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Islamic Terrorism Strikes Ohio State; The Dems Blame Guns, But There Were None

Islamic Terrorism Strikes Ohio State; The Dems Blame Guns, But There Were None

Students and faculty at Ohio State University are still in shock from Monday’s attack, when an 18-year-old Somali man drove his car through a crowd of people and then started attacking with a large knife. 

The perpetrator – later identified as Abdul Razaq Ali Artan – left Somalia as a refugee in 2007, lived in Pakistan for a few years, and moved to the US in 2014. Artan was granted status as a legal and permanent US resident. He was a student at OSU. 

As you can guess, the gun control nuts are trying to blame gun laws for an attack that clearly falls into the category of those three words Hillary and Obama aren’t brave enough to say: radical Islamic terrorism. 

I’d like to note that Artan did not use a gun during the attack. His weapons of choice were his car and a butcher knife. Artan managed to wound nine people before he was shot and killed by Campus Officer Alan Horujko.

The only gun used during the encounter was the gun used to take down the attacker – a move that saved an untold number of innocent lives. Even so, we see Twitter posts like this badly worded message from Shelia Jackson-Lee:

“Today is yet another [sic] was a sad day in our country because of a senseless shooting at an Ohio State University.”

OSU public safety director Monica Moll praised Officer Horujko for his heroic actions, telling the press that “the threat ended when the officer shot the suspect,” and “injuries were minimized” due to his quick reaction. 

Student Jacob Bower saw the whole scene from a safe vantage point. “He pulled a large knife and started chasing people around, trying to attack them,” said the 20-year-old student. 

“There were so many people, he couldn’t focus on one target. I didn’t see anyone get stabbed, but I saw the police officer take down the stabber. He waited ‘til everyone was clear, and the stabber clearly wasn’t stopping. It took three shots to take him down. The stabber had a crazy look in his eyes…the cop that subdued the guy with the knife saved so many lives today.” 

“I’m a little shaken up at first,” reported Cydney Ireland, a student who hid in a bathroom during the attack. “It’s absolutely surreal.” 

OSU gave the “all clear” less than two hours after the incident, but decided to cancel all classes for the remainder of the day. 

According to Fox News, the local police still haven’t labeled the incident a “terrorist attack” and insist that Artan’s motive remains “unknown.” 

Editor’s note: Every conservative on the planet knew this was terrorism. Liberals, like Tim Kaine immediately blamed it on a lack of gun control.   

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  1. Rich

    Thank god for a good guy with a GUN, now maybe these snowflakes on college campuses will understand that these maniacs don’t need guns to kill people but you may need a gun to stop them, wake up you fools.

  2. DAV

    This is proof that taking away self-defense guns from Americans will not automatically stop the haters. The problem is, we cannot kill hate. It will always surface in a wacko and the hater will use anything; chemicals, knives, cars, even a length of pipe to kill. All we can do is have self-defense readily available. The DEMONocrats are on a gun-ban mission because they have the Look-At-Me-See-How-Nice-I-Am Syndrome. They don’t care about who gets killed UNLESS the dead person is a DEMONocrat voter. Do you really believe they care about a Republican?? If they could, THEY would kill Republicans. Don’t believe chronic liars.


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