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Embattled Democrat Senator Al Franken Resigns

Embattled Democrat Senator Al Franken Resigns

Senator Al Franken has announced his resignation from the U.S. Senate amid allegations of sexual misconduct. In his resignation speech, Franken noted that some of the 7 allegations were false and that others he “remembered very differently.” He said however that the people of Minnesota deserved to have someone show could focus as a Senator. 

After the most recent allegation on Wednesday, Democrats have called en mass for his resignation. Former supporters have said he is no longer able to do his job, and he no longer has the respect of his colleagues.

Franken noted the “irony” of candidate for Senate Roy Moore is still running, after being accused of sexual misconduct (about 40 years ago), and President Trump is still in office after suffering allegations during his campaign.

Editor’s note:  A number of commentators have suggested that the Democrats are attempting to “take the high ground” in an attempt to challenge Roy Moore should he happen to be elected, and eventually to challenge President Trump based on allegations made during his campaign.

It does appear that Democrats are attempting to increase sensitivity of these issues, taking advantage of recent events in Hollywood involving the likes of Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Dustin Hofman and others.

Somehow it seems a bit seedy to manipulate the emotions of the nation for political purposes.

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