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The World Turns on Joe Biden

The World Turns on Joe Biden

The whole world seems to be turning on Joe Biden. While he and Kamala both have been seen to be attempting to laugh it all off, the recent actions with how his administration has handled Afghanistan have resulted in Republicans and Democrats alike questioning his ability to lead the United States, while leaders from around the world speak out against his decisions. 

Days after the former President Donald Trump held a massive rally in Alabama, Biden seems to be losing more and more support from here in America to the world abroad. While many want to see a return to true leadership from the United States, the current leadership seems to be continually failing in everything that they attempt to accomplish.

Between rising inflation, the massive failure in Afghanistan, mask mandates, vaccine pushing, and the continual censorship and demonization of anyone who asks questions about anything, as well as his own continual refusal to let media question anything that wasn’t a pre planned question (how many times has Biden walked away when asked questions now?), people are beginning to see through the illusion of competence that has been portrayed since the beginning of his run for the presidency and well after and into seemingly becoming elected. 

In recent interviews, Biden has tried to shrug off his failures, even going as far as laughing at the situation he has helped create. In one of the most recent televised discussions, a reporter confronted Biden on his public approval. 

The reporter said to Biden, “Americans wanted to withdraw from Afghanistan, but they disapprove of the way you have handled it. The poll also found that based in part with what has transpired in the last week, the majority of Americans, forgive me, I’m just the messenger, no longer consider you to be competent, focused or effective in the job.”

Biden scratched his nose and said, “I haven’t seen that poll.”

The reporter followed by saying, “It’s out there. CBS this morning.”

Biden then began laughing at the thought from his podium.

During a brief from the White House, another reporter asked Biden, “Do you trust the Taliban?”

Biden then replied, “I don’t trust anybody including you. I love you but there’s not a lot of people I trust.”

Even ABC News is revealing its concerns. During a special report live broadcast, one of its reporters said, “This very much remains a disaster and one of the contributing factors here is when you listen to the president, he is saying things that simply do not comport with the reality that we are seeing with our own eyes.”

NBC News cut away from a White House briefing from Joe Biden as soon as the first reporter asked “what is your thought process” on Afghanistan. 

During a segment on Dan Bongino’s Unfiltered show, he called for the immediate resignation of Joe Biden, saying that, “The first message is for Joe Biden, our president in name only: You failed. You are a total, epic, colossal apocalyptic failure. You failed the American people, you failed our country, you failed our military, our Army, our Marines, our Air Force, our Navy, you failed the Afghan people, you failed our allies. You, you, you failed everyone. Because you were a coward. You failed. History will remember this as one of the most colossal, epic political failures in America’s history. And you did this. Not our military. You did this.”

Bongino continued, “And not only did you fail, when your failures became obvious to everyone, when we watched Afghans fall off planes trying to get out of a country taken over by medieval savages, you dismissed them, telling people ‘Don’t worry, it was just a couple of days ago’.

Bongino concluded, “Biden should resign immediately. Biden should have resigned yesterday, in fact, he should have resigned last week. Listen, that’s a serious message. I don’t take it lightly. If he doesn’t resign, Joe Biden should be impeached. I get what you are saying that we would be handing the country to Kamala Harris. Ladies and gentlemen, it can’t get any worse.”

Lindsey Graham agrees with this assessment, along with several other members of the Republican Party, sharing online that, “If we leave Americans behind, or if we leave thousands of Afghans who fought bravely alongside us behind, President Biden deserves to be impeached for a High Crime and Misdemeanor of Dereliction of Duty.”

Americans aren’t the only ones stepping up with messages against Joe Biden’s actions in Afghanistan. Czech president Milos Zeman says, “by withdrawing from Afghanistan, the Americans have lost their status of global leader.”

UK Parliament member Tom Tugendhat, who spent time himself fighting in Afghanistan, said, “To see their commander in chief call into question the courage of men I fought with, to claim they ran, is shameful. 

Chris Byrant of the Labour Party there stated that Biden’s recent comments are “some of the most shameful comments ever from an American president.”

A segment from Sky News Australia ended with an entire panel of reporters collectively laughing at Joe Biden. Speaking on how Americans have turned on Joe Biden and making jokes about his job and covering for the Hunter Biden laptop scandals, prostitution failures and art mishaps, they said, “Joe Biden says that Hunter Biden is the smartest person he knows… he’s dumber than a bag of rocks.”

They concluded the broadcast after laughing saying that, “The tragedy is, I suspect you were right, that Hunter Biden probably is the smartest person he knows. & there you go.”

No matter if anything changes with Biden being president, I personally still wonder if Kamala would be capable of doing any better. I miss the leadership of Donald Trump, but I know that many across the nation and world would disagree with that thought. The Arizona election audit is supposed to release information this week, but looking at the past with things like the Durham Report, who knows if anything will actually move forward. The future is unknown entirely, but the moment sure is a mess.

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  1. Dan Tyree

    Poor retard joe. Boo hoo

  2. Top Secret

    Impeach FUCKING Biden the CLOWN!! That fucking clown is much WORSE than Obama the Traitor!!

    • Ben

      I’ve seen this “Impeach Biden” bumper sticker around.
      Hopefully you can el lighten me, what are you hoping to impeach Biden for? I’m not aware of any impeachable offenses. Will you please list any and all that may qualify for articles of impeachment.
      Thank you in advance.

      • Alan Scher

        Since when do you libs need impeachable offenses? You tried it twice with the last president.

        • Ben

          Not being found guilty in a partisan court does not mean you are innocent.

  3. Nitpicker

    The first truly and unfailingly cringeworthy President of the U.S. that I’ve ever seen. it’s really hard to see how he could possibly be elected again no matter how many shenanigans the Dems try to pull.

    • Ben

      We’re you asleep for the last 4 years?

  4. Jack65

    He promised to unite the US and the world. All united in disgust with this illegitimate “president”.

  5. frank stetson

    “Days after the former President Donald Trump held a massive rally in Alabama, Biden seems to be losing more and more support from here in America to the world abroad.” Should read:

    Days after the local area declared a massive state-of-emergency over a unwavering covid surge that over taxed Hospital ER, ICU, Ambulances, medical staff, in a State that is 67.5%, that’s right, 67.5% unvaccinated, and totally unprotected against a super spreader shredder event, former President Donald Trump held that massive mask-less monster rally in Alabama, and only days later, Biden seems to be losing more and more support from here in America to the world abroad as the unmasked lemmings lurched forward towards their despot destiny near the super spreader stage.

    There little doubt that leaving Afghanistan is the right thing to do and that not only did Joe Biden do it the wrong way, but his talking about it with lies made it even worse. And now the evacuation seems to be curing some of the self-inflicted wounds. Apparently Trump’s audience didn’t buy his suggestion of a vaccine nor Mo’s suggestion that they move on to 2022 and let 2020 go. A swell time had by all, for now, until the incubation period ends.

    Next story…..

  6. Ben

    Jake, I recall when trump acted in what he thought were America’s best interests ( abandoning the Kurds, lifting sanctions on Russia, imposing tariffs on allies,releasing 5,000 Taliban prisoners) world treated us as outcasts. The Right’s response was,” he must be doing something right to piss off so many nations.
    Now that Biden is following through with Trump’s plan, y’all suddenly seem to care how the world views us.

  7. frank stetson

    “Since when do you libs need impeachable offenses? You tried it twice with the last president.” Tried it? He is the first President to be formally impeached by the House of Representatives twice. Three Presidents have been impeached and acquitted. Obviously being acquitted seems average. Only one President has been impeached twice. Vote Trump – third time’s a charm! IMO, the first one was a toss given the DOJ tossing the case via Barr’s impeachable involvement. The second was a slam dunk, pity on the Republican party to go full partisan and let the guilty, by his own words even, off the hook.

    As much as “good conservatives” like Larry H. say they hold their noses at the bad parts because they like the policies better than the Democratic alternative, all Republicans at this point are in for a pound, since they have been in for so many pecker-headed moves by this travesty of a human being, Donald John Trump, ex twice impeached President.

    PS: the world should turn on Joe; then they turned back, and now they are a bit confused which way to turn. No matter what, this could have been done better. Given the Trump handoff, generally termed as “fragging,” not sure how much better it could have been, but pretty sure it could have gone better.

    As always, the question is what’s next, and so far, seems as good as it gets. Yeah, there was a bomb, yeah it’s a crowded mess, yeah, there will be Americans left behind, at their own decision, and yeah, there will be Afghans at risk left behind. That would be true no matter who led the charge for us. It was always going to be a mess given the Trump plan, or lack thereof combined with the stupidity of Trump telegraphing our intents, timelines, and lack of interest. The Taliban had a year to plan, prepare the Afghan army that they were coming, and we focused on The Big Lie, saving the lame duck, and not doing any type of transition from one administration to the next. Apparently another failed extraction, this time from the White House to Mara Loser. Even without the Trump stupidity or landmine, you be the judge, OR even without the Biden operational blunders, it would be a mess. War is hell, losing is worse. Staying would not change a thing except increase the war deaths and not change the outcome one iota.