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Tell it Like it is: Chris Christie Announces Presidential Bid

Tell it Like it is: Chris Christie Announces Presidential Bid

“We better not turn this country over to Obama’s second mate, Hillary Clinton,” said New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Tuesday during a speech announcing his official decision to join the ever-growing pool of GOP candidates. 

His speech took place alongside family and friends at his alma mater Livingston High School. Stressing a need for compromise and cooperation, Christie called the Obama Administration a failure and bad mouthed both parties.  

“Americans are filled with anxiety…because they look to Washington D.C. and they see a government that doesn’t work anymore,” said Christie. “They see a government that doesn’t talk to each other anymore. If Washington and Adams and Jefferson believed compromise was a dirty word, we’d still be under the crown of England.”

He concluded with the inspiring words: “Anxiety can be swept away by strong leadership and decisiveness to lead America again.” 

Christie was considered a favorite potential candidate back in 2012. But he said he wasn’t ready. At the time, conservatives eschewed him for being too buddy buddy with Obama after the devastation of New Jersey by Superstorm Sandy. His popularity fell even more a year later with the closing of the George Washington Bridge – a scandal we remember as “Bridge-gate.” 

Christie has emerged as a direct rival to Rand Paul in matters of national security. And he has a successful track record of terrorist prosecution while serving as a US attorney to back him up. 

Christie’s campaign slogan “tell it like it is” promises honesty and straight talk and contributes to his image as a blunt, transparent politician who refuses to speak from Teleprompters. 

This is an attitude Republicans can appreciate. Christie’s biggest challenge as the 14th potential GOP candidate will be recapturing the Republican enthusiasm he enjoyed years ago. 


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