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Trump Needs New Media People

Trump Needs New Media People

I’ve been watching with dismay as trivial anti-Trump issues blow up in the mainstream media, and major anti-Clinton issues seem to be buried quickly. I think Trump needs better media people, he is getting killed by the masterful media cycle play of the Clintons.

Donald Trump has been great at orchestrating the overall show, and it served him well in the primaries.

Among the anti-Trump headlines, I’ve seen all kinds of minor squabbles put out there. The media has twisted the words of Paul Ryan to such a point that you would think they are mortal enemies. Yet if you actually read what Paul Ryan says, its nothing like that.

The liberal media reported that the RNC was readying a replacement for Donald Trump, yet that turns out not to be true. The whole feud between Trump and Mr. Khan was twisted into major disrespect for veterans. If you see the actual words spoken it was nothing like that.

Now we have some enterprising journalists wondering if Melania followed all the immigration rules back in 1996. Really?

Some in the media are accusing him of trying to duck the debates (because he asked for dates that would not compete with footbal). Trump has done great in debates, its Hillary who has always lost ground.

There are many bit players who are calling for the Republican establishment to reject Trump. These guys get way more press now than they ever did before the election cycle.

Now lets look at the other side. Hillary’s gross mishandling of classified information in her emails seems to have mostly gone away. The highly suspect machinations before the announcement (Bill Clinton visiting the Attorney General, and the Hillary Campaign offering Lynch a job) were largely ignored.

Turns out the DNC was actively helping Hillary in her primary bid to the detriment of Bernie Sanders. Can you say “rigged”? So Wasserman Schultz steps down and is immediately hired by the Clinton campaign. What? No media outrage?

We still have an FBI investigating the Clinton Foundation.  

Right now she is claiming she told the truth to the FBI, when it was shown with facts that she didn’t.   Why is this not a major headline?

Some of Hillary’s misdeeds rise to the level of treason, these are major issues that should be consistently top headlines. The petty attacks on Trump are laughable in comparison.  Plus the conspiracy theorists have come up with some amazing coincidences of people dying before they can’t hurt the clintons, and there are over a dozen major documentaries dating back to the 1990’s about their corruption. You can see some of them here.

Yes, I understand Trump is a different kind of candidate, and the media has a habit of punishing frankness.  A normal politician doesn’t get away with honest comments. People are starting to realize they don’t actually know the character of most politicians. Perhaps that is why Hillary Clinton has not had a press conference in almost a year.

I believe part of Trump’s success has been that he says what most people are thinking. This is a strength not a weakness. But this is so easily turned by an unfriendly press and the Clinton’s have the greatest expertise here.

The Clintons are experts at manipulating the media, they know how to step on a story and how to blow one up. They have the contacts and they knoww the timing. While Trump has been spectacular at getting an audience and giving people a fresh look at politics, his day to day ground team in the media has been lacking, and he is losing issues where he should be winning.

We will write a more extensive followup to this, perhaps analyzing the patterns and such.

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