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TSA Violates Passenger's Privacy – On Twitter

TSA Violates Passenger's Privacy – On Twitter

A spokeswoman for the Transportation Security Administration posted photos online of a passenger’s luggage. While the bag contained large amounts of cash, the TSA spokesman acknowledged that no laws or regulations had been violated.

“If you had $75,000, is this how you’d transport it? Just asking! TSA @ RIC spotted this traveler’s preferred method,” tweeted Lisa Farbstein. 

The TSA’s policies have recently come under fire for being too invasive, and the action of posting personal pictures on the public TSA twitter feed has appropriately caused public ourtage. The public outrage was immediate, and many tweeted angry posts directed ad Farbstein:


·  Fantastic. Give someone a chance to rob said traveler.

·  Gee, it’s a total mystery why so many people distrust TSA and think you overstep boundaries.

·  Thanks for the pic. Thieves at the next airport appreciate the info.


While no one can say the TSA has not been extremely successful preventing terrorist attacks like the ones perpetrated on 9/11, the arrogance and lack of critical thinking on the part of Farbstein has given all TSA employees a bad name.

All Americans understand the need for airport security -especially in these volatile times – but photographing and tweeting the event is childish and crossing the line. Let’s hope the public’s outrage prevents another TSA employee from making the same mistake. 



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