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Trump Admin to Get Tough on Drug Trafficking Crime, but is it Too Late?

Trump Admin to Get Tough on Drug Trafficking Crime, but is it Too Late?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is making it clear that decreasing crime rates is a priority of the new administration and with the help of federal prosecutors, he plans to crack down on crime.  

“Unfortunately, the most recent crime data available shows a 10.8 percent increase in murders in this country, while federal prosecutions for violent crimes have been declining,” wrote Sessions in memo Wednesday.

“It is the policy of the Department of Justice to reduce crime in America, and addressing violent crime must be a special priority. With crime rates rising, this is not an easy task as all professionals know. But, we do have strong evidence that aggressive prosecutions of federal laws can be effective in combatting crime. Our Department’s experience over decades shows these prosecutions can help save lives.”

Sessions is encouraging federal prosecutors to “specifically identify the criminals responsible for significant violent crime in their districts” and then prosecute them.

And the area Sessions plans to focus on? Drug trafficking organizations are the groups he sees at the heart of America’s crime problem.  

“Many violent crimes are driven by drug trafficking and drug trafficking organizations. For this reason, disrupting and dismantling those drug organizations through prosecutions under the Controlled Substances Act can drive violent crime down,” said Sessions. “By consistently identifying the leading violent offenders in our communities and employing all available tools to hold them accountable, we will combat violent crime.” 

But again, Sessions and Trump are relying on the new prosecutors to put these criminals where they belong, behind bars.  

“Turning back our nation’s recent rise in violent crime is a top priority for the Department of Justice and it requires decisive action from our federal prosecutors,” said Sessions. “I’m urging each of them to continue working closely with their counterparts at all levels, and to use every tool we have to put violent offenders behind bars and keep our citizens safe.” 

Another underlining problem that Sessions didn’t mention is how drug-use is being normalized in America. Marijuana is legal in several states, even ecstasy may soon be available as a form of medicine. These drugs are gateway drugs to more dangerous substances that are the lifeblood of drug trafficking organizations.

So although Trump’s administration has a stricter stance on drugs, liberals have already put us on a damaging path with their former relaxed stance on all drugs. It’s not only going to take more prosecutions, but also stricter drug legislation.

Editor’s note: Our former pot-smoker-in-chief was soft and drugs and our children are paying the price. We are on a trajectory for tolerance of more dangerous drugs. Will Trump’s efforts be enough to change that inertia? Not sure.


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