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Trump Campaign Refocuses on the “Real Enemy”

Trump Campaign Refocuses on the “Real Enemy”

In most presidential elections, both the GOP and Democratic nominees are clear by the time the Indiana primary rolls around. This year, the process took a little longer. But now that Kasich and Cruz have dropped out, nothing stands in Donald Trump’s way … except Hillary. 

“The real enemy is Hillary Clinton and four more years of essentially Obama,” Trump told Breitbart News as the Indiana polls were beginning to close. “The country cannot take it. Our country is not going to be able to survive four more years of incompetence and bad decision-making. As Bernie Sanders says loud and clear, Hillary Clinton suffers from bad judgment.” 

 I’m not a fan of Bernie Sanders, but I agree with him in that respect. Donald Trump now has six months to refocus his energies on defeating Hillary Clinton. 

 “I’m going to bring jobs back to America and Hillary has no clue as to jobs,” he said, slamming Clinton’s support for deals like the Trans Pacific Partnership and NAFTA. “She can’t beat me on jobs and the economy. She can’t beat me on the border…she can’t beat me on the military,” he said confidently, noting that her opposition to securing the US/Mexico border will weaken her support in the election. 

 Trump added that if his campaign had had only a single, non-serious rival like Sanders, he would easily be ahead of Hillary in the popular vote. “If I didn’t have 17 candidates…we would have had millions more votes than Hillary Clinton. Right now, we’re about tied. If I didn’t have all these candidates – she only had Bernie – even if we had 3 as opposed to just 2, then I would have had millions of more votes than Hillary. Millions.”

As the results from Indiana were coming in, Trump noted that he wanted to “close out” winning the nomination before selecting a running mate. “I want to close out the two people I have now, they’re hanging by their fingernails. And I want to close this out, and once I close this out, that will be a very pleasant process. We have many great people who would do wonderful.” 

Now, the country is clamoring for a decision on who the businessman will choose as his running mate. Trump says he’s looking for a “political person.” “I don’t need a business person,” he says. “I need a political person. Somebody that can deal with the Hill, that can deal with Congress and get things done, get things passed, et cetera.” 

He also noted that high GOP voter turnabout thus far (versus low turnout on the left) is a sure sign he will be able to beat Hillary in the general election. “It’s up more than 70%. It’s all because of me. It’s an amazing thing, and everybody is talking about it worldwide. Millions of votes more and millions of votes ahead of Cruz, too, and Kasich. This week we’ll break the all-time record with many states left.” 

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