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Turkish President Sacks 15,000 Public Workers

Turkish President Sacks 15,000 Public Workers

The violent purge begun by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan after the failed military coup that rocked Turkey on July 15th is far from over. An estimated 15,000 more officials have been sacked this week, and nearly 400 institutions and news outlets were shut down

This most recent purge has pushed the total number of individuals forced out of their jobs since the coup to more than 125,000. Of that number, 36,000 have been locked up and are awaiting trial. 

Erdogan has attacked the nation’s police force, administrative, judiciary, military, and religious affairs departments. He has even targeted the nation’s education system, and many suspect the purge is a way to push Turkey towards Islamification.  

His newest purge targets public workers of varying professions including police officers, soldiers, tax inspectors, doctors, nurses, engineers, and even midwives. According to a decree, all of these individuals were “related, belonging to or in contact with terror organizations and structures that are considered by the National Security Council as acting against national security.”

Their names appear on a public list, making it nearly impossible for them to find another job. Those accused are ostracized by their peers, and some have even committed suicide. 

European allies are furious with Erdogan’s actions, and some are calling to freeze the nation’s accession talks to join the EU. Human rights groups grow increasingly concerned by Erdogan’s draconian actions, including new legislation that could grant amnesty to thousands of men convicted of rape and sexual abuse.

Erdogan rejects all criticism and insists that his enemies must be rooted out. He has threatened to reinstate the death penalty and has blamed Western nations (including the US) of siding with those who planned the coup.

Erdogan blames the coup attempt on what he calls the “Gulenist Terror Organization” (FETO) and insists that his actions have weakened US-based cleric Fetullah Gulen and his network of followers.

“We know they have not been completely cleaned,” said Erdogan. “They are still present in our military, in our police force, in our judiciary. We will not leave our country to them, we will not let them consume this nation. We will do whatever is necessary.” 

Editor’s note:  This is a purge plain and simple, in preparation for a totalitarian government. Turkey is descending into strict Islam and may very well become radicalized. How long until they turn against us?

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