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Liberal Prosecutors: Bought & Paid for by George Soros

Liberal Prosecutors: Bought & Paid for by George Soros

Billionaire hedge fund manager and leading Black Lives Matter funder George Soros has come under fire for dumping more than $7 million into committees designed to elect liberal prosecutors. 

Soros owns a number of state-registered fundraising committees, all of which are named for the state in which they operate followed by “Safety & Justice.” In September, Soros donated $147,000 to “Georgia Safety & Justice,” a committee formed just one month earlier to help elect Democrat Darius Pattillo as district attorney of Henry County. 

Realizing he simply couldn’t compete with Soros, Republican rival Matthew McCord decided to drop out of the race. “It was horrible,” says McCord. “They rented space, they had a staff, they were using a Washington, DC-based PR firm. So what I knew was they could say whatever they wanted to say about me. It didn’t matter if it was true, and I would have no way to respond.” 

And that’s just what they did. Overlooking the fact that McCord had founded an organization that helps send minority kids to school, the Soros campaigners labeled him a “white racist.” 

McCord wasn’t the only one to be pushed out by Soros’ “generosity.” In the past two years, the billionaire has donated more than $7 million to prosecutorial races in 10 states. In 9 of 11 elections, the Soros-backed Democrat triumphed.  

“Obviously Soros picks people who share his point of view,” says McCord. “But I think it’s awfully disingenuous when people who are the benefactors of that money act like they don’t know anything after it happened.”

“The get-out-the-vote effort is massive,” adds Dhu Thompson, another district attorney candidate who lost to a Soros-backed opponent. “When Soros comes, he’s going to bring his own people, and they’re going to bus everyone he can to the polls, and it’s going to affect other races.” 

Soros’ main target seems to be criminal justice reform, and progressives have praised his commitment to helping elect prosecutors who share his views. 

“While other mega-donors pour money into the presidential and congressional campaigns, Soros is changing the American justice system for the better,” writes Reverb Press’ Megan Hamilton. 

Republicans have been quick to point out the potential problems with “bought and paid for” prosecutors, including the fact they they feel indebted to Mr. Soros. 

These concerns were exemplified most recently by Hinds County District Attorney Robert Shuler Smith, a Soros-backed candidate who was indicted a few months ago after trying to hinder the prosecution of two criminal defendants. 

Democrat Kim Ogg, a Soros-backed candidate who was elected in Harris County last week, argues that an incumbent’s record is far more important than Soros’ support. 

“My opponent’s campaign has tried to create a false narrative that my policies have been influenced by my financial supporters,” argues Ogg. “But my policy and platforms have been consistent.”

Some Dems are even criticizing Soros for his outside interference, and former Colorado Governor Bill Ritter has slammed Soros’ behavior as a “false and reckless attempt to manipulate the DA’s race in the 1st Judicial District.”

With Republicans controlling the House, Senate, and Presidency, we will likely see more wealthy democrats trying to accomplish their goals through similar tactics.

But what George Soros really has in mind is anyone’s guess. “Only time will tell if there was a specific policy he wanted them to implement,” says Thompson. “But we’re keeping our eyes open.” 

Editor’s note: Soro’s has bought into the idea that there are too many black people in jail, and the solution is to let them out. 80% of black kids in the lower economic strata do not have a father in their household. The real solution would be to encourage marriage, since in two person families kids are less likely to get into trouble. But apparently liberals are too lazy to do the hard work it takes to help people the right way.

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