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New Book Reflects on Early Covid Narrative Truths

New Book Reflects on Early Covid Narrative Truths

As a writer, I published a new book called Understanding 2020: An American Journal as a day by day reflection and analysis of the events of the year 2020 from the perspective of a poor artist living in the woods of Texas and off the beaches of Florida. I began writing the book on January 1st of 2020, writing every day and not having any idea what was to come through the next year of time. I published the book, currently on sale through Amazon, on January 1st of 2021.

After a year of censorship, division and misinformation surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, I would like to share a page from the book from March 14th 2020. Let me say first that currently the news media is backtracking and the narrative now has opened up to where even mainstream media is questioning whether the virus came from a lab and how much was known about what was happening in the beginning stages of the situation. 

After publishing my book, I would also like to share that every time I attempted to promote the new book on Facebook or Instagram, I was instantly slapped with a warning taking any viewers to a page on CDC guidelines and information rather than directly linking over to show my new book or the work that I was doing. 

Now, the narrative has taken a complete 360 back to the beginning of thought. Here’s what I wrote in my new book on April 14th of 2020 based on the information I could find at the time.

“April 14th, 2020 –

I decided to take a look back into what has just happened as I haven’t been paying enough attention to what is happening in the world around me. Everything has been happening so fast and my mind has been caught up in trying to adapt.

From what I can see, the first person said to have the virus was in November of 2019 in China’s Hubei Province. December 1st another unrelated to the Wuhan Seafood Market. December 8th is the official first patient, but local papers and government documents are said to say otherwise. China sequences it December 27th. Dr. Li Wenliang leaks the information as the Wuhan Health Commission issued an urgent notice December 30th. Dr. Li catches the virus and later dies on February 7th. 27 cases confirmed in Wuhan as China lets the WHO know, but says there is no evidence of human to human transmission. Wuhan gets the full virus genome January 2nd, shares the information with the WHO ten days later on January 12th. January 14th human to human is proven. January 15th, the first person with the virus flies in to Washington State from Wuhan.

Now thousands and thousands are dead, with no end in sight.

A public health emergency was declared on January 31st, when Trump finally was able to block travel from China, against the call of some who thought it wasn’t necessary.

March 17th the lockdowns began.”

And that is what I wrote in my new book for that day.

Going even further back, on March 11th of 2020, I wrote in the book that, “I watched Joe Rogan speak with Michael Osterholm about the virus and what is coming in the future. Sounds like this is something we might be dealing with for a long time. An awful thought to think we could be in this situation all year. With it being an election year, I can’t help but question if this virus is a weapon or an accident on purpose”.

If you’d like to read further into my experience from last year, look up the hard copy book of Understanding 2020: An American Journal by Jacob Machine. Hopefully you will not be censored for just looking my work up. I will keep writing regardless of modern suppression of free speech and the freedom of thought. 

Keep learning and keep moving forward out there ya’ll. 

Never lose hope.

About The Author

Jacob Machine

A human who works like a machine for the future of nature, technology and the freedom to dream.As a Constitutionalist turned Republican over the years from being a former Democrat, Jacob shares a wide range of viewpoints that is impossible to place into any box of modern thought. With a deep passion for creativity and a love for the foundational values of the United States, Jacob's vision here is to inspire a world of free market capitalism across the globe where humanity can be free to think and produce as they see fit. For the individual, for our families and for God.Jacob Machine currently has 5 albums of self produced music, 3 published books and has directed 2 feature length films. Always working to bring more dreams to reality every single day.His most recent book, Understanding 2020: An American Journal is a day by day analysis and reflection of the events of the year 2020. He started writing the book on January 1st of the year, having no idea or conception of what was to come in the days ahead of the time. An essential read for anyone concerned with the time.His most recent movie, Shirt Happens, is about a suicidal boy who comes home from work to fall asleep. In a dream, different aspects of his personality talk and convince him as to why he shouldn't kill himself and to keep working. The movie is a dark comedy, designed to show how anyone has the capability of learning to laugh at their own pain.Machine music can be found on all streaming platforms as M4CH1N3. Machine movies can be found for free to stream on Youtube. Machine books can be purchased on Amazon as Jacob Machine.His motto: "Don't look up to me. Don't look up to any human. I only desire to inspire all of you to become the best you that you can be. Work to make you true".Discover the future today IG @jacobmachine3

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