GOP, I guess that makes us bisexual in that both parties can give us a good screwing! LOL Ahhhh I had to get my Independent / Unaffiliated commercial in there somewhere!

      Hey you forgot one thing in Trumphuckitupistan, there will NOT be Social Security Administration. It will all be privatized 401L’s (that’s a time ten ROI 401K with a special Larry growth rate). And there will be no laws against sexual harassment or sexual assault, cat petting will be the standard hand shake. And there will be crazy lib conspiracy theories to fall back on when things are not going well.

      • frank stetson

        Yeah, there’s a million of em in there, but I am guessing Mr. Horist can come up with a few for Democrats as well.

        But really — retribution, revenge, cut, slash, burn…. law and order party thinks courts are crooked, FBI corrupt, DOJ weaponized, schools woke, social security broke, blacks stupid, latinos drug dealers, democrats communists, blah de blah de blah —— hey, let’s go celebrate “remember the waco” with singing January 6th prison singing Americana with a glorious January 6th video montage in the background. What’s next — Donald Trump for Nobel Award….. or baseball bats, death and destruction, retribution, retribution….

        What do Republicans believe? This is what the leader of their party and the current top contender for 2024 election believes, as of Saturday:

        ““We won in 2016. We won by much more in 2020 but it was rigged.”
        “It’s a rigged system. Like we had a rigged election.”

        “I built hundreds of miles of wall and completed that task, totally as promised,”

        “I fixed obamacare.”

        “The Biden regime’s weaponization of law enforcement against their political opponents is something straight out of the Stalinist Russia horror show,”

        “Either the Deep State destroys America or we destroy the Deep State,”

        “corrupt, rotten, and sinister forces trying to destroy America…..” “communists, stupid warmongers, RINOs, open-border fanatics and the fake news media.”

        “I am your warrior. I am your justice. And I took a lot of heat for this one, but I only mean it in the proper way — for those who have been wronged and betrayed … I am your retribution,”

        We are destroying ourselves by our lack of belief in our country’s institutions whenever we don’t get our way. Putin may have already won, time will tell, but this is your modern Republican party’s leader espousing the platform of Joe, Alice, Dumpster, Bill, and Larry.

        Come on guys, stand up, take your party back, and call this stuff what it is: lies.

  6. Georgine Wetzel

    ERIC is bad news.It’s just another way for the Feds to control STATE voting. Currently, N.J. Gov. Murphy is instituting this.ALL N.J. voting districts will be under HIS jurisdiction, with EVERYBODY appointed by him AND. no questioning of DARK MONEY or where it comes from. Incidentally, the Gov.”s wife runs one of these wonderful funds.Murphy’s trying to get rid of the last guy on election board who can STOP him! Can N.J.’s Republican representatives bring this to light and STOP MURPHY?

    • frank stetson

      Except my dear Wetzel, you apparently missed one small little thing: IT’S AGAINST NJ LAW FOR MURPHY TO SEEK A THIRD TERM.

      So, I guess they will be under his jurisdiction as part of his retirement plan :>)

      Folks, think before you post. Really. You’re giving conservatives a bad name. And that name is stupid. No, I don’t mean your name is stupid. I mean….oh, never mind. Here’s a buck, buy a clue.

      I really hope NJ Republicans do bring this to light because you light up my life…..

      • Tom

        Elect Chris Christie for NJ Gov! He will fix it all! And he is not a Trump fan! :>)

        • Frank stetson

          Uh, mr christie served two terms already too. Maybe Tom Kean, two terms and dead!

  1. There you go again raking up stories about obscure democrats who are of small consequence in the larger American political…