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Fox News Rips CNN for Ignoring Tara Reade

Fox News Rips CNN for Ignoring Tara Reade

Fox News is blasting CNN over a 1993 video clip that appears to support Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegation against presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

The video appears to show Reade’s late mother calling CNN’s “Larry King Live” to ask for advice regarding her daughter’s “problems” while working for a “prominent senator.” The caller, whom Reade claims is her mother, does not mention sexual assault or refer to the specific details of Reade’s claim. “The only thing she could have done was go to the press, and she chose not to do it out of respect for him,” says the caller.

Reade’s mother passed away in 2016 and there is no way to confirm the identity of the caller.

In a criminal complaint filed this month, Tara Reade elaborates on previous claims that Joe Biden touched in inappropriately in 1993 while she was working as a staff assistant in his Senate office. In one instance, Reade claims Biden pushed her up against a wall, put his hands up her skirt, and penetrated her with his fingers. Reade says she was fired when she tried to speak up about the incident.

“CNN has largely ignored Reade’s claims, drawing criticism from media watchdogs that often contrast it with how the liberal network handled allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh with hundreds of stories and countless segments,” noted Fox News. “CNN finally published its first story on Reade’s claims on April 17th, weeks after they were made.”

Indeed, the “Larry King Live” video clip wasn’t even located by CNN, but by a conservative group called NewsBusters.

“That CNN couldn’t pull this clip out of their own archives, even after Reade mentioned it in a recent interview, seems to demonstrate that CNN just lacks hustle to investigate this story or just wants to keep the story buried,” says Jeffrey McCall, a DePauw University professor and media critic. “Either way, this comes off as journalist misconduct.”

The situation is uncomfortable for Democrats, who have leaned heavily into sexual assault allegations against President Trump and Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. 

“Have had a lot of prominent Democrats write me, many in the past few minutes, say they think this Larry King video is damaging for Joe Biden, and bolsters Tara Reade’s credibility,” says Shaun King, co-founder of Real Justice PAC and a Bernie Sanders supporter. “But they think speaking about it will help Trump so they won’t say anything.”

“We lose ALL moral authority if we embrace ‘the lesser of two accused rapists,'” added Peter Dauo, a former Hillary Clinton adviser who has called on Biden to withdraw. 

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  1. Blue

    cnn doesn’t lack hustle, they’re just doing what soros or whoever is paying them tells’em what to do, with so few viewers it’s amazing their still on the air.

    • DB

      Sorros owns CNN. The only do his biding. CNN has become Sorros’s means of distributing propaganda.

      • rosemary mariotti

        so happy to see someone else know hat cnn nd rhe rest of the msm is controlled by soros and his playmate Hillary slut Clinton

  2. DB

    Since when was Trump ever found guilty of the charge of rape? Are we no longer innocent until proven guilty. If we get to compare tit for tat, I would say the evidence against Trump and Biden, Biden has a lot more evidence, that can be proven in a court of law, against him. I don’t believe that there is a statute of limitations on that kind of a charge.
    Further I believe that Biden has been compromised by his and his sons business relationship with China will not go against China in any ecomonic, technological, or real war situation.

  3. steverino

    Isn’t the onset of senility enough reason not to vote for him? Then add the Tara Reade accusation (remember all woman should be believed..especially if they actually worked together and she was fired shortly thereafter, and her mommy called Larry King…oh I forgot he is a cancel that stuff), and Hunter’s continued dishonest business practices with China and Ukraine that seem blessed by daddy? Or is he just a drug addict gone good? Its just laughable what the Dems peddle…. VERY SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS…I was a life long Dem…never again…never again…

    • rosemary mariotti

      your comment is the few reasons not to ever vote for a corrupt Demorat again. Sadly roo many Amerians are uninformed and brainwashed and have not the common sense ro weigh the news of anyone on the left but by god if it were a republican they would jump on the bash train no matter evidence or lack there of. Wake up America we are being destroyed by asshole demsorat slime balls.

  4. Derek Blurb

    “Moral authority” ? From a dem’s mouth? Amaaaazing.