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Trump Elevates Cybersecurity: Rudy Giuliani Appointed as Ramrod

Trump Elevates Cybersecurity: Rudy Giuliani Appointed as Ramrod

President-elect has announced that he has selected the former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani to form a cybersecurity team.

Giuliani has previous experience in the private sector cybersecurity industry and he will be “be sharing his expertise and insight as a trusted friend” on these matters, according to Trump’s team. 

There was some speculation that Giuliani, who was an adviser to Trump during his campaign, would be selected as Secretary of State. 

But, it looks as though he will be assisting in the private sector and will be especially valuable due to his “long and very successful government career in law enforcement, and his now 16 years of work providing security solutions in the private sector,” according to Trump’s transition office. 

Trump is making cybersecurity a major priority and has announced plans to have a team in place in his first 90 days in office.  

This announcement comes after Trump publically accepted that Russian hackers were behind the U.S. election cyber breach in November, but he also said it “could have been others” responsible.

Trump also called cyber-intrusion a “phenomenon” and a “major threat” to national security and that it is “the fastest growing crime in the United States and much of the world.” 

Giuliani, whose official title hasn’t been announced, plans to bring together the best experts to combat this threat.  

“Giuliani himself, in a phone call with reporters, compared the issues with cyber security to cancer, saying if all the people doing cancer research were brought together, “you might be able to cure it.” Giuliani said there’s an “awful lot of research going on both here, in Israel, in Germany on cyber defense.” His job he said, will be to bring those experts to the President-elect so they can share with him their solutions,” writes NPR. “Giuliani said he will focus on bringing “things the private sector (is) doing” regarding cyber defenses to the President-elect’s attention. Of course, corporations have not been immune from hacking either, as customers of Target and Home Depot who had their credit accounts stolen can attest, or employees of the Sony Corporation whose e-mails were hacked.”

This is just the first step to getting a handle on our cybersecurity problem. 

Author’s note: We are glad to see Trump make this a big priority, since the U.S. government appears to have a huge security problem. Romania, Iran, Russia, and others have been able to infiltrate government systems, even the National Security Agency, has been hacked recently. 

Editor’s note: I was wondering how Giuliani would fit into the Trump administration. This is a good fit for him. Given the uproar with Hillary’s emails, the DNC hacks, and the fake news about Russia’s involvement, the appointment of Giuliani brings sorely needed stature to this area of nationa security.

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